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Thursday 19 August 2010

Origins of Mayan Calendar Confusion and 2012 Mania

Origins of Mayan Calendar Confusion and 2012 Mania

Separating Fact from Fantasy

mayan factor jose arguelles The Argüellen Factor
In 1987 Dr. Jose Argüelles burst onto the world scene with the simultaneous release of his groundbreaking book The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology and his call for world wide gatherings to recognize what he called the Harmonic Convergence.

According to Argüelles the Harmonic Convergence signified the culmination of a Meso-American “prophecy cycle” known as the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells. (Mayan Factor pg 218) 22 periods of 52 years for a total span of 1144 years.

Argüelles does not say where the prophecy is to be found nor by whom it was written. I did find that the “prophecy” in question is attributed to the Zapotec nation of ancient Meso-America. Though, I could only find a single source on the internet with no further reference. The source reads as follows.

“After Thirteen Heavens of Decreasing Choice, and Nine Hells of Increasing Doom, the Tree of Life shall blossom with a fruit never before known in the creation, and that fruit shall be the New Spirit of Men.” [1]

The idea of prophecy is a controversial, mystical and largely unfounded concept.  I do not accept the commonly held notion of prophecy as the prediction of events. The original meaning of prophecy has been corrupted and there is great deal of confusion and misunderstanding surrounding it.

Those wanting a deconstruction on the notion of prophecy are invited to review my report entitled “Prophecy Demystified: The Non-Existent Mayan Prophecies and the Real meaning of Prophecy.” [1A]

The year the Spanish imperialist Hernan Cortez landed in Mexico is widely accepted as the beginning of the nine 52 year hell cycles, which when taken from the

perspective of the Native American is understandable.[2]

Tens of millions of Native Americans spanning two continents would fall victim to the European invasion or the New World equivalent of the Jewish holocaust multiplied several times.[3]
What is in question is the precise dating as to which day during the year 1519 is exact start of the first hell period.
It is not the purpose of this report to argue for one date or another.  52 times 9  equals 468 years.  Add 468 years to 1519 and you get the year 1987.
Argüelles selects the 16th and 17th of August, 1987 as the days on which to signify the end of the 13 Heavens and 9 Hells prophecy cycle and to initiate the last 25 years of the Mayan Calendar Long Count cycle which ends according to most calendrical accounts on Dec. 21, 2012.
The Argüellen understanding of Maya-Meso-American Calendrics (MAC)[8] and the convergence of several streams of prophectic lore at such a unique time in human history is interpreted by Argüelles to mean the ending of human history as defined by the one sided and suffocating worldview of Western civilization (Mayan Factor pgs 218 -224) or more precisely the Judeo-Christian-culture complex.
Argüelles foresees a new book on human history which will be defined from a multi-cultural perspective (pg 218 -224 Mayan Factor).  A perspective derived from what I call a Planetary Culture.
A Planetary Culture is one which has broken free from the mental cage of entho-centrism to embrace the ecological perspective of humanity as a singular and intrinsically cooperative self-organizing super organism.[9]
A condition which has yet to be fully actualized, but believed by many to be emerging vigorously right before our very eyes.[4]
The transition from a fragmented humanity at the mercy of a few powerful war mongering men to a cooperative and peaceful planetary society is the hope and expectation of what has come to be known as the New Age community.

The Harmonic Convergence

13 baktun wave harmonic of history
Argüellen map of 5125 year 13 baktun cycle.
Argüelles uses the year 3113 BC as the start date for the Long Count cycle. His start date differs by one year from the more widely accepted date of 3114 BC.
It is Argüelles who puts the year 2012 on the map and onto the global mind field via his book the Mayan Factor and the worldwide event known as the Harmonic Convergence.
At the behest of Argüelles, members of the New Age community gathered around the world (8/ 16-17, 1987) at places of great spiritual regard to usher in the last 25 years of the 5125.26 year Mayan Calendar Long Count cycle and dawning of a literal and hoped-for, metaphorically significant “new age”.
Argüelles kick starts the popular imagination surrounding 2012 with proclamations of a fast approaching “golden age”.
The “prophecy” of the 13 Heavens and 9 Hells does not elaborate on the specifics regarding the closure of the prophecy cycle nor the year 2012.
Argüelles does embellish the singular phrase attributed to the prophecy by saying that “if 144,000 people could respond to the call of meditating on the dawn of August 16th and 17th 1987 the world would be renewed and humanity would enter a new age”. (pg 218 Mayan Factor). His embellishment is nothing more than a classic Argüellen prophecy fabrication.
There is one problem: the prophecies don't exist.
Contrary to popular understanding, the ancient Meso-Americans, be they Aztec or Maya or any other group, left no oral or written “prophecy” record about what would or could happen on or about the year 2012 other than a great age of 5125 years would end and another commence.
The Maya did depict in mytho-symbolic terms a rendering of the night sky as it would appear during the closure of the Long Count cycle. [1a]
For a more in-depth look at just what was recorded by the ancient Meso-Americans, please see “Prophecy Demystified[...]“.[1a]
Many authors hoping to catch a ride on the Argüellen-2012 Express seized and built upon upon the words “Mayan Calendar” and “Prophecies” to sell their own version of a poorly presented calendrical system[5] and a non-existent entity. [1a]

The Grain of Truth
Hidden under the present day clamor of apocalypse, prophecies and many other unsubstantiated proclamations of what could accompany the arrival of 2012, is the real gem that Argüelles simultaneously unveils and obscures in the Mayan Factor.
Underlying the entire Maya-Meso-American Calendrical system (MAC) is the enigmatic Tzolkin.
260 day tzolkin
260 day tzolkin
The Tzolkin is a 260 day cycle and it is the heart and mind of the Maya calendrical system.  The Maya calendrical system cannot be fully understood with understanding the Tzolkin.
The article you are reading initiates a series of reports which begin to reveal the profound nature of the Tzolkin and its implications for humanity.
It is the Tzolkin facet of the MAC system that compels me to subtitle my next report on the subject, “The Universal Relevance of the Maya-Meso-American Calendrical System.”
The Tzolkin is not a conceptual invention particular to some unique culture, but is rather the discovery of a process inherent in the very fabric of space-time itself.
The Tzolkin is no more Mayan than the science of genetics is American.  As of yet it is unclear which ancient Meso-American nation discovered it.
In The Mayan Factor Argüelles unveils the centerpiece of the MAC system, the Tzolkin, and expounds upon it in way that leaves one dumbstruck.
For example, “The Tzolkin is synchronized with the galactic code”. “The galactic code governs the information concerning the operation of the light cycle.”
“The light cycle defines resonant frequency ranges of radiant energy, inclusive of electricity, heat, light and radio waves that in form the self-generative functions of all phenomena, organic or inorganic” (pg 84 Mayan Factor ).
“These constants (Tzolkin components) a coherent system of symbols and numbers, have but a single, all encompassing purpose: to assist us both in the retrieval of galactic information and in the attainment of a condition of galactic alignment” (pg 86 ibid).
“The 260 symbolic pulses woven by the Loom of Maya (Tzolkin) create the entire resonant field which we experience as reality” (pg 88 ibid).

Found and Lost in Translation

Earlier I mentioned that Argüelles simultaneously unveils and obscures the Tzolkin in his book the Mayan Factor. Argüelles is simply not content to reveal what the Tzolkin is and what it implies.
And as a result he buries the Tzolkin under an ungainly mixture of supra-mystical new age notions, hyper-speculations, extra-terrestrialism, psuedo-science, numerology, myth, history and wholly unsubstantiated theories of geo and astro – physics.
Thus, his first presentation of what could be one of the greatest rediscoveries of all times is relegated to the already overflowing bin of New Age mysticism.
The Dreamspell Kit
Then in 1990, Argüelles and his wife Lloydine released the ultra mystical Dreamspell rendition of the Tzolkin–a combination board game and new-fangled Mayan astrology system.
The Dreamspell was rejected by the traditionalists, other Maya scholars and was wholly ignored by the mainstream intelligentsia.
I will later argue for some of his modifications and additions to the traditional Tzolkin model, but for now I am explaining why knowledge of the Tzolkin some 22 years after it was first introduced to the world still languishes in the murky waters of obscurity and befuddlement.
Argüelles is thus far the only scholar to attempt such a profound and comprehensive evaluation of Tzolkin Dynamics.
He not only expounds upon the traditional Tzolkin, but he also builds upon it to expose its previously hidden dimensions. It is the face lift he gives the Tzolkin that ruffles the feathers of the traditionalists.
His work is largely rejected by other Maya scholars in part for it strangeness and also due to the fact that Argüelles is notorious for not showing his work or offering proof.
I must add, that while I may be an apologist for some facets of his work, his scholarly presentation can be described as dictatorial, theocratic and monarchastic.
Argüelles is cognizant that he has rediscovered something of great social and scientific value, but he loses all credibility as a scientific investigator as he simultaneously dons the robe of a new testament prophet.
Argüelles is also prone to make predictions about how and when Western Civilization would crumble and how and when the “New World” would begin to appear (Mayan Factor pgs.192-195).  Needless to say all of his predictions have failed.
 Puente Arco Iris is spanish for rainbow pridge
Puente arco Iris is Spanish for rainbow bridge
His most outlandish prediction was that of a telepathically constructed rainbow bridge which would encircle the globe from pole to pole and was due to appear on July 26th, 2000.[5]
He has now rescheduled the appearance of the rainbow bridge for sometime in the year 2012.[6]
He further compromises his ability to be taken seriously when most of his proofs are to demonstrate not the validity of his theories on the Tzolkin, but that he is the third incarnation of Pacal Votan, a Mayan King who died in 683 AD. He alternatively goes by the name Valum Votan.[7]
To sum up the Argüellen contribution to the study of Maya-Meso-American Calendrics, I must say he is both revealer and re-mystifier of what I consider to be one of the greatest discoveries of all time!
Argüelles plumbs the many facets and numerical intricacies of the Tzolkin to show the astounding implications of a new science and cosmology that is just now coming to light.
Unfortunately, his presentation, style and nomenclature has sealed off his discoveries from the vast majority of those who might otherwise take note.
Those desiring a clear, concise, plausible and uncluttered explication of the Tzolkin may wish to review my material on the subject and Maya calendrics in general. You will find all my work on the subject listed under the Synchronicity section of my website in an ongoing series of articles published under the heading title of The Science of Synchronicity (SOS).
[Update: I have published the 3 studies showing a strong and consistent relationship between key Tzolkin Cycle days and increases in seismic, volcanic and solar activity.]
1. Native American Prophecies.
1a.  Prophecy Demystified: The Non-Existent Mayan Prophecies and the Real Meaning of Prophecy.
2. The Hell Cycles begin.
3. The American Holocaust.
4. Transitioning to a Planetary Culture: Trend Convergence and the Case for Socio-Cultural Transformation
5. Failure to Appear: The Rainbow Bridge
6. Rescheduled Rainbow Bridge
7. Argüelles says he is the reincarnation of the Mayan king Pacal Votan.
8. Mayan Calendar and Dec. 21, 2012: The Facts, the Fiction and the Marvels pt.1 An introduction
9. Science of Synchronicity: Self-Organizing Systems from Atoms to Humanity pt. 2
In the Video below evolutionary biologist Bruce Lipton describes each human being as a cell in the body of humanity.
From http://emergent-culture.com/harmonic-deconvergence-origins-of-mayan-calendar-2012-mania-separating-fact-from-fantasy/

For further enlightenment see –

The Her(m)etic Hermit - http://hermetic.blog.com

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  1. Dr. Jose Arguelles was the most interesting man I have met. I loved him much and even gave him money when he was broke in Santiago, Chile. He once called me the Original One while we were getting to know one another at his Earth Wizards Seminary. I borrowed a Koran in the 5th week. I have to say that I have later found error in his work in reformulating the Chilam Balam Shortcount of Solis Alcala (Mol-Box-Katun method). He is basically four years, four tones and/or 100 days/kins off. The exact difference between the Mixtec and Tulteca Calendars according to Bruce Warrens investigation of the Codex Nuttall pg. four, where he finds the same four year, four tone, 100 day/kin difference between 10 House and 1 House that existed between Maya calendars in 32 BC. I found that 1 Reed in 47 AD is 1508 years from a 1 Jaguar in 1555, July 15 Julian and July 25 Gregorian. The 1 Reed falls on April 1st in the Long Count and it is the date for the Arrival of one Reed Quetzalcoatl. Though the times of the year are 105 days different the kin are 39 days apart, and may explain a method that year-bearers REED Flint House and Rabbit were exchanged for Jaguar Thunder Seed and Moon. The Arguellen Wizards Count or Dreamspell Count has a Five Jaguar for July 26 1971, which is 416 years from 1555, and only four tones/four years and 100 kin different. (not to mention the 10 or 11 days added after 1582). The problem with the cycle of 13 heavens and 9 hells occurring from 843 - 1519 - 1987, is that is the contrived date for the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl, while the real one went from 204 BC (end of third world age) to 940 AD (destruction of Tula) or in Calendar Stone numbers 4992 After Creation to 6137 After Creation. The end of the Third World Age became official at the Crucifixion which was accompanied by a Tempest, Solar Eclipse and Earthquake and Flood, which was approximately 270 years from 204 or 201 BC, or 166 years from 97 BC, when the Toltec Astrologers corrected their calendar in the city of HueHuetlapallan. As far as the mystery of the Tzolkin it is the same principle of the Egg of the universe called Amma by the Dogon. The Dogon believe there are 266 elements in the universe, and the dimensions of the the Grain Tower to store these seeds, is exactly the blueprint of the tzolkin. The Great Pyramid is the Grain Tower, and the Tzolkin is the two dimensional object of a four dimensional idea, that is the blueprint to build a Grain tower.

    1. Thanks very much for this erudite explanation - but does this mean the date of Cortez's landing is also erroneous in the indigenous prophetic datings relating to the return of Quetzacoatl?

  2. Thank you, that’s very interesting information. I need to share with my friends.

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