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Monday 26 December 2005

Holographic Internet

Holographic Internet


newilluminati: the brain/mind is a living hologram of course - the universe is a hologram too - as above so below - and every 'part' of a hologram holds and refracts the Whole

izak: and what is the new paradigm, what was the old one. Im really intrigued.

newilluminati: the older one's 'clockwork universe wound up by god'

newilluminati: the old one's a single universe and a single big bang

izak: thanks, I shall. Im really into this mind bending crap.

newilluminati: the new one's an infinite number of infinite and finite universes and it's all holographic - all connected

izak: and do you believe it?

newilluminati: eye see and live it. in fact the nature of what we're doing now reflects it - like hyperlinks going who knows where?

izak: but why does there need to be a multiverse in the first place 8 dimensions is enough for me, or is it 7?

izak: and if everything is accessible from everywhere that must mean everyweher is only in one place.

newilluminati: everything is one, at one level; and there are a number of intersecting 'dimensions' or energy fields intersecting to produce what we know as the universe...

izak: I dont think that internet is a very good example.

newilluminati: and simultaneously they intersect to produce an unending series of living, moving fractals  - the multiverse

izak: have you seen the movie "what the bleep is this all about?"

izak: actaully i think the net is a good example, IN SOME WAYS. "hologram theory an infinite amount of code can be located in an infinitely small space."

izak: well use the net to down load it. Its like all this stuff.

newilluminati: and as eye copy this into note form the living metalinks survive to link back to our profiles via notepad - or other places - and as eye copy this into note form the living metalinks survive to link back to our profiles via notepad - or other places
izak: well according to this theory i think everything would have to be connected.its intersectioNS.

newilluminati: nexi - nexuses

coast2coast: well, thats all very mind blowing.

izak: was I right?

TheNewNormal: "At the turn of the tide a moment of absolute stillness occurs, the centre of the cyclone, the eye of the perpetual storm through which the Earth and Sun travel"

Swimming amid large fish, turtles and multicoloured dragonsflies - blue, red, yellow, green, black, orange - all with irreproducible fractal patterns emblazoned on their thoraxes…

The water is liquid velvet under the shade of the overarching forest…

images - http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5006/5370158702_b8191b746a_b.jpg

FOR AN ERUDITE EXPOSITION OF MULTIVERSAL REALITY SEE MARTIN REES http://www.space.com/spacelibrary/books/library_rees_020104.html  

For further enlightenment see –

The Her(m)etic Hermit - http://hermetic.blog.com

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