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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Dolphin Sounds Generate Images, Research Team Discovers

Dolphin Sounds Generate Images, Research Team Discovers

Dolphin Sounds, What the Dolphin Saw, Sound Images, CymaScope, Submerged Man

by M.R. Paxson

Scientific Breakthrough – Dolphin Sounds Generate Images

Research team discovers that dolphin sounds generate images with echolocation. Amplify your worldview and explore the science and technology behind the startling announcement of “what-the-dolphin-saw” sound images by Jack Kassewitz and John Stuart Reid, from CymaScope.com.

This month the world was witness to a mind-bending scientific breakthrough: that the clicking sounds that dolphins transmit in using echolocation actually produce pictures that may be the basis of dolphin language. And further, that with specialized technology—that includes the use of a CymaScope and 3D print technology—researchers have seen what dolphins may be seeing for the first time. This could potentially lead to understanding dolphins and communication with dolphins in their own language. [1]

“We’ve been working on dolphin communication for more than a decade,” stated Jack Kassewitz, research team leader and founder of SpeakDolphin.com where images and a press release are available. “When we discovered that dolphins not exposed to the echolocation experiment could identify objects from recorded dolphin sounds with 92% accuracy, we began to look for a way to see what was in those sounds.” Kassewitz enlisted John Stuart Reid, inventor of the CymaScope, to search for sonic images in the dolphin recordings. [2]

Important Information on Dolphin Communication

The recently released book “Conceptual Revolutions in Science: A Collection of Scientific Explorations and Interviews” by author Adam B. Dorfman, includes information on how dolphins communicate with sound images, how cymatics and the CymaScope have revolutionized our understanding of sound and influenced research in a number of fields including the work with dolphins. The book also includes information about the dolphin communication work of team leader Jack Kassewitz and the non-profit SpeakDolphin.com team and an interview with John Stuart Reid about his work in cymatics and the development of the CymaScope.


Revolutionary Research in Dolphin Sounds To Provide a Remarkable Conceptual Revolution

“The work of Kassewitz and Reid is fascinating,” says author Dorfman. “This is exactly the kind of scientific breakthrough that is potentially revolutionary,” says Dorfman who introduces a number of these state-of-the-art research projects, each in unique fields of study, in his book.

“Breakthroughs in science are sometimes so surprising, so stunning, so shockingly unexpected that they test the credulity of nearly everyone,” says M.R. Paxson, of Relentlessly Creative Books and publisher of Conceptual Revolutions in Science.

“Consider the first time someone declared that infection was caused by invisible life forms, or when the idea that matter was made of atoms so small they could not be seen was introduced. These breakthroughs were initially viewed with skepticism, yet went on to dramatically revolutionize future scientific exploration.”

Undoubtedly, the breakthrough in dolphin sounds and communication announced this week will be met with skepticism from some who are unprepared to accept the evidence. [3] Nevertheless, Kassewitz and Reid’s research introduces exciting new possibilities that are likely to forever change our perspective about many things related to dolphins and other animals going forward. Furthermore, according to Reid, “The ability of the CymaScope to capture what-the-dolphin-saw images relates to the quasi-holographic properties of sound and its relationship with water, which will be described in a forthcoming science paper on this subject.”


[1] http://cymascope.com/cyma_research/breakingnews.html
[2] http://www.speakdolphin.com/pressRelease/Press_Release_3D_Print_Human.pdf
[3] http://conceptualrevolutions.com/2014/06/06/qa-with-gerald-pollack-on-the-institute-for-venture-science/

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