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Saturday 20 November 2010

Is AVIG the first electromagnetic free energy device to make it to market?

Is AVIG the first electromagnetic free energy device to make it to market?

A Ukranian group is selling 1, 5, and 100 kilowatt electromagnetic overunity systems in a price range lower than solar power; and they claim to have 24 ready to ship anywhere in the world.  If it's real, this makes them the first exotic free energy device to emerge into the marketplace.

A Ukranian group, XXI Century Energy, appears to have done what so many of us have been hoping to see for decades.  Not only do they appear to have created an electromagnetic generator that runs continuously without the need for fuel -- something that many have claimed over the years -- but they appear to have actually made it to market.

We're just now looking into this technology and have not yet gotten in touch with the company, but we hope to get some validation of their claims.

Their sales page says that they have 24 of these "AVIG generators" built and ready to ship anywhere in the world, with expected delivery time in Europe of 1 week.  If they indeed have such a unit available for sale, it makes them the first company to achieve the distinction of making it to market with an exotic free energy technology.  I say "exotic" in contrast to the more mainstream free energy genres of solar, wind, geothermal, tide, wave, hydro, run-of-the-river, etc.  We expect to see a lot more exotic free energy technologies emerge soon, including other electromagnetic overunity systems, noble gas engines, cold fusion generators, magnet motors, and even gravity motors.

XXI says they have 1 kilowatt, 5 kW and 100 kW systems available for sale.  When I click on the "add to shopping cart" button, it only shows the 1 and 100 kW systems as being "in stock".

The pricing is slightly better than solar, but bear in mind that the advantage here is that these devices produce power continuously, compared to solar, which runs 4-6 hours per day on average.  Also, this price is a one-off price (making units one at a time without automation or assembly line efficiencies), not yet in mass production.  Once they go into mass production, and once some of these other competing exotic free energy modalities emerge, the price should drop substantially.

XXI says the AVIG technology is based on the work of Michael Faraday, Robert Adams, and John Bedini, which draw inspiration from the later work of Nikola Tesla.

If this is real, it goes to the top, not just of our Best Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, but may even bump to the top of our Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies page, which includes conventional renewables such as solar, wind, geothermal, tide, etc.  It obsoletes all of those because of the price point and because it is not dependent on intermittent conditions like the day-night cycle or weather.

Here's a diagram of their set-up.

Here's a video showing one of their 5 kW AVIG fuelless free energy generators in operation:
One associate, upon reviewing this material, said: "There is no way that is a 5kw unit. If it was those batteries would be fried."

Stefan Hartmann of http://OverUnity.com wrote:

As I see it , this seems to be some kind of Bedini-Adams-Orbo-Motor combination that recharges the 4 x 12 Volts Battery.

I also think, that this can not deliver 5 KWatts power of power continuously.

It is more likely a typo, meaning , the batteries have a total capacity of maybe 5 KWh ( Kilowatthours), that means 4 x 12 Volt Batteries with maybe 100 Ah capacity.

The average input current seems to be around 1 Amp, so the input power seems to be about 50 Volts x 1 amp= 50 Watts.

I don't see a coupled generator, so the Back EMF output of the coils just seem to recharge the batteries and so the system lasts very long...

How long seems to depend on the tuning of the system and what external load is applied to the 4 batteries... 

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