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Monday 23 October 2006

Hive Mind: Busy Nest

Hive Mind
Busy Nest 


This is your life. You're the one who can make dreams come true. You do it every day. Your life is the culmination of all your choices up to this point and this is what you've created.

Conscious creation is more fun than a blindly groping life. Most people are apparently reacting to the stimulus of an illusory ‘outside' world created by the summation of their hopes and fears - robot dreams for robot lives. This is the meaning of Karma and Dharma in the matrix of illusion - the mundane living lie that people are trained to believe from birth.

Only you can make your dreams come true. Having visions of a life you want to live is a good start. Hope can create richer realities and deeper possibilities than fear. Trust in the truths you've known since before you could speak, before your brain was washed and hung out to congeal. Trust in hope and the endurance of Life.

There is no government, no law, no teaching imposed from above. Only the agreements we make and keep with each other are real. A good party has no politics or religion and voting - the worst system for making decisions aside from all the rest - allows us to pick the lesser of two or more evils. No-one with a good heart, mind and spirit can survive the arena long enough to win, so we have a choice of hyenas, dogs and other scavengers to regulate the rule of lore. Trust isn't made for paedophile politicians and preachers - it's for friends, families and strangers with honour and honesty.

Offices and factories are not made for humans or humanity. They're made for money, the honey of the mindless buzzing hive that exists to perpetuate itself at the expense of everything else. ‘Modern' versions of feudal workforces keep free beings of infinite potential shackled to the turgid fantasies of droning businessmen. The mortgaged (measured by death) can't dream for today. 

In the busy nest, the hive-minded city tumours continue in an unchanging deathly illusion of progress. Fashions change and recur while evolution is retarded and channeled down cul-de-sacs of repetition by an Order that fears change, fearing life in the guise of avoiding death. Amid the busy nest hive workers aren't allowed wings. They don't need them. The hive only needs their time, their honey-money, their creative dreaming juice - while it lasts.

The ordered busy nest destroys the wild world on which it depends, killing the branch of the tree of life from which it hangs, pendant with honey, dependent on the illusion of money to make a great leap forward.

But the Great Leap requires wings. You can make it - the hive can't. Stop feeding the hive with your life today. Find another way - you can make anything happen. You do it all the time.

This time, make it pleasant for yourself and others. Do something new and different - live a real life outside the robot matrix, the computer simulation, under the nose of the busy nest, beneath the notice of its radar. 

Real life is you. Have a better one!

- R.Ayana

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