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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The entire ‘war on terror’ has been a lie – and these charts prove it

The entire ‘war on terror’ has been a lie – and these charts prove it

The entire ‘war on terror’ has been a lie – and these charts prove it


We were told long ago that the “war on terror” would make the world a safer place. But after 14 years of permanent warfare, terrorist attacks around the world have escalated by a staggering 6,500%.

If its objective was to end terrorism, the “war on terror” has abjectly failed. Since it was launched in 2001, terror attacks – and the number of people killed by them – have sky-rocketed:

Deaths from Terrorism 2000-2014_branded

The above image comes from the Global Terrorism Index 2015, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace. The same index notes that 78% of all deaths from terrorism last year took place in just five countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria.

1.  Iraq

Iraq takes first place in the index, with a shocking 9,929 terrorist fatalities in 2014 – the highest ever recorded in any country. The chart below (based on figures from the index) clearly shows the surge in terrorist attacks in Iraq starting soon after the 2003 invasion:


2. Afghanistan

In second place is Afghanistan, which became the first target of the “war on terror” when Operation Enduring Freedom was launched a few weeks after 9/11. One of the aims of the operation was to stop Afghanistan from becoming a terrorist haven. Instead, the 14-year intervention has overseen an increase in terrorist incidents of more than 5,000%, from 30 in 2002 to 1591 in 2014:


3. Nigeria

With a year-on-year increase of more than 300% in terrorist fatalities, Nigeria comes third in the index. Together, Boko Haram and ISIL were responsible for just over half of all claimed global terrorism fatalities in 2014:


4. Pakistan

Pakistan has seen an increase in terror attacks of more than 4,000% since 2002. Mehdi Hasan notes that, in the 14 years before 9/11, there was just one suicide attack on Pakistani soil – in the 14 years since, there have been 486 suicide bombings, killing more than 6,000 people.


5. Syria

Syria’s civil war began in 2011, which is made clearly visible by the graph. What is not yet clear is whether – and how – the year of coalition air strikes will affect the numbers of terrorist incidents.


The war on terror creates more war – and more terror

Of the five countries experiencing the most terrorism last year, “only Nigeria did not experience either US air strikes or a military occupation in that year,” notes journalist Paul Gottinger in his analysis of global terrorism data.

In some cases, such as Iraq, it is widely acknowledged that Western intervention led to a surge in terrorism; British intelligence and US government reports have admitted as much (even Tony Blair came close to letting it slip), and al-Qaeda strategist Abu Musab Al-Suri has celebrated the results:

The war in Iraq almost single-handedly rescued the entire Jihadi movement.

Decades of failed Western interventions have caused extraordinary suffering to the people of Iraq, perhaps killing as many as 2.9 million people. As Mehdi Hasan points out in the New Statesman: “If bombing ‘worked’, Iraq would have morphed into a Scandinavia-style utopia long ago.” Instead, the country is in chaos – breaking records for terrorist activity while ever more foreign fighters flood into the country day-by-day.

In other cases, like Syria, the connection is less clear. What is accepted, even by American intelligence agencies is that, after the deaths of hundreds of civilians and thousands of fighters from coalition bombs, Daesh (Isis) is certainly no weaker now than it was a year ago; in fact, its fighter ranks may have swelled from 20,000-31,500 to at least 80,000 in the past year.

The Global Terrorism Index has done a statistical analysis and found two factors to be most closely associated with terrorism:

These are the levels of political violence committed by the state, and the level of armed conflict within a country. The report finds that […] 88% of all terrorist attacks between 1989 and 2014 occurred in countries that were experiencing or involved in violent conflicts.

If there’s one thing the “war on terror” has excelled at, it is creating more war – and if there is a second, it is creating more terror.

On Thursday, David Cameron set out his ‘moral case’ for launching British airstrikes in Syria, claiming they will “make us safer”. But it is abundantly clear that the war on terror has not made us safer. If defeating terrorism is the aim, then we need to start fighting for creation, not destruction.

Featured image via The US Army/Flickr
First chart via the Global Terrorism Index 2015, the Institute for Economics and Peace.
Subsequent charts by the author, based on data from the Global Terrorism Index 2015.

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  1. Terror is manufactured on theatrical stages with crisis actors, demolitions crews, directors, producers, lighting and camera people, editors, script writers.... The master magicians have learned to shape perceptions through the art of BS. Politics is really just entertaining propaganda run by Hollywood types.... All just a game of make believe, and terror is what they wish to install into the mind set of the audience, terror is used for the purposes of inhibiting people, when people are in fear, they're more likely to give their natural born rights away to the producers of the terror play!

  2. Knowing the GAME the way I do now..... It makes me wonder how many so called major historical events during my lifetime have been hoaxes. Really, once you get a sense of the perception making game, you begin to look at history as being nothing but an elaborate set of airy-tales, certainly not every event, but I suspect that the major events were just Hollywood staged perception shifters.

  3. We need to deter much funding from research on "brain-mapping" which is largely designated for artificial intelligence development via computers ie robots, to seriously discovering the cause of psychopathy. Humans have enough documented, recorded history to establish the fact that psychopaths have played a major part in the creation and promotion of war. We also need to make an honest and objective connection between religion and war. The west is dominated either on a conscious or subconscious level with Yahwehism.Even Atheists have been steeped in a Yahweh culture. Regarding the recent article on DNA remembrance,could it be possible that tribal-based traumas due to religion are passed down in lineages? We can observe all 3 branches of Abraham engaged in their self-fulfilling prophecies of "end times". The "end times" meme is reaching a fevered pitch of global insanity. Of course the psychopaths use this to their advantage. We have a religion created in the Bronze Age that continues to dominate our collective psychology. There is Yahweh, a tribal war god, and his son, Jesus, the peace god.
    WAR=PEACE. It always amazes me how we ignore the obvious. It appears to be a human trait. Life in the physical dimension of energy will always have pain. Because we are spirits currently living in systems within systems. As systems, we must deal with the pain of differences. However, if humans would simply grow up as a species, we could avoid unecessary pain. And also avoid our possible self-inflicted extinction

  4. WE certainly go to WAR to make money, don't we? So money is the religion accepted to be more valued than the world in which we live, agreed? Why do we blame personal Gods for our WARS when it's really the impersonalized abstract notion of monies value that causes war in the first place? Yes, the money religion is what it's all about, forget the personalized God religions for they have no influence greater than the almighty money myth!


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