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Saturday 28 August 2010

How to block or kill RFID chips

How to block or kill RFID chips
How to block/kill RFID chips

In this Instructable I will describe different ways to block or kill RFID tags. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. If you do not know about this technology yet, you should definitely start familiarizing yourself with it, because the number of different devices that utilize these types of tags is growing exponentially.

RFID chips are very similar to barcodes in the sense that a certain amount of data is contained within them, and then transmitted to a reading device which then processes and utilizes the information. The major difference is that barcodes have to be physically visible to the reading device, which is usually only able to scan them at a distance of a 12 inches or less. RFID tags, on the other hand, do not have to be visible to the reading device.

They can be scanned through clothes, wallets, and even cars. The distance from which they can be read is also much greater than that of a barcode. At DEFCON an RFID tag was scanned at a distance of 69 feet, and that was back in 2005, the possible reading distance now is probably much greater than that.

There are a few different categories of RFID tags, but the most common ones, and the ones we will be dealing with in this instructable, are the "passive" type. Passive RFID chips contain no internal power supply. They contain an antenna which is able to have a current induced in it when within range of the RFID reader. The tag then uses that electricity to power the internal chip, which bounces its data back out through the antenna, where it will be picked up by the reader.

For more information on RFID tags check out the wikipedia entry.
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Reasons for blocking / destroying RFID chips

The main reason someone would want to block or destroy RFID chips would be to maintain privacy. In the last step I explained that RFID tags can be read from very long distances. The potential for abuse of this technology grows as more and more products and devices are being created with these tags built in.

Companies are getting consumers to blindly accept many RFID tagged products with the promise of convenience; however, most of the devices that contain RFID tags don't really need them. The tags may save a few seconds, but sacrifice an enormous amount of privacy and security. It is now possible for someone, with relatively simple equipment, to walk down a busy sidewalk and pickup the personal information of people carrying RFID tagged devices, without them even knowing.

Being able to block or destroy these chips allows people to decide what type of information they are willing to sacrifice for convenience.
Reasons for blocking / destroying RFID chips

Where can RFID chips be found?

As RFID chips become cheaper, the number of devices that include them grows.

Currently there are RFID tags in:
- US passports: The RFID tag contains all the information that is written in the passport, along with a digital picture
- Transportation payments: Things like New York's EZ Pass, Florida's Sun Pass, and California's Fast Trak are all RFID based toll payment systems.
- Access control: Many buildings and schools require RFID tagged cards to be used for entry.
- Credit cards: Chase, and a few other banks, now issue credit cards embedded with RFID chips, called "blink". They are able to convince people it is an added convenience, but in reality it is a huge security risk.

There are many other devices which contain RFID tags; however, the ones listed are the most common and offer the greatest security risk.
Where can RFID chips be found

How to block a RFID tag

Luckily RFID tag signals can easily be blocked. This means that you will have the option to use the tag whenever you want, and prevent others from being able to read it.

The signal sent out by a RFID tag is easily blocked by metal. This means that placing the RFID tag inside of a Faraday cage will prevent the information from being read.

There are already two Instructables on how to build RFID blocking containers:
RFID Secure Wallet
Make a RFID Shielding Pouch Out of Trash

Or if you would rather spend money on something you could build, head over to Think Geek for their RFID blocking wallet and RFID blocking Passport Holder .

How to block a RFID tag
How to kill your RFID chip
In this step I will describe a few ways to permanently disable or kill an RFID chip. Most products that you own that contain RFID tags belong to you, so you have the right to destroy them; however, tampering with a US passport is a federal offense. Luckily there are ways to kill an RFID tag without leaving any evidence, so as long as you are careful, it would be pretty hard to prove that you did anything illegal.

-The easiest way to kill an RFID, and be sure that it is dead, is to throw it in the microwave for 5 seconds. Doing this will literally melt the chip and antenna, making it impossible for the chip to ever be read again. Unfortunately this method has a certain fire risk associated with it. Killing an RFID chip this way will also leave visible evidence that it has been tampered with, making it an unsuitable method for killing the RFID tag in passports. Doing this to a credit card will probably also screw with the magnetic strip on the back making it un-swipeable.

-The second, slightly more covert and less damaging. way to kill an RFID tag is by piercing the chip with a knife or other sharp object. This can only be done if you know exactly where the chip is located within the tag. This method also leaves visible evidence of intentional damage done to the chip, so it is unsuitable for passports.

-The third method is cutting the antenna very close to the chip. By doing this the chip will have no way of receiving electricity, or transmitting its signal back to the reader. This technique also leaves minimal signs of damage, so it would probably not be a good idea to use this on a passport.

-The last (and most covert) method for destroying a RFID tag is to hit it with a hammer. Just pick up any ordinary hammer and give the chip a few swift hard whacks. This will destroy the chip, and leave no evidence that the tag has been tampered with. This method is suitable for destroying the tags in passports, because there will be no proof that you intentionally destroyed the chip.
How to kill your RFID chip

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  3. would a strong rare earth magnet work? also the hammer leaves impact marks, and any plastic compacted by the hammer quickly heats up, starts to melt, and also gets frayed. I see why you left the last step strictly for the Passport, because it would absolutely destroy a credit card.

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  6. I need to block body and anything fast I hear people I'm tracked as this was a silly prank in Dublin at a party I won't give names... all I want is to regain my identity...stop mind and dreams being read. Noises that sound sure someone's in house but there must be speakers ear chips... even a dusty substance white bits an sad texture ..... I'm not getting hassle as friend gone England. I'm taking responsibility for all of this. There was no meaning of harm only symtums as aches in joints.. headaches earaches... sleeping a lot and I start to talk them forget words half way.. as I said I don't want anyone else involved. I'm in no danger as trust my friend.. I do not want reports I'm in no danger but I just need to kill any types of spy stuff thank you 👍🏻 This is a query not a complaint 😊😊

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  9. Look on youtube the individuals themselves know how to block the signal for awhile anyway. I hope this helps.

  10. Absolutely wonderful post! What a perfect concept. Thank you ReviewBlogState

  11. well, in order to remove the chip from your body, you gotta poop it out in most cases. like the article said they dont have an internal power source so they are powered on by readers. readers dont have to be speific ones but they can be your phone, laptop, ipad, tablet, computer, smartwatch. your electronic devices are the readers that power on your microchip on your body the ones who made computers are the same ones who made microchips. same technological companies ran by the government that wont give your any privacy and always wanna tap onto your life 24/7. therefore, if you stop using technology which powers on microchips in your body, the microchips will run outta power and disable themselves. then they will be like food and move to your rectum and you will poop them out. you have to give up on techology or at least until you feel you have no more microchips i your body. i know its hard but it will be the best decisiom you have ever made. its your life on the line and your peace of mind. good luck. you can do challenges. a week without tech, 2 weeks, 1 month....give it a try. good luck.


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