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Tuesday 10 October 2006

Unclear Weapons

Unclear Weapons

You may have heard of the non-proliferation treaty signed by most of the world's unclear powers. Unfortunately, the 'major powers' including the US, Russia and France lied and cheated as usual, not keeping their end of the bargain - which requires the progressive disarmament of all nukes.

A US nuclear blast

As a result any other unclear powers can do as they please. Many world ‘leaders' have historically/hysterically lusted after The Bomb. Incompetence - not espionage or sanctions - is the usual reason for failure to produce fission or fusion.
 Don't blame North Koreans for doing what their neighbours have already done for decades. We're all tarred with the same evil brush and are in the same boat - Planet Dirt - together. Only disarmament by the ‘major powers' will end the threat of unclear war - and to work, this also requires the closure of the unclear power industry and the end of the nuclear fuel cycle. 

The unclear industry is, of course, powered by the greed of governments and corporations - and all the individuals who work for them and adhere to their policy of Mutually Assured Destruction that prevails until this day. Strange, isn't it, that these so-called weapons had to be kept stocked up because of the ‘Cold War'. Didn't that end almost twenty years ago? What's the dumb excuse for keeping these toxic substances and weapons of mass destruction in the Third Millennium, with the ecosystem falling apart and climate catastrophe hanging over our heads? We certainly don't need another Cold War - though that's what we're being prepared for RIGHT now.

Save yourself and your family by agitating for disarmament NOW - and don't work for agents of destruction. This may be a little difficult if you live in the US A, where over 60% of the world's weapons are produced and sold to the highest bidders and where most corporations are up to their armpits in the cauldron of death. Many Western nations - and their working populations - are in a similar position.

It's worth recalling that the unclear weapons of most minor nations pale into insignificance against the vast megatonnage of the weapons owned and deployed by the members of the UN Security Council - some of which could crack the Earth's crust or, possibly, ignite the planetary atmosphere. There's less talk about these large-scale fusion weapons than there once was, but they still exist!

Have people really forgotten the Sword of Damocles that hung over everyone's heads for the whole time that human beings were well educated and potentially the most free they could be - during the last half of the 20th Century? 

We don't need another Old War. Keep it in the ground!  Eye hope the Koreans love their children, too...

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- R. Ayana

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