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Saturday, 21 April 2007

The Great Mother: The Matriarch's Children

The Great Mother
The Matriarch's Children

When the Old Wyrm came to Earth the human stock lived in nomadic and village societies spread around the globe. The vast majority worshipped the Great Mother Goddess – known as Tya, Duana, Nungeena and a thousand other local names meaning `Mother Nature'. The tribes all lived in large family groups presided over by the women.

In the natural way of things, young children resided near the centre of the tribal fire circle with their mothers. Older children and maidens (who had not yet had children) inhabited the second circle of warmth and young men were left at the perimeter or beyond. Human males are larger than females partly because they are relatively expendable – in times of famine they are the first to die. In the old matriarchal survival-oriented world culture, males were definitely second-class citizens. Very few were allowed to reproduce; the rest were castrated. Women controlled the bloodlines and had a long-term eugenic agenda of stability through slow and carefully directed evolution of body, soul and spirit. Populations didn't increase rapidly; in most cases they remained stable – too stable for the observing alien species.

When the patriarchal Sirians – the `Serpent People' - came to inhabit much of humanity just over one hundred thousand years ago they saw that the males were maintained in a child-like state, easily controlled by the mothers of the clans. Young girls had almost as few rights as the males until they bore children. Males were told that they had no part in reproduction and that spirits simply entered women, who were capable of bringing them forth to birth on Earth. As humans were then almost universally more psychically gifted than they are today, the males literally saw the spirits entering the women and so automatically believed this to be true. Within the clans individuals resembled each other far more closely than do modern humans so it was obvious that the senior mother was the mother of the tribe and the differences in children arising from varying paternity were not noticeable to most.

From the Serpent People's perspective, these proto-humans dwelled in a miasma of hormones, within a sheath of living fire that is the manifest emotions. Pheromones fluoresce in the ultra-violet when struck by the frequencies and amplitudes of radio waves produced by the human body. The Serpent People and then-extant humans witnessed people sheathed in a flaming aura that the Sirians saw as a writhing, continual sign of suffering.

It was relatively easy to convince the men that they were also responsible for conception and their sudden awareness of this simple fact changed the world. The pheromonal control was ultimately broken via the introduction of ritual circumcision, which, when brought to those steeped in near-universal compulsory castration, was viewed as positively benign. To this day, when boys are ritually circumcised the foreskin is often removed in a circle, symbolising the removal of the male from the sphere of influence of women.

It's important to realise that the foreskin is a very complex organ in itself. In male humans it's the major centre of production of many `female' hormones required for the correct functioning and health of the body. Without the foreskin, the male is literally cut off from the female within and desensitised to many of the subtleties of sexuality. A saving grace for these males is that some hormonal production still occurs at the surviving base of the sheath (and that circumcision makes premature ejaculation less likely).

As the hierarchical and patriarchal world-wide civilization (often misnamed `Atlantis') arose due to the possessing influence of the Serpent People, the template of the `Celestial Family' was adopted as a device to refocus the ritual worship of the Great Mother. This served to focus the mind of humanity on the concept of individual families as opposed to tribes, to expand the feudal populations and accelerate the rape of the world's rich resources to feed the plans of the Sirian overlords. Most cultures came to revere a Sky Father and Sky Mother and an earthly Son and Daughter. Later, of course, these devolved into the trinities, dualities and patriarchal sky gods familiar to modern humans. In rare times and places men and women were able to learn to love each other as equals. 

These sensitive Tantric cultures, devoid of matriarchal or patriarchal control systems, were regularly andsavagely crushed by the expanding feudal patriarchies - and often by restrictive rival schools of disciplinary and more aescetic yogas.
At the summit of civilization the functionally immortal dynastic rulers lived very different lives to the rest of humanity, with radically different perspectives and technologies. But just as in today's remnant world, nomadic matriarchal tribes existed on the fringes of the cities of the pyramid builders and many and varied were the life paths of individual beings. And despite their control of the globe and denial of its resources to other travelling species, the Sirians couldn't stop all interaction between humans and the other races that had interfaced with them from their inception. 

- Uncle Martin

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