"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Friday 6 October 2006

New Age World Religion

New Age World Religion


If humans must have a guiding myth, a cover story, a regional lie that directs society, then we need to ask - what kind of fable can serve, save and salve the guilty souls of these sophisticated barbarians of the early Third Millennium? What new religion will suit their naked desires?

            If a religion (a region with a li(e) in it) is really necessary, let's create a benign one for a change - that explores a route for all people to attain wisdom and inner peace. One that hold's nature's diversity sacred, that reveres and protects earth, air, water, wood and the fire of human passion; a belief system by, with and for children, women and men with an understanding that we're all one people riding in the same boat.

            The false crusades and jihads of the ancient desert sky-god cults have burned their adherents - hypnotised from babyhood by evil, babbling books - for centuries. Their outdated stories are templates for blind, primitive primate behaviour patterns - the default setting of humans who fail to examine themselves, their actions and motives. They fail utterly in the exploration of the nature of consciousness, of possibility itself. They fail to create an individual or species that examines and improves itself. 

But from the ashes of their fossilised empires a new myth will rise. Its seeds are being planted now, while you read this and in this time in which we live. Look around - you may notice the new growth.

What new stories would you write for yourself and your family if the next Talmud, Bible or Koran were yours to create? Would it make a good movie? Would it be good for the kids?

The antediluvian cultures had a celestial family for a divine pattern underlying their own ethics and behaviour. Allah, Jehovah, Mohammed, Jesus and Marys are pallid representatives of a vibrant, ancient belief system that catered to the needs of males and females.

Meanwhile - the Vedas, Sutras of Patanjali and practices of Buddhists, Taoists and Tantrists teach real enlightenment for those who want it now - unlike the tribal ancestor fables of the Middle East, the Norse and the Mediterranean.
All you really need is meditation - stilling the mind is the first, best step to enlightening ourselves. But the life of a mortgaged (death-gagged) materialist has little room for eternal verities...


- R. Ayana

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