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Tuesday 10 August 2010

Plasma Electrolysis: 'Cold Fusion' Moves Closer to Mainstream Acceptance

Plasma Electrolysis
'Cold Fusion' Moves Closer to Mainstream Acceptance

A potential new energy source so controversial that people once regarded it as junk science is moving closer to acceptance by the mainstream scientific community. That's the conclusion of the organizer of one of the largest scientific sessions on the topic -- "cold fusion" -- being held in the Moscone Center during the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS). - ScienceDaily (Mar. 22, 2010)
Plasma electrolysis is comparable to cold fusion. The Japanese Hokkaido University Plasma electrolysis experiment has achieved mind boggling results. Their conclusions: current efficiency is 8000% compared to the input!

Mizuno, T., T. Ohmori, and T. Akimoto. Generation of Heat and Products during Plasma Electrolysis.
Ask yourself why your local university isn't telling you about the following - Hydrogen Evolution by Plasma Electrolysis in Aqueous Solution by Tadahiko MIZUNO. Ã, Tadashi AKIMOTO, Kazuhisa AZUMI. 1, Tadayoshi OHMORI. 2,. Yoshiaki AOKI .
 This experiment has also been performed by JL Naudin.
JLN Labs Replicate Experiment
 Many others have reproduced this reaction. Some have recently been featured on the 60 minutes program.
 Cold fusion has been replicated by hundreds of world class laboratories, including several in the Navy, Los Alamos and national labs in the U.S., France, Italy, China and India, and at dozens of corporations including Mitsubishi, Toyota and Amoco. Hundreds of peer-reviewed papers in mainstream journals have been published describing these replications.
 One must read some of these papers before commenting on this research. You will find a bibliography of 3,000 papers, and the full text of more than 500 papers, including ones from the institutions listed above here: LENR-CANR - Jed Rothwell, Librarian
 The results of their experiments show that this process can provide free clean power. David Kubiak explains:
 "The term "cold fusion" has generally been replaced by "solid state fusion", "low-energy nuclear reactions" or "nuclear reactions in condensed matter". But the principles are still the same — a fusion reaction produced at normal temperatures using hydrogen-loving metals such as palladium or titanium. - Source
Cold fusion has a history of suppression and stagnation:
This talk was presented on Nov. 1, 2005 in San Francisco, California at the International Congress on Nanotechnology by New Energy Times editor and New Energy Institute executive director, Steven B. Krivit.
 The first part of this talk summarizes the political history of mainstream science’s failure to recognize cold fusion both as a legitimate science and as a possible new source of energy. It explains how, in 1989, mainstream science threw out the baby (the excess heat) with the bath water (the botched Fleischmann and Pons theory and neutron claims). The second part of the talk briefly reviews three experimental studies in cold fusion
It has been proven that cold fusion it is not a fraud. The technology has since been replicated by many labs around the world, so why haven’t you heard about it? Source.
 Researchers at a US Navy laboratory have unveiled what they say is "significant" evidence of cold fusion, a potential energy source that has many skeptics in the scientific community.
The scientists on Monday described what they called the first clear visual evidence that low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR), or cold fusion devices can produce neutrons, subatomic particles that scientists say are indicative of nuclear reactions. "Our finding is very significant," said analytical chemist Pamela Mosier-Boss of the US Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR) in San Diego, California. -Source

Panacea France recently conducted an educational Cold Fusion conference. The popular conference was presented by Professor Jean Paul Biberian, Physics Dept., Luminy University of Aix-Marseille, one of the worldwide experts of this subject who are often unknown by the audience. The unexpected intervention of a group of 4 actors added an entertaining and interactive dimension during improvised scenes, sometimes playing the role of “elementary particles” in order to explain the “atoms hooked” reaction. 
 The topics included: What is the nuclear fusion? – History of cold fusion – The prototype with palladium – The international network of researchers – The scientific results – The birth of a new physics – The potential applications – The positive impacts on the environment -  Transmutations in a metal – Magnetic monopoles – Physics anomalies observed during important industrial accidents – Problem and track to develop the research on cold fusion – Nuclear waste disposal.
 Yet none of today’s faculties are aware of this science, and neither is the general public as a whole.
Plasma and fusion technology is already well establshed in the Black Light Power company process. However there are still no energy applications in use, nor wide spread faculty awareness of the process.

Black Light power cell- Source
 Above is plasma, called an rt-plasma formed with a low field (1V/cm), at low temperatures, from atomic hydrogen generated at a tungsten filament and strontium which was vaporized by heating the metal. Typically requiring very high fields or power, plasma formation under these conditions is extraordinary and there is agreement among experts in the field that this cannot be explained by conventional plasma physics. - Source
 Black light power could have had this technology in circulation years ago, however the mainstream curriculum's unwillingness to upgrade their knowledge and/or investigate has prevented any real momentum.
BlackLight Power CEO Randell Mills with the fuel cell which turns water into power.
"Imagine being able to convert water into a boundless source of cheap energy. That's what BlackLight Power, a 25-employee firm in Cranbury, N.J., says it can do. The only problem: most scientists say that company's technology violates the basic laws of physics." -Source
 Blacklight Power has also experienced interference in the past. "Black Light Power (BLP)” – the facts provided by the insider Paul LaViolette  - show that external forces do not need to do much to ensure their suppression tactics succeed.
Dr Paul Laviolette states:In the case of Black Light Power Company the cartels have had a long vendetta for the inventor of this process who was able to get plain energy out of plain water, by the Black Light process. With this process, the company was able to demonstrate that a glass of water could produce more energy than would be the case of the same glass filled with gasoline. Black Light filed a few patents on this process. However, just as one of the patents was about to be issued and announced in the patent gazette, to be formally issued within a week or two, one Robert Park started poking fun at it on his website. 
There must have been a form of an email campaign, or contact, at the patent office, which embarrassed the patent office enough to pull the patent (which is actually illegal – to withdraw a patent application which had already been approved to be issued – according to patent law, an invention can be patented if it demonstrably works. Even if it is something new, yet functional, breaking the laws of physics and physicists know it – it still has a right to be patented.)” – Source
 Despite this, recently an independent validation of the Black Light power process has been done; BlackLight Power Inc. Announces Independent Replication of New Energy Source.

The proposed public Panacea research and development center is intended to specifically provide security, validation and build consumer awareness and demand of these systems; also to advance education. This educational institute could have prevented all of this from happening and given plasma electrolysis real time momentum.
 The proposed Panacea research and development center is intended to serve as a platform for the scientific community to perform verification and advancement of education of the results replicated by JLN labs, Mizuno, T., T. Ohmori, T. Akimoto,Cold fusion and Black light power.
 Devices related to Zero point energy  have also not been understood due to the unnecessary ignorance of the subject by the mainstream scientific community. Cold and plasma fusion is no different and has suffered due to these very same conditions.
Today the same stagnation occurs: taken from the D2 Fusion web site:
 D2 Fusion - A solid-state, low-temperature, non-radioactive nuclear reaction that fuses two heavy hydrogen nuclei into a helium atom and releases enormous amounts of heat. These reactions have also been called Cold Fusion, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, and Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions, as well as the nation's last, best hope to end oil & coal dependence and skyrocketing energy prices.
 Based in the Silicon Valley of California, D2Fusion, Inc. has developed an expanding international network of prestigious researchers, scientists, and engineers seeking to deliver practical solid-state fusion energy devices for home and industry. Beginning in late 2005, we shall launch a targeted product development program to deliver proprietary solid-state energy technologies for entry level heat and power sources.
 They have since failed to bring their technology to the public! More Informaiton on D2 fusion.
Eugene Mallove
Cold fusion research has also met with violent opposition. Dr. Eugene Mallove was the president of the nonprofit New Energy Foundation, Inc. and held the position of Editor-in-Chief of Infinite Energy Magazine since 1995. Dr. Mallove held a Master of Science Degree and Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from MIT and a Science Doctorate in Environmental Health Sciences from Harvard University.
 Dr. Mallove had broad experience in high technology engineering companies including Hughes Research Laboratories, TASC (The Analytic Science Corporation), and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.ince
The LATE Doctor Mallove
 Since 1991 he worked as a consultant to U.S. corporations and investment firms doing and planning R & D in new energy. He taught science journalism at MIT and at Boston University, and he was Chief Science Writer at the MIT News Office when cold fusion erupted. Prior to that, he was a top science writer and broadcaster with the Voice of America in Washington, DC. He was also the author of three science books and wrote several science and technology articles for magazines and newspapers.
 However, Richard Hoagland received Gene Mallove's "Open Letter to the World" less than 24 hours before Dr. Mallove was brutally killed on May 14, 2004. He set a goal of $500k/year for R&D into new energy technologies in his Universal Appeal for Support for New Energy Science and Technology.
 “Dr. Eugene Mallove, is dead. The local police have ruled his death a homicide. At this writing, his killer is (or "killers" are) unknown, and the precise reasons for his brutal killing are equally mysterious. The timing of Gene's death - May 14, 2004, just as his 15-year, literal one scientist crusade to force the world's scientific and political communities to take seriously a revolutionary form of energy that can literally "change the world" was finally about to be vindicated this year, by a reversal of the original negative analysis 15 years ago by the same government agency, the U.S. Department of Energy - makes no sense, regardless of the exact reasons for his murder.” - Richard C. Hoagland
 In this 5-hour broadcast, (the late) Eugene Mallove shares new energy ideas and concepts for the first four hours, followed by an hour of Open Lines. You -Tube -Dr. Eugene Mallove Pt.1

L.E.N.R. (Popularly known as “Cold Fusion”)
Back in 1989, Drs Pons and Fleischmann became briefly famous for inventing a process that releases energy at near-room temperatures, then “infamous” as they were wrongly accused of either “poor science” or “fraud”. But interestingly enough, their experiments showing that large and useful amounts of energy can be obtained by “cold fusion” have been successfully replicated over 120 times all over the world, but rarely in the U.S. “for some reason”.
This is clearly a viable, working technology that was wrongly attacked by the U.S. mainstream media. Yet when all the facts became known, the media has always refused to retract any of their accusations and generally refusing to mention it even 20 years later. LENR was strongly championed by the late Dr. Eugene Mallove.
There have been several successful devices invented over the last 40 years using plasma energy; such as that by Joseph Papp, and Drs. Paulo and Alexandra Correa. There is little doubt that energy from plasma is a very important technology for our future: High-voltage plasma spark can even make water droplets “explode” and release large amounts of energy
 Official scientific studies have confirmed the possibility and strong power, and a coefficiency of performance of more than one (COP+1, meaning ‘overunity’ or production of more energy than the device’s input power ) from the explosion of water using an electric plasma type of arc/spark. Please refer to papers from Pr. Peter Graneau University of Oxford, Gary Johnson Kansas State University, George Hathaway, and Richard Hull. 
Water explosion
This video shows that water can explode when ignited with high voltage. The explosion appears to release more energy than was put into it.  
 There is A LOT we do not yet know about water. It is an Energy-source that may help save the planet. Furthermore Dr. Kiril Chukanov, Josef Papp, Meyers,kanarev, Focus Fusion and others have developed plasma technologies which are suffering the same plight as those mentioned above. Dr Kirill, like BlackLight power and others, has uncovered an excess energy transformation using a plasma process.
"I built several powerful Quantum Free Energy generators which can produce hundreds of times over-unity! My QFE generators produce quantum free energy without fuel or any primary energy source! This free energy is in form of heat, electricity, and high energy photons. Within two-three months these generators will be available on the world market!" (Chukanov's statement on his website; Sept. 19, 2007)
Kiril Chukanov with his Quantum Free Energy Generator, March, 2007- Source
Dr. Kiril Chukanov demonstrating the "Angelina" series Zero Point Energy Generator, which utilizes microwave-stimulated ball-lightning plasma to generate what Chukanov claims is zero point or free energy.
 Dr. Chukanov is the leading researcher in the field of ball lightning. He has done RF excitation in 1994. He has resolved the nature of ball lightning and found how to convert gas into a plasma state and then into a ball lightning state. He has created the world's biggest stable synthetic ball lightning reactor. He has patented microwave excitation. He releases very good information in his patents and has released introductory information on his findings.
The general public is also not aware of the plasma spark plugs which have been available now for over 18 years, yet have never made their way into public hands. Plasma spark plug technology can drastically reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. The first plug below was shown to us by Ian, a resident of the UK:
  I made a ball tipped plug already in 1991. I suppose you are wondering why this was not mentioned years ago. I worked for the Ford Motor Company. I was not employed to develop spark plug technology. I just developed an idea, manufactured it, tested it in Fords. The plug was great and not really any dearer to make. It upset a lot of people higher up. The plug is a double platinum ball tipped spark plug. - This plug never got into public hands.” -. Ian
Ian's platinum ball tip spark plug- Available since 1991!
The next plug is called the “FireStorm” spark plug which was developed by Robert Krupa. Tests conducted with the FireStorm plugs showed that they would never wear out. Robert’s first FireStorm plug was made in 1996 and he has encountered strong opposition to their introduction and manufacture ever since.
Robert reports that he achieved a 44% MPG increase and reduced emissions by the same percentage as a result of using these plugs. These results are nothing to take lightly. As of today both these plugs have never made it to the production line.
Robert Kupra's plasma spark plug available since 1996!
If you are able to help get these plugs manufactured please contact us. Panacea has conducted an educational video production which shows some background on these plugs and other neglected and suppressed plasma research. Panacea also appeals for help to manufacture these plugs and also offers a solution to alter the adverse political and economic conditions.
Recently the Keshe Foundation announced new plasma reactor technology making it able to extract or absorb CO2, CH4 and other greenhouse gasses directly from air or water, while at the same time creating current and voltage, thus creating electricity day and night. This technology is not understood by mainstream science faculties.
 The proposed granted NON PROFIT Panacea research and development center is a realistic way to operate at capacity and get this information out to people. The center ensures that the [faculty] information will be widely spread and thereby can not be suppressed. 
The center will provide an avenue to advance education in these and other systems which mainstream faculties remain unaccepting and/or unaware of. 
Despite Mizuno, T. T. Ohmori, T. Akimoto, Cold fusion Black Light Power and others mentioned having working available devices, this scientific find has no faculty recognition, and they are further unable to get faculties to present and accept these findings.
 All these contributions need a grant-backed research and development environment to flourish and will be submitted into faculty study in the proposed Panaceas research and development center. 
If you're a member of the public or a scientific group which can aid in grants for the center or help Mizuno, T. T. Ohmori, T. Akimoto, cold fusion, Black Light Power and others mentioned please contact Panacea
 For more info and replication plans of this device please visit these links:
 Plasma spark plug research can be found under the title of "Ganga Shakti -Water Spark plug research" on the Panacea university site.
Research Links
From http://www.panacea-bocaf.org/plasmaelectrolysis.htm

For further enlightenment see –

The Her(m)etic Hermit - http://hermetic.blog.com

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