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Monday 16 April 2007

Burning Issue: Human Nature Reborn

Burning Issue
  Human Nature Reborn 

 “‘Orthodoxy’ means not thinking, not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”

- George Orwell, 1984

 At last, people are waking up, minds born anew into a brave new world full of promise or terror – the choice is ours, for the future is written on water. 

For this brief span of moments consider whether you’re a head of your time. Are you ready to bootstrap your humanity past some very well-known events impending on the horizon? We can still find a better way past painful transitions we all seek to avoid.

The choice for humanity this time round is a Third Millennium or a Third Reich, a thoughtful expansion of prosperity and health for all - or a shrinking biosphere dominated by a inbred gangs of insecure racist predatory eugenicists who tell us there’s there aren’t enough resources to keep everyone happy – or even alive. There’s plenty for all, of course, but the self-styled pillars of society hoard almost everything for themselves. In other words, business as usual.It’s high time for a millennial change in the affairs of humanity and change is here. 

The ‘solutions’ being foisted on us by the military-industrialists who control our civilization and media are short-term self-serving shams that will not work. They’re rooted in a mindset of exploitation and war, rape and pillage, divide and conquer – set minds fixed on the ancient hypnotic vision of harnessing fire and its primitive cousin, the explosion. 

Almost all of our current technology is powered by ‘controlled’ explosions and by boiling water into steam.

The industrialist’s solutions inevitably cause even worse problems. Their monomaniacal vision always sinks in dust’s reality. The ‘solution’ of nuclear power, for instance; a very stupid way to boil water, which is all ‘nuclear power stations’ are – STEAM ENGINES that use unimaginably toxic materials to BOIL WATER. Of course, their other purpose is to keep nuclear weapons in circulation - another very stupid military-industrial idea - to maintain a mythical threatening Sword of Damocles over the heads of each and every man, woman and child so that they know their place and won’t rock the Titanic boat in times of trouble. So they’ll turn up at work and then burrow quietly into a box and stay there, consuming.  

Nuclear weapons and nucleotide pollution are probably the greatest real threat to our species. But then, we can always throw the waste away. At other people, in fact, in the form of munitions – a neat disposal solution, as it disposes of so many pesky humans and their water and food supply  for so very, very long.

Carbon sequestration – the burying of carbon dioxide from coal burning steam engines – is another uneconomical and very stupid idea. Producing polluting biofuels from plants grown industrially on land that’s destroyed in the process is equally monomaniacal, unsustainable and downright stupid. Instead of using precious soil and water for more important purposes, growing monoculture plants for fuels simply destroys the planet a fraction more slowly than using petrochemicals. As do the ‘substitute ozone-friendly’ toxic chemical coolants we’ve been sold for our air conditioners and refrigerators – they still destroy the planet and poison your personal airspace.The motors that were designed to explode kerosene and push a cart down a road more than a century before our time still pollute the air of the Third Millennium, essentially unchanged by manufacturers whose job it is to get us to burn more fuel.

It’s not as if a thousand better alternatives don’t exist. They simply don’t provide enough leverage for total control to please the self-styled financial and industrial lords of the Earth in their internecine squabble for dominance of their myopic extended family of nepotic clones.We could describe the concepts and reality of electric and magnetic motors that run on literally NO fuel, but this has been covered extensively elsewhere (see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/free%20energy or http://www.nexusmagazine.com or keelynet or a multitude of other free sites by free thinkers). 

Don’t take my word for it – learn about these simple, ground-breaking technologies yourself. Even well-known alternatives such as solar cells are barely used at millennium’s dawn. You probably wouldn’t believe the technologies that have been developed over the last century while everyone’s been fooled into ogling the latest internal combustion engine to hit the road. Free energy itself has been here for quite some time, despite the silencing (and killing) of many of its proponents over the last decades. It’s actually possible to obtain power using no fuel and this has been demonstrated – and patented – many times. 

Many of the patents are still available for your perousal. And they’re not theoretical. They can power your home, car or factory today. No, this is not the stuff of urban myth. I’ve seen many of these devices work and spoken to many of their inventors in depth – as have many reputable scientists and academics from leading Universities and government institutions. I’ve seen three inventors ‘disappear’ along with their inventions and lives with my own eyes. Many solutions can be applied by a single person to provide themselves and their family with all they need, but of course, no being is an island just as no-one is ever alone, but part of a continuum. 
Power Mongers

The powerful want to provide you with power. Their power. Far better to distance yourself from the hideous power grid that ensnares the globe, wasting up to NINE TENTHS of the power generated before it even reaches your appliance. Most of the power generated at these wasteful steam-age coal and nuclear electricity mills is burned up as waste heat from the utterly inefficient, ancient power lines that disfigure the living world. Most of the fraction that arrives at your power point is then literally burned up as waste heat by a ‘ transformer’ whose job it is to be very inefficient in a controlled way, throwing power away as wasted heat. 
Almost all of your appliances are actually low-wattage and low voltage devices that can be run at a fraction of the cost in power that industry ensures you must use as a captive wage-slave. You can run your house on a twelve volt car battery supply you can easily generate on site. You can safely do it yourself or even pay someone else to install it for you. Our computers don’t need mains power to operate, any more than we need to use a toxic and depressing light bulb to stop burning up the Earth. Your car can run today on hydrogen extracted economically from water. If it’s all too hard you can just keep watching the screen until the power goes off. 

How Many Suckers Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

One ‘energy solution’ currently provided by magnates to their captive consumers is that of low energy light bulbs. While using less energy is commendable, using light frequencies that are known to cause melanomas and other skin cancers along with eye diseases and a number of other debilitating conditions is NOT a good idea. It’s a cheap unethical way to make money from other people’s misfortune - that’s all most of the low wattage alternatives being sold and given away actually are. Human health requires a full daylight spectrum and these light sources do not even attempt to provide that. Incandescent bulbs are much better for you and many low-wattage varieties exist.In any case, domestic power uses only a fraction of the power our civilization consumes. Almost all of it is used by grossly inefficient industrialists and their support services in the ongoing pollution of the planet and mindscape – so that you can continue to shop for their painted plastic garbage.

An inexpensive12 volt truck-level power supply is all you need to run all your daylight-spectrum, non-fluorescent lights and you can charge it in any one of a number of ways. If you want to be incredibly lazy you can charge it from mains power – but at least you’ll have a safe low-voltage lighting system. Many thousands of us live this way already. You can easily run a music system or notebook computer from a car battery. The problem, of course, is that batteries are utterly toxic and inefficient and they don’t last very long. There are much better ways.

            To move closer to the surface of your skin, it’s important to note that human skin absorbs chemicals even more quickly than the human gut. Never use a soap or shampoo or cosmetic you wouldn’t eat – because that’s what you’re doing when you put it on your skin. Most of these chemicals are just toxic industrial solvents with poisonous additives, colours and scents. They have nothing to do with hygiene or cleanliness. It’s another good example of the industrialist’s ‘solution’ to the human condition, like filtered cigarettes; the filters, once made of asbestos, are now made of fibreglass – a known carcinogen that emits radiation when heated (like the toxic stuff they sell you as ‘insulation’ for the place you’re probably sitting in right now – the asbestos of the future).

            The basic idea is to keep humans in their place, quiet and compliant and not quite feeling up to thinking about anything too deeply. But we don’t need to study and work so our leaders can survive the coming storm. Not us. Those critters see themselves as a breed apart, born to rule, another species feeding off us, their human host. Whether you can swallow the notion or not, I assure you that most of our corrupted leaders view the people as nothing more than dangerous vermin in need of control – and extermination. Remember the image if you want to know how the other fraction thinks.

            Healthy living makes it impossible for parasites to get their hooks into you. Stay out of debt and out of their clutches. The first step is realising that everything they want to sell or tell you is poison for you and manna for them. 


There Is A Future And It’s Wild 

The future is a cooperating hegemony, a distributed network of self-sustaining communities. Nations do not exist – they are corporate notions born of war that lead to more. Abandon the idea of different nations and separate human beings. The world is one and we have won. 

            The explosive nature of early human industrial cultures grows from a primeval reliance on fire as a power source and the resultant misapplications of electrical and magnetic theories. More correct models can be found all over the free network of human knowledge that is helping to bridge the gap to our better future. 

The internet is the distributed network model that can be applied to all human discourse, technology and society itself to achieve freedom in paradise for all. A distributed network requires and provides feedback that’s the desperately needed component to make our pyramid-based hierarchical system really function as a healthy living entity. Feedback makes healing and self-awareness happen. Feedback makes the nascent distributed electrical networks possible – networks that aren’t based around archaic central power structures but are by their nature a living network of free association. Feedback makes the new generation vehicles possible. You can buy one today.

Feedback changes everything. Our political and technological systems are being transformed by direct input from millions of free minds choosing to concentrate on, analyse and improve our world and society. A new chaotic, dynamic order is emerging from this consensus.Humans can’t be lied to by their masters or anyone else as successfully as before. We’re becoming smarter and faster and more tolerant and peaceful – that’s what all the statistics actually say, but you wouldn’t know it from watching, reading our listening to our drama-queen mass media dominated by dinosaurs with leather wallets for brains. You can fool fewer people less of the time.

This kaleidoscopic feedback of a variety of opinions and perspectives is allowing minds to expand and the eternal search for truth to flourish. We’re developing very sensitive bullshit detectors. People are beginning to wake up to the fact that we can do literally anything we choose to do.Why not choose paradise on Earth with an unpredictable flowering of the new – a newly conscious, healthy, supersensory, sensual and intellectual humanity?If you really want a better world you must make these ideals and ideas real for yourself. Many other less palatable alternatives exist if we prefer to wait for someone else to make our world for us. 

Turn Swords Into Words 

Q: What’s the difference between a soldier and a paid killer?
A: The colours of their clothing. 
Q: What if they had a war and nobody came?

The time has come to end war. All that’s required is the first step –outlawing the movement of any weapons or troops across national borders for any reason, overseen by the only collective union this planet actually has – the United Nations. In the process this body will itself be reformed into a truly democratic institution reflecting the combined will of the planet’s people – you will vote for your delegate instead of having cronies appointed by corrupt national governments. The obscene trafficking in all weapons of human destruction is the major vampire sucking the surpluses from world economies, the life from Earth’s resources and the brightest vital youth from human creativity and culture. War is terror, fear and death. Who needs it? We sure don’t. No civilization can survive it.

Vote with your wallet and vote with the work you choose to do and the things you choose NOT to own, eat or buy. That’s real power. And vote – not just for the lesser of two evils, but for starry-eyed idealists who will never achieve power to be corrupted by it, but will keep the other bastards honest. Most politicians are lawyers and a lawyer is paid to lie creatively. How can you expect better of them as a group? Like all professionals who control their own numbers to control the price they’re paid (a breed apart, unlike all other workers), they’re incorrigible. As in all things, there are alternatives. The colour of the inner heart is green, not red, and this is the way to a joyful awakening.

On a more fundamental level thoughts create and contribute to very tangible fields that we’re all immersed in. You’re always telepathic, bathed in the inspirations and mundane observations of billions of minds, at least half of whom are asleep at any given moment. Most adult(erated) humans have learned to keep their third eyelid firmly closed, having been exposed to the unshielded reality of the unexamined passions and drives of the desperately groping blind people that surround them from birth. All our problems are caused by fear of the other, ANY other, exemplified by the primal split in humanity, the illusory Great Divide that leads to all war. War cannot end until this primal struggle is consummated, a struggle deeper and older than any race or creed. 

War will not end until woman and man are firm, fast friends, not merely engaged in a suspicious detente across a scorched earth of past wrongs but coming together in a realisation that we’re all one, not two opposites or halves but ONE united being, a vast continent of content. Each of us carries that which the beloved cannot carry alone. We’re all complementary eternal nomads with an ever-changing vista; change occurs continually in response to our journey through it.

What everyone seeks is deep contact. When we achieve it the world is free. It’s as easy as breathing. Remember breathing? Do it now! 

- R. Ayana

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