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Monday 9 August 2010

Time Shift: The Virtual Lattice Matrix and the Music of Spheres

Time Shift
The Virtual Lattice Matrix and the Music of Spheres 
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Time and space shift and warp throughout the cosmos. Their structures follow the underlying delineaments of a virtual matrix, a universal fractal fluid hologram that continuously and instantly resonates with all of its constituent parts in a perpetual flow, always in formation.

The virtual lattice matrix can be visualised as the transmission medium of light. Light does not travel as waves or particles from an emitter; rather, the lattice is vibrated by information emitted from hyperspace. This in-formation generates and carries the local ‘light’ signal through the four dimensional medium of timespace just as waves are transmitted through water molecules (or any other compressible fluid). A field of water molecules all affect each other as they are all effectively adjacent and in contact, their vibrations and movements inextricably interlinked with the entire puddle or ocean that surrounds them. Within the ‘zero point’ virtual field all potential particles are packed solid and ‘empty space’ is chock full of vibrations.

Timespace is filled with virtual vortices – nebulous ‘vorticles’ of twisting timespace, not discrete particles – in a fluid crystal ‘luminiferous aether’. This is the zero-point field. The underlying information field’s transmission frequency within 4D realms (light speed) varies from location to location according to the energy density of the surrounding timespace lattice. The ’speed of light’ is not a fixed value, but varies according to the density of ‘matter’ or energy field through which it propagates.

The local frequency of timespace – and the local propagation speed of light – is determined by the spin rate (and relative diameters) of the vorticles themselves as they are compressed or expanded via the local field density, which is ultimately derived from hyperspatial fields. Light as we perceive it manifests only at the surface of material bodies, where standing waves interrupt and transduce a perpetual flow of multidimensional forms in formation.

Information is continually travelling throughout the cosmos at superluminal speeds but can only be physically viewed or measured using a yardstick made from local material. Light manifests to this yardstick at a specific frequency relative to its own density and that of the field which contains it, whether planetary, stellar or galactic. This yardstick will vary in length depending upon whether we are within the overarching fields of planet Earth, of another planet with differing field density, within the Sun’s atmosphere (the solar bubble which extends far beyond the orbit of Neptune/Pluto) or in interstellar timespace. The relative speed of light varies constantly, as do rates of time in relation to each other across the length and breadth of the lattice fabric.

This is one reason why attempts to date the age of the universe are nonsensical; another is that the relative rate of time flow obviously continually alters as the universe evolves (during periods of rapid expansion for instance) and as timespace infolds and unfolds. Time is another yardstick that varies according to local conditions.

Information only manifests as light at the frequency range at which it can locally appear, within a vast spectrum of other possibilities. At differing frequency and amplitude ranges the same information pouring through hyperspace will unfold as different ‘particles’, such as electrons, in the material realm. The particular form of information’s appearance will be determined by standing waves which ultimately emanate from hyperspatial realms.

This will not be obvious to a viewer within any given local medium; one’s viewpoint and surrounds will always determine the local light speed as being relatively fixed and constant, as any information about an event or field strength outside the local field density will be seen through its occluding lens – and only apprehended at the ‘natural’ speed of light.

Orbital calculations within a solar system will not be substantially affected, except concerning objects passing from one planetary field into another; small differences in local time rates will then be observable as unexpected variations in trajectory and orbital velocity (as viewed from the originating planet). This makes accurate plotting of planetary missions using ballistic technology (rockets) more difficult than would otherwise be supposed – witness the huge number of plotting failures which resulted in all the earliest probes to the Moon and Mars missing the mark entirely, a tally of failures that continued until the true figures for orbital insertion were fudged through a laborious process of trial and error.

The Martian Mariner probe anomalies (whereby the orbital periods of Mars orbiters unaccountably shifted when they first entered the local field of Mars) are explained by the differing local timespace field of matter – at this harmonic band of the overarching standing wave of the Sun, whose nodes beat between our local star and the distant boundary of its heliosphere. This standing wave pattern defines the interval notes of a vibrant chord. It determines where Mars manifests from hyperspace as a discrete planetary body and determines the orbits and characteristics of all other bodies under the direct influence of the Sun.

Photons – the 1926 name for massless relativistic particles – do not exist. Massless information does exist – but not travelling at ‘light speed’. Information travelling though the matrix does so instantaneously, from its own perspective. As it reaches a standing wave (boundary condition) it slows through hyperspatial rotation to local light speed and can then be apprehended as ‘light’ or ‘energy’ by the ’substance’ it interacts with.

5polys by new_illuminati.


Vorticles appear to spin. Mass is manifested when vortexial structures appear from the matrix, slowed by a factor of local light speed and rotated into being by the presence of a standing wave to ‘create’ matter (in-phase rotating fields). Stroboscopic oscillations between nodes of these interlaced fields make up our material substance – ‘protons’, ‘electrons’, ‘neutrons’ – which are all really interlacing wave patterns, creating vorticles which oscillate in and out of phase with their surrounds.

In-phase fields produce apparent, regular 3D structures constructed of spinning vorticles of zero point aether. All of these transient or persistent shapes which underlie the apparent patterns of atoms can be inscribed within a sphere; a sphere is the geometrical inverse of a vortex. Those formations of vorticles which are internally symmetrical manifest as stable standing waves – matter. Others flip back into the infinite sea of potential, rotating back through other realms and dimensions.
Oscillating 3D structures with insufficient internal symmetry (parity) appear charged. Those which are internally symmetrical appear neutral. There are only five internally symmetrical solids but other non-Pythagorean arrangements also come into play in the manifestation of matter. The only possible arrangement that a sufficiently complex cluster of spinning vorticles or spheres can take without ‘grinding gears’ is located at the fourteen points of a virtual cube-octahedron – an arrangement that automatically arises from the underlying virtual tetrahedron field of timespace.

Rotations of potential (hyperspatial) fields through three dimensions at 45 degree angles stabilise 8-beat structures – cubes and octahedrons, which are the geometric inverse of each other. 36 degree rotations produce dodecahedrons ands icosahedrons, another pair of geometrical complements.

14VorWeb by you.

All 14 vorticles in a dodecahedron or cube-octahedron (a cube interlaced though an octahedron; see Contructing Reality) are aligned around a common field centre. The dodecahedron’s 12 faces are centred on the 12 vertices of a truncated cube-octahedron. This perfect ’shot pattern’ – the optimal arrangement for spherical storage – includes an inner 13th sphere, or vorticle. A corresponding 13th vorticle – an ‘electron’ – orbits the dodecahedral proton (basic hydrogen).

When stripped of their orbiting vorticle, dodecahedra lose parity and cohesion, and within a packed vorticle field they commonly form hydrogen plasma. Their 13th & 14th (inner & orbiting) vorticles rotate perpendicularly to the polar field alignment facets (vectors derived from the primacy of spin) and manifest in situ as two of the fourteen vorticles that turn together in a mutually reinforcing circuit to form a neutron.

The interlacing of parity (in the cube-octahedral formation) and charge (in the dodecahedral formation) manifest material structures as they oscillate around the ‘ideal’ 13-sphere shot pattern of the truncated cube-octahedron. The dodecahedral pole of this standing wave pattern is the ‘proton’ and the cube-octahedral pole is the ‘neutron’.

The vorticles are all aligned to the centre of their virtual dodecahedral and cube-octahedral structures by virtue of simple geometrical constraints. The vorticles that comprise these shapes continuously flash from one arrangement to the other, forming interlaced protons and neutrons that are the nodes of a standing wave – matter. This affects the spins of all in-phase surrounding structures; thus matter is a self-referencing standing wave locked into the holographic medium of one local in-phase universe among infinitude parallel realms, all perpetually spinning into, through, and out of each other in a multiverse of probabilities.

‘Electron flow’ – electricity – is another product of vorticle resonance; the transmission of information through a multidimensional fractal fluid hologram interfacing with resonating 4D standing waves. Magnetism is an effect of vorticle resonance on surrounding timespace flow – another artefact of symmetrical structures manifesting as alignments within an aether field.

These alignments also produce ‘gravity’ (See Magic Net). Virtual particles continually wink in and out of local existence. Within material fields – matter – it’s far easier for a virtual vorticle to manifest within a stable geometrical arrangement of other vortices and remain in the local timespace field. A vorticle is induced by simple geometrical constraints to move towards the greatest aggregation of other vorticles and find a stable place to occupy within their structure. Each potential vorticle is drawn into being and pulled through field-lines of progressively increasing interlacing as the common strongest local field centre is approached.

Virtual particles are continually manifesting and disappearing in our reality as adjacent realities twist through each other. Progressively more dense elements manifest more ‘matter’ within themselves than lighter elements or surrounding ‘space’ does. 

Gravity is a simple consequence of geometrical interactions that make it easier for energy/matter to condense from the aether in places where interlaced arrangements of atoms already exist – where ‘energy’ or ‘matter’ exists.

This explains the observation that the planet Earth is expanding at a rate of about an inch a year, and alters all premillennial conceptions of stellar formation and evolution. The interwoven harmonies of vibrating spheres at microcosmic and macrocosmic levels are the matrix of ‘reality’.

God doesn’t play dice. She plays music.

- R. Ayana 2003

Thanks to T.B. Pawlicki

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