"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Sunday 22 April 2007

Karma and Dharma

Karma and Dharma

This is a short description of the main issues of life, the core of the hologram - intent, will and its ramifications.
As we weave our way through the World we leave a trail, a wake in the macrocosm that remains forever in Timespace. This wake remains connected to us here, now, and always and is intimately connected to our present thoughts and decisions. More activity causes a more convoluted trail that inevitable crosses and recrosses itself, as the infinite holographic fractal universe is an exercise in incrementally altering repetition.
Morphogenesis – the Theory of Formative Causation enunciated by Rupert Sheldrake - illustrates how a field that's been laid down is a field that is followed in subsequent generations/repetitions.
Events arising from willed actions that effect many points of moving perspective - individual consciousnesses - form turbulence that ensures the instigator will find themselves in the place of the beings whose courses they've disrupted. The more consciousnesses whose courses are disrupted by any act, the more turbulence arises. This, friends, is 'karma'. To the uninitiated it translates as the golden rule of ‘do unto others’ in one of its many permutations - reasonable metaphors for a deeper concept.
An individual response to this knotting of the wormpaths of individual destinies can cause more turbulence or lead to nirvana or any point in between. It's a matter of will and awareness applied to the geometry of Timespaces.
Dharma is a way of recognising the paths we have created and dancing with them in a creative way that frees one (and all) from the convolutions of the decisions we've already made. The world becomes an instrument for the artist to play, at which point harmony and discord become acts of direct will and their ramifications are instantly recognised and further altered. The Art.
Dharma is thus often thought of as 'good works' by the uninitiated.
Keep up the Great Work!
            Thou art God!
-         R. Ayana
 image - The Magician by Lady Frieda Harris
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