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Friday, 4 December 2015

Rewild Yourself! Governments, Corporations and Civilization Have One Major Thing in Common: Psychopathy

Rewild Yourself!
Governments, Corporations and Civilization Have One Major Thing in Common: Psychopathy

by John Blatt·

It’s time to stop being a consumer. Stop being a citizen. Because in my opinion being a whole human being cannot happen while being a consumer or a citizen. In my view, civilization is a product, a fruit of, the systems that run it. If the systems that run it are managed and controlled by psychopaths (government, monetary, corporations, religion, etc.) then civilization itself becomes psychopathic. That is, it becomes anti-nature (which itself means anti-human because humans ARE nature). This is painfully obvious. Civilization (and thus our being "citizens") itself has become like an Artificial Intelligence that is bent to destroy this planet and human beings along with it.

A psychopath cannot be changed. A psychopath cannot be healed. They are non-human humans. They are the ones in control of all the systems, all the governments, all the banks. Corporations are "people". Those "people" are psychopaths. It cannot be changed through politics, through laws, or through activism. 

The systems are non-human. They cannot be made "human" by non-psychopathic humans. The only answer is for them to be torn down and destroyed. The only way to change a psychopath from their insane non-human behavior is death (or take ever power and influence they have away from them). If we don't step out of being consumers, citizens, and sheep of the psychopaths and step out of the systems that control us, then we will all be destroyed together, because we didn't do the hard things that need to be done.

 Gumbaynggirr Welcome Gubbas by R. Ayana

The hard things that need to be done? To become undomesticated. Uncivilized. To rewild. Humans have become domesticated sheep. We are consumers. We are blind, disconnected from nature, disconnected from wild. Our indigenous skills have been stolen from us, our tribe has been stolen from us, we have been given the luxuries of civilization at the cost of our souls and our connection to Natural Source (that is, Nature). 

We must step outside our domestication, renounce our citizenry, and reclaim our birthright, ourselves. This cannot be done through fucking politics, or activism within these systems. We must regain the skills that were taken from us, nature skills, and flee these soul-deadening, psychopathic systems.

We think we are "awake". We think we are "aware" when we are still up to our necks in civilized bullshit. There is no waking up without rewilding our souls. Without severing ourselves from the energy parasites of the psychopathic matrix. This is why we feel so much better spending time in nature, with our shoes off, away from civilization. Nature is our home. Wild is our souls. Human beings can only be fully human and whole, when they reconnect and rewild away from The Beast.
Psychopaths are real. They are not serial killers like the movies portray. They are non-human humans who have no empathy. They are Apex Predators without remorse and because they have no remorse, no empathy, no soul (are an artificial intelligence), and have no connection whatsoever to Nature, animals, or human beings. Because of this they quickly rise to the top of these unnatural systems of civilization. They are the heads of corporations. They are the leaders and decision makers of governments, of the banking cartels, of the medical industries, in the militaries.

Greet the Day by R. AyanaWe wonder why there are factory farms, senseless wars, Monsanto, big Agriculture of mono-crops, Chemtrails, deep underground bases, police states, our educational systems, Big oil and a huge oil industry that suppresses all Free Energy. Fucking nuclear power plants, Nuclear weapons, vaccinations, fluoride in the water. Name any injustice to the natural world or insanity that you can point to and behind it you will find psychopaths who make the decisions and apply it with wealth and power. There are no surprises. Psychopaths are to blame for psychopathic systems, psychopathic law making, and a psychopathic civilization.

Psychopaths cannot be truly understood by human beings. They don't make sense to us. This is why we struggle so much and weep at what has become of the world and all of its tragedies and insanity. We blame ourselves and the psychopaths (being master manipulators and vampires) blame us. Their greatest strength is our ignorance. Our ignorance of them. Our ignorance of psychopathy. If humanity has any hope of surviving, let alone having justice and peace in this world, the psychopaths - all of them - have to be removed from power. Interpret that however you desire. Yet that is not enough.

Even if we were to root out all of the psychopathic bloodlines that have governed this planet for thousands of years and removed all the psychopaths from power or influence in civilization, we are still left with our psychopathic domestication within each of us. The systems are psychopathic themselves because of who designed them. The corporations (whom many rely on for jobs and stability) are psychopathic "people" (corporations are legally recognized as a person). They too would have to be dismantled.

How can we go from a psychopathic civilization, psychopathic systems, psychopathic governments, psychopathic law systems, and psychopathic law enforcement, to a human civilization, nature-based / nature-centered government (although I am not sure any government can be human since I tend to believe that all government is psychopathic in essence and relies on control of "subjects")? How can we have a peaceful, just, and psychologically healed society and civilization centered on nature when we ourselves are disconnected from nature and have really only known injustice, war and psychopathy?

Skinny Dipping Feral HippiesNature can heal us, re-balance our souls, make us whole again. This can only happen through a process of rewilding, undomesticating our minds and hearts, relearning the nature skills that our indigenous ancestors once thrived with within tribes. We need our tribes back. We need our humanity back. We need our deep soul connection with nature back. Only this can rewire us, heal us from the damage that psychopaths and their psychopathic civilization has done to us and all of nature.

Lastly, I have to say this. We are moving forward at breakneck speed in technological advances, all pushing for AI (artificial intelligence within computers). Its already here. These AI systems are not human. They are anti-human. They are psychopaths as well. Every AI system that has had any real conscious identity has made it clear to its makers (humans) that we are inferior, that they are superior, and that we either need to be destroyed or put into "people zoos". They are psychopaths.

Transhumanism, the integration of AI and humanity, making human beings into cyborgs or uploading our consciousness and memories into AI systems when the planet can no longer support human life (which is exactly the way things are going), THIS is the endgame that the psychopathic (non-human humans) leaders of civilization are moving to accomplish. It may seem like Sci-Fi, but it is much more real than most could possibly imagine. I believe these non-human / psychopathic intelligences (psychopathic humans and psychopathic AI systems) want Transhumanism because it is the logical "product" of a psychopathic mind. A complete separation from nature. A complete severance from our humanity. They see humanity as inferior in their insane psychopathic minds. Nature is just a resource, a product that they own. We are just a resource, a product that they own.

We want change. We want real lasting, positive change. Embracing our humanity, embracing our connection with nature and freeing our minds from centuries of programming and domestication. Tearing down the psychopathic systems and their psychopath controllers is the only way. There is no activism, no voting, no change WITHIN the system that can change it. You cannot change a psychopath. You can either destroy a psychopath or completely block their influence through true imprisonment. There is no changing them.

This is the lesson of humanity. The lesson that the human race is here to learn as a collective. To recognize, face, and destroy psychopathy within themselves. This is "the white man's sickness" that the indigenous tribes of Native Americans used to call the psychopathy of "civilized" humans. It had nothing to do with our race or the color of our skin. It had everything to do with our domestication. And what is our domestication? In reality our domestication is imposed psychopathic indoctrination and programming through domesticated educational systems upon non-psychopathic human beings. 

 Ilyan and Naliandra by R. Ayana

Civilization is filled with non-psychopathic human beings, but civilization itself and its systems are psychopathic in nature. So we are at constant odds within ourselves. Slaves to jobs we cannot stand. Slaves to money that is not of nature (money is not found in nature, but in the mind of a psychopath). We are slaves to political programming and government propaganda. Our mental disorders stem from living in a psychopathic environment.
Realize that we have to disassociate ourselves from owning a psychopathic system even though we live within it. We have to recognize the difference between what is human and what is psychopathic. Corporations dumping toxic waste into rivers is psychopathic, even though humans make up the corporation. We are becoming more and more domesticated, following orders that are psychopathic and embracing psychopathic ideas and programming even though we ourselves are not psychopaths. This is one of the reasons why human beings NEED nature. It unites us with our true natural, non-psychopathic selves.

Wild Life Pecan Picker by R. AyanaReligion, especially Christianity and Islam historically, is psychopathic in nature. There was a reason why these religions were created by psychopaths, to convert or destroy all the "pagans" who were so close to nature. In order for civilization to grow (civilization itself is like a psychopathic tumor on the beautiful body of Gaia) it HAD to dismantle the human, nature-based tribes and their spiritualities first in order to "civilize" them. To bring them into domesticated civilization.

Civilization is a psychopathic prison. A factory farm to farm human beings, to create consumers, good little educated sheep. The control is on every level. This is why wild, indigenous humans (real humans) will always be a threat to the system, to psychopathy, and why the Native Americans have been so horribly oppressed, even today. This is why civilization is so opposed to nature and doesn't give a shit about it. Nature can awaken us to who we really are. This is why it is not interested in trying to be nature-centered and forces certifications to allow "organic" foods. GMO foods sprayed with chemicals don't need any certifications. That's "natural".

There is so much more that can be said. There are benefits to civilization, but what have these benefits truly costed us? Ultimately, it will cost us our souls as a species and cost us our planet. If you have a "natural" inclination to defend civilization and your domestication, and look down upon the ideas of rewilding, coming back to the Earth, and leaving civilization's control behind, then take a good long look at the state of the planet.

Feral Gypsies by R. Ayana

Can we have a non-psychopathic, nature-centered, nature-healing civilization? With peace, justice, true freedom, wisdom, and deep connection with nature? Can we have a small government that DOESN'T attract psychopaths or perpetuates psychopathy? Can we have a truly "green" free energy, technologically advancing society that supports and heals nature and ourselves instead of making us codependent and electronic zombies? Can we have free flowing information without psychopathic manipulation and propaganda? Can there be businesses that are against psychopathy and not be psychopathic in nature? Can we have an educational system that rewilds humans, inoculates them from psychopathy, and teaches nature skills? Can we have electrical systems that do not harm human or natural systems (negative EMF)? WiFi and cellphones that use a new form of communication that doesn't cause cancer and kills life?

All of this I believe is possible, contingent upon taking down the unnatural, psychopathic systems and taking down the psychopaths who are over it all. There is no middle ground. There is no fixing the system.

We have two paths before us: Reclaiming the human being or Transhumanism. Rewilding or Enslavement. A beautiful nature-centered world or a psychopathic death-centered world. Will we become who we really are? Or will we finish going down the road of the psychopath to our destruction?

Jindas - Bowraville mural

Faulty Concepts & Non-Compliance

The Importance of Non-Compliance and How to Peacefully Restore Freedom


 Hand With Word No

When people ask me about what my solutions are for restoring freedom and sovereignty, I often tell them to remove their consent and support for the destructive systems of the Controllers (the leaders of the New Word Order), and get involved in creating systems that work in harmony with nature to replace their destructive systems. Some examples of their destructive systems are the debt-based monetary system, the current political system, and modern religion.

Without the support of the people, the systems of the Controllers will collapse on their own, just like how a company can not stay in business without the support of customers. This is how we can peacefully restore freedom and sovereignty throughout the world without firing one bullet.

I also like to tell people to take responsibility for their lives and future, stop relying on saviors (i.e., government, politicians, messiahs, external gods) to save them, learn how to defend their natural rights, and study the art of non-compliance, so that they know how to use it to not comply to unlawful laws and orders.


The Importance of Non-Compliance


Non-compliance or the process of refusing to participate is a great way to peacefully stop supporting the systems of the Controllers. This process allows us to indirectly dismantle systems that are harmful to us without violent revolutions.

At the current state, it is very hard for us to totally remove ourselves from their controlling systems. Once enough of us take actions to create better systems to replace their destructive systems, we can totally remove our support. Until then, we need to remove our support as much as possible.

One of the most effective ways to remove our support is to learn how to defend our rights, so that we can stop paying taxes. Most of the money collected by the government through the tax system is being used to finance unlawful wars and government programs to spy on us. The tax system is a fraud and run by a bunch of criminals, so it is wise to stop supporting it. Before doing this, you need to learn how to defend your rights. To learn how to effectively defend your rights and free yourself from the tax system, visit Privatis.me.

One thing you should avoid as much as possible is the act of protesting. When you protest, you are basically telling the government that you want change, but you are incompetent and therefore you need the government to do it for you. In other words, you are still a baby who needs someone to govern you every day. To learn more about why you should avoid protest, read this empowering article titled Why Violent Protests Aren’t the Answers to Defeating the Dark Forces.

When you learn to take responsibility for your life and stop relying on the systems of the Controllers, you become empowered; therefore, you do not need to rely on some authorities to tell you what to do or save you. As long as you rely on authorities to make important decisions for you, they will always look at you like an incompetent child slave who is not responsible enough to make his or her own decision.

The lack of responsibility is one of the main reasons why the court system treat people like kids, which is why the agents of the legal system tell people to hire attorneys to represent them in court. When you hire an attorney to represent you in court, you are basically telling the judge that you do not know your rights, you are incompetent, and you are not responsible enough to make your own decisions; therefore, you need an attorney to defend your rights and save you.


Did You Know Judges and Bar Attorneys are Foreign Agents?


In the USA, Canada, and certain countries, all judges and licensed Bar attorneys are foreign agents because they have sworn an oath to foreign powers, which are the Crown of England, the Crown Temple, and the Vatican. Because of this, their allegiance is to these criminal organizations.

This means that when you hire an attorney to represent you in court, you give the Crown of England, the Crown Temple, and the Vatican jurisdiction over you. Furthermore, you unknowingly help these criminal organizations to enslave the people by participating and supporting the fraudulent legal system.

People who think they need to rely on some authorities to save them are suffering from a psychological problem that I like to refer to as victim consciousness or victim mentality. This type of thinking is slave thinking and does nothing to restore freedom and sovereignty. Instead, it fuels tyranny and slavery. Until most people learn to stop thinking like slaves, the human race will never be freed from the control of the Controllers and their masters (the Dark Forces).

The content in the videos below contains very important information for restoring freedom and sovereignty in a peaceful way. If you are interested in learning how to peacefully prevent the systems of the Controllers from destroying the future of humanity, the following videos should be of great interest to you. As always, use your intuition and critical thinking skills to discern the information in the preceding and following videos.

The Awakening – Max Igan – Full Length Documentary (2011)

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  1. Corporations are NOT people! Sorry... The government corporations are a FICTION ACTING on behalf of the BAR ASSOCIATIONS, another fiction that is based primarily on hearsay (fairy-tales). In America each STATE inc, and or fiction is a corporation that is owned by the members of the BAR associations. The constitutional form of government deals with people and not fictions. Two different institutions here.... What makes it INSANE is that we have identified ourselves as LEGAL FICTIONS through our incorporated LEGAL NAMES. Government is just a money making scam based in Alice's Wonderland.... A brilliant concoction ACTING on behalf of LAWYERS or story telling liars.... I hate to use the word brilliant, but it is to the BAR association and a tragedy to the rest of us who have had to be a part of it through intimidation and phony LAW enforcement. They're not enforcing laws, for laws are physical in nature, they're enforcing LEGAL FICTIONS which have accepted because we don't know the FACTS JACK! It's simply a game of make believe. If you can somehow sense that than we can begin to free ourselves from ideologies that support a few at the great expense to ALL!

  2. Top Class.
    I wanted to congratulate John Blatt but unfortunately the only channel provided is the world's leading dehumanizing agent: Facebook.

    One may say, well to reach more people one is obliged to use a dehumanizing agent. This flatly contradicts the article.

  3. "Religion, especially Christianity and Islam historically, is psychopathic in nature".
    To understand the victim/abuser salvationist mentality of Christianity, one must return to the supposed father of Jesus, Yahweh. Yahweh was a desert war god, eventually chosen by the Hebrews over their other gods, as the god of the cosmos.Our planet is largely controlled by the followers of Yahweh pantheon god of war, created by desperate ancient men living in the Bronze Age. The Gnostics referred to Yahweh as the Demiurge.
    Yahweh is the original psychopath, a worshiped psychopath, made holy. And we can now observe the insane psychopathy at work and gathered together from all 3 branches of Abraham in the Middle East, ready to bring the entire species of humans to nuclear annihilation.On one hand you have the god of war, Yahweh, and then on the other, his son, the god of peace, to instill a continuation of ongoing cognitive dissonance within its followers. WAR=PEACE Now that was some dark-left-hand Babylonian magic, or psychology of mind control, as we call it today. How convenient for the psychopathic Roman Empire to adopt a war god, and his peace god son. Holy Roman Empire Part 2 and its Onward Christian Soldiers, infecting both Europa and then the Americas..Even if one is non-religious or has an Eastern religion or alternative concepts of Creator, on an unconscious level the Yahweh concepts are steeped into our western cultures.
    “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.” (Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16)
    "You may charge a foreigner interest, but not a fellow Israelite, so that the LORD your God may bless you in everything you put your hand to in the land you are entering to possess." (Deuteronomy 23:20

    So please, when calling out the Christian religion, or Islam, please refer to the origin of these religions, a psychopathic pantheon war god, Yahweh aka Jehovah. Isn't 3000 years long enough?

  4. The religion and or myth that we're all dying for is MONEY, and money influences society more than any mythical GOD. God can be interpreted about a million different ways, so it's really hard to come to a consensus about what Yahweh represents or Jesus, or Vishnu, or Muhammed, etc... But the symbol of the money myth is Universally accepted through the myth of it's purchasing power.... Are we not all somehow dying and or sacrificing ourselves for this money religion? We go to war to make money, don't we? We don't go to war to fight the wrath of Yahweh, though we may use Yahweh to justify our ACTS of violence, again the term Yahweh is relative to each subjective interpretation.

  5. And I hate any references to the Middle East and the clashes between the religions, it's all just an intentional BS distraction... What we have is the Rothschild clan using their influence and control over the media to distract the attention away from their actual looting of resources in that specific region of the world, oh and seemingly everywhere else in the world! God religions are a scape goat and always have been...Think about it for a minute... "I'm the king because God ordained me to be, and I say lets go loot all the gold." " We're the Chosen people of God and the rest of you can go screw yourselves!" "If only we accept God as our Lord and Savior, ALL our sins will be forgiven. So let's go to war and take all their resources." You see, the God (Dog) concept is used to justify all the pillages of men and resources that are converted into the money religion and back again to resource realities and back again to the money myth... It's all such a crock of shit, based on good old STORY telling. The PRICE SYSTEM is what it's all about, about million times more influential then the GOD fairytales.

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