"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Friday 20 October 2006

Work, Consume, Reproduce, Die:The world is run by self-hypnosis

Work, Consume, Reproduce, Die
The world is run by self-hypnosis


Human attention is constantly diverted from the reality of life into cul-de-sacs of fantasy. It's easy to become enamoured of the trappings of existence and  not perceive further into the substance of life.

The world itself is mindstuff, just as you are. Nothing IS solid, a multiverse of thoughts made flesh, wood and stone within a field of intersecting perspectives.
In a city almost everything you can see is a product of the human mind and hand; even plants and rocks are placed by humans. A city is thought made concrete, a solid thoughtform. Occasionally, a living animal being will wander through.

Today, most humans live in cities; yet the natural world is your very nature. It can be moulded, tarred over, deoderised, cauterised and robbed until unrecognisable.

Blinded By Psience

Science stands over nature while pretending to understand it.

Humans paint layers of paradigms over the structure
of reality and believe their wallpaper is substance. Challenge your dominant paradigm, the surface veneer.

Children are superconscious immortals. Adult humans somnambulate with eyes wide shut. With a multiverse of potential all around, children are persuaded by tired adults to whittle their imaginations down to narrower perspectives, to boxes inside boxes; into tunnel vision - T.V. - itself.

The only thing you really 'own' is your time. What you do with your time is your true freedom, your expression of life. One-third of your life you are asleep. If you work or study full-time you have already handed over at least a further third or half your life to a 'greater power' than your sovereign self. There is some time left over in which to consume, produce waste, reproduce and entertain yourself.

Is this what you believed life was for when you were a child?

What do you really believe?


Wake from the lie that most people believe.
Live life now - there is no time but the present.
If not now, when? If not here, where? If not you...?
The world goes round on self-hypnosis mired in repetition.
Habitual thought-forms reproduce themselves via generations of humanity.
Habits congeal your reality into ever-smaller spirals.

So what can you do?
EVERYTHING! You CAN have a new life - but YOU have to create it!
Wake up now. Open your mind's eye.
Life and change are everywhere


"All that we can see or seem is but a dream within a dream..."
- Omar Khayyam

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