"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Friday 23 December 2005




It’s possible to live for a long time in the same body - or a succession of bodies; think in dynastic terms and it becomes clearer. There are ways to inhabit a succession of bodies consciously, unlike the more usual forms of human reincarnation.
Possession is nine-tenths of the lore, but some dance in the same body. No matter your origins you, personally, have a choice of extending your lifespan and/or consciously reincarnating.

Those who live vastly extended lifespans in the same body would include those altered hominids who found themselves on Ares - Mars. They lives in ascetic isolation for a long time and managed to learn how to preserve themselves and learn to distil their energies and maintain themselves in a highly refined form. They had, after all, been interfered with by those from a parallel Sirian system, who practiced similar methods.

When they came to Earth they found it's in the nature of this planar net to immerse souls in the waters of forgetfulness if they attempt to return - or arrive - through reincarnational means. Gaia is a womb, which filters those beings who arrive and only allows through what she has experience of.

Areans found they could maintain the energy distillation methods they had developed. Usually this entailed remaining in isolation from the majority of their cousins who were indigenous to this sphere; isolated physically and energically, as it were.

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