"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Thursday 22 December 2005

Tide Turning

Tide Turning


At the turn of the tide a moment of absolute stillness occurs, the centre of the cyclone, the eye of the perpetual storm through which the Earth and Sun travel.

At this particular point on the central axis thie journal has reached its 200th entry. Happy New Year! We must enjoy the present, partly because it's a gift - but mainly because it's the only time there is. Coming soon in this perpetual present will be the transformation of the earth and the end of the greatest show, the circus of hyper-populated world civilizations on parade.

Yes, the tide is indeed turning, on a macrocosmic scale as well. The climatic backdrop is changing and the temporary blessing of stable weather - and predictable rainfall - we've come to know and grow through for the last few thousand years is turning, too. Turning hotter and drier - and then colder.

Between here and the next ice age lie chaos. As remarked earlier in thjis journal, the Titanic is the perfect symbol for modern civilization - steaming at full speed ahead toward an iceberg, with only enough life-boats for the rich.

There is still time to band together and change the worst of what's to come. It will take more than the power of one to create a stable civilization - and NOW is the time for the next step for all of us who care about anything - and only caring about our selves and our family familiars doesn't really count. We need to create and perpetuate by sharing. It's a simple concept, really. And we all know what the alternative is; if we don't all hang together then we'll all surely hang separately.

Change course! Iceberg ahead!

And then - perhaps we're due for seven good years…

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-         R. Ayana

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