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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The “China Syndrome” Came to New York City on 9/11

The “China Syndrome” Came to New York City on 9/11

From The Anonymous Physicist

Some people may not have not fully grasped the significance, and necessity, of my hypothesis on heat-generating criticality sites at the WTC after 9/11. Some shills have actually, and laughably, attempted to claim thermite could have been been responsible for these high temperatures and molten steel.

Any attempt to have a complete theory of 9/11 must include the WTC demolition on 9/11 itself, and crucially its aftermath of the great hot-spots and molten steel, up to five months afterwards. The latter being supported by irrefutable, numerous eyewitnesses, and photographs and at least one AVIRIS overflight temperature data set. (With the second, long-delayed release of overflight data likely being bogus, as claimed here.) It is risible that a shill physicist claims this photo, of a crane lifting molten steel weeks after 9/11, as “proof” of thermite use on 9/11.

A chunk of hot metal being removed from the North Tower rubble about eight weeks after 9/11.
A chunk of hot metal being removed from the North Tower rubble about eight weeks after 9/11. [Source: Frank Silecchia]

Now while thermite, or other conventional explosive, may have been used in some subsidiary capacity on 9/11, my earlier articles have highlighted how only mini-nukes could have accounted for all the phenomena of the 9/11 WTC demolitions. It is not unexpected, but still sickening, to see how a shill physicist has claimed that the molten steel weeks after 9/11 “proves” thermite alone brought down the WTC towers. He HAS to claim that, for he knows well that the real source of this molten steel, weeks later, is nuclear reactions.

I have stated that only nuclear criticality sites could be the source of heat GENERATION weeks, and months after 9/11. You can find, say on Youtube, numerous videos of thermite being used to melt things, yes, including metal— but no vaporization. Note that the thermite is not being used as an explosive when it is seen melting through a car, e.g. But some of those videos clearly show that after just a few minutes, the molten thermite residue cools off and no longer glows. It is highly likely that any thermite at the WTC on 9/11 would have cooled off within hours. Indeed, I have stated that even the momentary maximum temperature of a nuke’s hypocenter (up to 100 million degrees), is known to cool off relatively quickly. You can ascertain this rapid cooling off in regards to the Trinity Site, or Hiroshima or Nagasaki, or even H-Bomb test sites. The temperatures returned to normal at all these sites relatively quickly.

Now some claim that oxygen starved fires could allow for vastly longer high temperature fires underground at the WTC. These people don’t seem to realize they have just proven the case ONLY for nuclear chain reactions!! Because only nuclear chain reactions release massive heat almost indefinitely, without needing ANY oxygen whatsoever! This is not the case for any conventional (non-nuclear) fire. This “indefinite” massive heat source was the basis for the term “China Syndrome” in regards to a nuclear reactor mishap which, in theory (but not really due to other factors), could have massive indefinite heat leading to a nuclear reactor criticality (core) remnant burning all the way through to China.

This remarkable article on Chernobyl actually states that the China Syndrome occurred at Chernobyl. It says, “‘China Syndrome’ of meltdown had taken place inside the reactor core. Thermal explosion and outbreak of fires in over thirty places were due to high-temperature and falling uranium core fragments on to the roofs of adjacent buildings.” So here we see learn that the nuclear core had exploded into many pieces of— apparently still critically reacting uranium fragments--with their concomitant high temperatures. But this is just the kind of thing I cited in my WTC 9/11 nuclear demolition hypothesis of nukes exploding either other unexploded mini-nukes, or nukes exploding the reactors in the Nuclear Borers.

So perhaps my previous term, “criticality sites” regarding the source of high temperatures and molten steel, weeks and months after 9/11 is too vague. Instead I propose that from now on we think of this aftermath of molten steel, weeks and months after 9/11 as… “The China Syndrome came to New York City on 9/11.”

Further thoughts on Radiation Readings from the WTC Nuking

Did NYC Residents’ Geiger Counters Prove the Case? And then did NYC Criminalize Geiger Counters?

I have lengthily detailed much evidence for the China Syndrome at the WTC after 9/11. This included photos, videos, and many eyewitnesses accounts of flowing molten metal, and great heat generation at the WTC after 9/11, the many cancers indicative of radiation exposure among the responders, and other facts. Indeed recently the federal govt excluded cancer from the list of medical benefits package offered to 9/11 responders. Not a surprise here, as they don’t want the many blood, lymph and thyroid cancers to be on record. We should also not forget the trucking in and out of sand to coat the WTC rubble pile that began on 9/12/11, as well as all the water hosing. Both standard radiation-lowering techniques.

Now one thing that the perps say is “show me the data proving radiation levels were high.” A clever Op since they know FEMA and the perps hold much of this data under lock and key. Data on radiation taken at the WTC—with the exception of elevated tritium levels (which does arise from fission bombs)—has been tightly controlled by FEMA. Few responders had access to the deep underground regions that likely had the highest radiation readings.

But then I have also detailed some strange happenings in NYC concerning a proposed law to ban private NYC residents from owning Geiger Counters. Owning a Geiger Counter was to become a misdemeanor. The proposed law in January 2008 led to a small uproar among NYC residents whose eyes were wide open. I have recently looked into this again. So far I have not been able to ascertain if the legislation before the City Council was passed or not. (If anyone knows what happened to this legislation, please contact Spooked.) But what I saw for the first time now is insidious.

The alleged reason for this proposed foul legislation is that they claim many NYC residents had Geiger Counters that gave [allegedly] false positive readings! And then that local or more likely co-conspirating federal agencies (such as FEMA) spent a lot of money tracking things down and concluding the readings were false. [Naturally.] I note that calibrating Geiger Counters properly is not a difficult thing for the manufacturers of these devises to do. This is a relatively old and standard technology at this time. And I do not recall any large-scale fraud reported in the accuracy of Geiger counters. So the PTB would like NYC residents to believe that only after the WTC was destroyed did Geiger Counters give false readings.

The legislation before the City Council was said to have been requested by Mayor Bloomberg, and done in conjunction with the Dept. of Homeland Security. (AKA the Gestapo.) Some researchers have detailed that the City Councilmen spearheading the effort are members of the CFR. I would also look to their memberships in the Freemasons and/or other secret societies.

The City leaders were saying that the police were spending too much time and money on all the residents who claimed either Geiger counters or toxin detectors had yielded positive results. As the NYPD is not likely to have been set up to do such detection, I am sure they would have called in federal agencies, such as the EPA and FEMA. The EPA, you can recall lied to the people and said there was nothing toxic released from WTC destruction in the days and weeks after 9/11/01. While the EPA, FEMA, DHS, etc will never release any true radiation readings, they may have taken at the WTC or nearby later on, some NYC residents know the awful truth.

Some have remarked that if the local and Federal Govts feared external terrorists would use nukes or so-called dirty bombs, they would be giving Geiger Counters to all the residents of NYC! Trying to make it illegal to own or operate such detectors is an indication that the local and Federal Govts—at the highest levels—are in cahoots to facilitate another nuking and China Syndrome Aftermath in NYC.

So we see the hand of the intel agencies and secret societies in this PsyOp. Prevent release of all data from Govt agencies that showed the China Syndrome at the WTC, lie about positive results private citizens found! And at the same time, scream that there’s no evidence that there was any radiation from WTC destruction. They are very adept at this double PsyOp. For example, regarding the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, much evidence indicates that for several months (and possibly for a year or so) before those cities, and many of their inhabitants, were vaporized, Japan had tried to sue for peace with the Americans—who deny this. But the USA/UK were not having it because, as I have detailed, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the real reason for having WWII!

But my point here is that the thousands of dead and wounded American soldiers at the various islands approaching Japan were used as an excuse for nuking, and killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. That is, all the while, the US declined to accept Japanese surrender, they set up those thousands of their own GIs to needlessly die, so as to provide an excuse to say, “we had to nuke those cities to save a million GI lives.” Indeed, the very reason for the slow, piecemeal operation of WWII was to make it last long enough to develop the nukes that would end the war.

Here the old double PsyOp says there were no positive readings for the NYC area for radiation after 9/11/01, all the while we later learn there was; and that these readings were simply declared to be false. One web commenter responded, “Who you gonna trust— your Geiger Counter or FEMA?” See some NYC residents make some astute comments here: http://www.villagevoice.com/2008-01-08/news/nypd-seeks-an-air-monitor-crackdown-for-new-yorkers/#disqus_thread

I do not know how many NY Metro area residents know that the WTC was nuked and the CSA resulted. A poll suggests that some 50% realize that the Federal Govt was in it, but may not know enough to know just how they did it—in the most horrible of ways. I also do not know how many of those who were told that their Geiger Counter readings were false, and did not calibrate with whatever agency counters they used, realize that they in fact have helped to prove that the WTC was nuked.

But right on cue, the ancient scapegoats are here again publicly used to divert away from the actual doers. One article I read claims that one place that Geiger Counters gave false positive readings was at the Israeli Embassy in NYC. The ole standby — blame Jews/Zionists/Mossad/Israel whenever the PTB in Washington, DC, London and Rome are involved. Nothing ever changes, and it’s all so transparent. This Op is to have the conspiracy people shout that if there was anything radioactive in NYC, it was either Israelis doing something coincidental, or else Israelis did 9/11, which all the brainwashed conspiracy voidoids, and hidden intel agents, proclaim. Recall also that I have detailed that the very patent for the use of all nuclear fission chain reactions is held by the British Admiralty.

It would be good if some Metro NY area residents came forward and detailed where and when their Geiger Counters gave positive readings. And if anyone of them claims the Israeli Embassy, their connections to intel agencies and secret societies must be researched. Similarly I recall how many alleged eyewitnesses who claimed to see the CGI planes enter the towers turned out to be actors, TV producers, or were in locations where it was impossible for them to see this.

I do not believe that the Japanese Govt is trying to criminalize owning Geiger Counters in the wake of the Fukushima crisis. Of course, I have noted how the same country that was nuked one way, gets nuked another way. The PTB like to do the same things to the same people. This is perhaps a message since antiquity.

The federal regime desperately does not want the millions of people in the metro NY area to know what was in their midst—a China Syndrome, like Chernobyl and Fukushima.. Thus they also put out impossible counter theories like “thermite burns forever”, “Directed Energy Beams”, and other absurd theories.

We can conclude that NYC residents accurately had high Geiger counter readings after 9/11, and Big Brother then stepped in to proclaim these readings were false and later to try to remove Geiger counters altogether from the people!

It is hoped here that many citizens throughout the USA obtain Geiger Counters now, and get documentation of their accuracy—which sometimes accompanies a newly purchased Geiger Counter. This will make it easier to prove the Govt is lying should positive readings later be obtained on your Geiger Counter. Better still, of course, would be to remove such a regime before it nukes more, or all, of humanity!

See the deeper picture, and my books, at: www.Anonymousphysicist.com
By The Anonymous Physicist , Copyright 2011.
All Rights Reserved


First Responder - "We Were Nuked on 9-11"

by "Joey Peeps" (for henrymakow.com)

In November, the heat from the underground fires were melting fireman's boots. My feet were hot as I walked across the rubble.

I laugh when all these firemen and cops are portrayed as heroes for responding to 9/11.

Consider me the anti-hero. I arrived at the WTC on the second week and I worked at the WTC and landfill until November. I made the best of it and did what I had to do.

As an Italian American cop from Brooklyn I did my job-nothing more. I was out for me. Throughout my career I made arrests and I was never in trouble yet I knew in the back of my mind that the job would screw me. It did.

I am now sick like thousands of other first responders. The difference is that I'm not bellyaching about what an injustice was dealt to me. Perhaps it is karma.

It is funny how the powers-that-be hide the truth right under your nose, in plain sight. In the early 40s the "Manhattan Project" was started. Years later we all knew about the devastation of the first A-bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. It turns out that no one could fathom that the government would build an Atom bomb right in downtown Manhattan.

Surely the Manhattan Project had to be in some far off, secretive place like Hanford,Washington, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, or Los Alamos, New Mexico . Well, the uranium and other elements were stored near Columbia University, West 20th Street and the West Side Highway, and in the Woolworth Building located at 233 Broadway.

We referred to the World Trade Center as being "Ground Zero."

Hmm....Remember I said "hiding in plain sight." "Ground zero" began with the Manhattan Project and the bombing of Japan. The term 'ground zero' was be used to designate the point on the ground directly beneath the point of detonation, or 'air zero.'

Ground Zero was the code name given to the spot chosen for the atomic bomb test at Trinity Site.


I found it strange that the Trade Center which was 110 floors was reduced to approximately six stories of tangled steel girders. Where did all the materials go? Where were all the bodies? Where were all the porcelain bathroom fixtures? Dustified? Why was sand brought in by the truckload and old dirt taken away?

In November, the heat from the underground fires were melting firemen's boots. My feet were hot as I walked across the rubble. Steam rose up from below as excavators removed debris. How do you have fires that continually burned at 2000 degrees, several stories below the debris in the absence of oxygen?

Christie Whitman of the EPA under orders from the White House stated the air was safe to breathe. Thousands of first responders are now sick as well as are downtown residents. Where is the EPA's air sampling report for radiation? Why was it never made public?

Why were the steel girders quickly brought to the Staten Island Landfill and sold without an investigation?. Should not a forensic investigation have been conducted of the steel and debris?

I was also a first responder to the WTC bombing in 1993. Former NYPD Chief of Department, Louis Anemone listed WTC Building 7 as a target for a second terrorist attack. Against both Anemone's and former Police Commissioner, Howard Safir's recommendations, Mayor Guiliani placed the NYPD Emergency Center in Building 7.

He cited "walking distance" as a factor for placing the emergency command within walking distance of City Hall. Why would any one in their right mind make their Emergency Center at the same location that was already hit?

First responders are contracting cancers at an unprecedented rate compared to the public at large. Of interest many are rare blood cancers such as multiple myelomas, lymphomas, leukemia, esophageal, lung, gastric and kidney cancers.

First responders report developing shortness of breathe, the infamous "WTC Cough" now termed Reactive Airway Disease (RADS), Chronic Sinusitis, GERD, esophagitis, and severe sleep problems such as Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea, skin disorders, memory problems, depression, cognitive disorders, endocrine disorders, and general muscle pain deemed fibromyalgia. Interesting enough Gulf War veterans report experiencing severe headaches, joint pain, diarrhea, dizziness, memory problems, fatigue and skin rashes in addition to breathing and similar gastric problems that mimic 9/11 illness.

The symptoms are similar to that of the atomic bomb survivors. Many, including retired US Army Major Doug Rokkee, PhD., a DU expert, now believe that depleted uranium (DU) from munitions is the cause of Gulf War Illness. Government investigator's hint of the possibility that the burning fires filled with toxic oil laden smoke and the multitude of immunizations may have been the cause of Gulf War Syndrome. Likewise 9/11 cancers were supposedly caused from benzene from the jet fuel from the burning planes, and the respiratory and gastric problems resulted from a caustic toxic brew of pulverized silica, cement dust, and airborne asbestos among other chemicals.


The events of 9/11 were orchestrated by members of our government. There are many examples of False Flag attacks. There were many motives and both the government and private entities profited as detailed previously.

It is becoming apparent that the government put out the official story which for a multitude of reasons does not stand up to scrutiny. For those non-believers the 9/11 Truth Movement was established which ushered in the theory of "controlled implosion." Thermite was found. Then the DEW theory of "no planes" and directed energy weapons were espoused by Dr. Judy Woods.

I saw plane remains so I don't buy the "no plane theory." I wonder why out of four planes no black boxes were recovered from the planes. It does not make sense.

Most people gave up by this time, but the more I looked at "dustification" I added up the evidence: trucks of sand being brought in, high heat melting firemen's boots, the disintegration of steel, porcelain fixtures and bodies, and the relation of 9/11 illness to Gulf War Syndrome and atomic attack symptoms. There is only one feasible answer.

The World Trade Center was brought down by a controlled demolition that involved thermite and small, possibly suitcase nuclear weapons. The WTC really is "Ground Zero," the site of an atomic blast.

The high heat fires were evidence of a nuclear "China Syndrome." Sand and copious amounts of water were used for radiation containment and the contaminated sand and structural steel girders were quickly carted off and disposed of.

The powers-that-be want to hide this fact because the American people will not stand for the fact that an American city was nuked. Many more first responders and Manhattan residents will be added to the 9-11 death toll in the years ahead.

911 Cut Column.jpgRelated- Because First Responders know the truth?

First Responders to be Screened as "Terrorists" Before They Get Benefits


Don't know about being 'nuked', but thermite was definitely used to bring those towers down.

See the attached picture with the column 'cut' at a 45-degree angle with melted steel running down.

Maybe there is an explanation, but I haven't seen it.

Comments for "First Responder - "We Were Nuked on 9-11""

Richard2 said (April 23, 2011):

"Part of the 9/11 experiment was to determine the long term effects on the human population when an enhanced radiation nuclear device is detonated in a modern metropolis setting and the population (unknowing) carries on its activities as normal. "
"The deliberate contamination of New York City with radioactive fallout is far from being exceptional."
"To “The Powers That Be,” the administration and release of radioactive contamination against the population is routine. It is “Standard Operating Procedure.”
Consider who lives in Manhattan. Many of the most powerful people in the world. Who's headquartered near 'ground zero'? A short list includes the United Nations. The Council on Foreign Relations is headquartered in New York City. A third of CFR’s members reside in or around New York City. Not to mention Wall Street.
Tell us why the 'powers that be' irradiated themselves and their families, Dennis2. Not conjecture, just facts, as what I've just said is nothing but facts. As is Christian Soderberg's comments.

Dennis2 said (April 23, 2011):

Part of the 9/11 experiment was to determine the long term effects on the human population when an enhanced radiation nuclear device is detonated in a modern metropolis setting and the population (unknowing) carries on its activities as normal. An interesting exercise in applied experimental biology, following in a long line of non-consensual clandestine nuclear experiments on civilians and the military that the US has conducted since the 1940’s.
If we think that the US Military Industrial Complex would never commit such a crime against its own people, the deliberate and clandestine exposure of radioactivity and radiation, we’d be very mistaken. It is in fact, a routine practice. Since World War 2, the US government has deliberately exposed and contaminated large numbers of its citizens, both civilian and military, with some of the most dangerous and toxic substances known to man. It is now well known how thousands of American and British military personnel were ordered to walk towards the nuclear fireball after atomic weapons tests in New Mexico and Australia in the 1950’s and 60’s. The purpose was to see what effect the radiation would have on them. In the 1960’s, Plutonium was injected into pregnant women just to “see what would happen.” The deliberate contamination of New York City with radioactive fallout is far from being exceptional. It is simply one more in a long line of radiation contamination experiments stretching back for almost 70 years. To “The Powers That Be,” the administration and release of radioactive contamination against the population is routine. It is “Standard Operating Procedure.” -

Christian Soderberg said (April 23, 2011):

US Gov. was not playing a part in the 9/11 attacks, but it was orchestrated by a private entity that has infiltrated the US Gov and the US security apparatus, but it is wrong to say that US Gov. was involved ..it was not..
..We will not find official Gov. papers authorizing 9/11. This was a private sector-false flag.
It is better not to focus on “who did it” but to get US Gov. to acknowledge the nano-thermite ..and then work from there
Trying to name the people behind 9/11 without solid proof, will actually help the criminals to discredit the “Truth Movement” ..Just focus on the controlled demolition of WTC and keep pushing this into their face
There was no nuclear devices at the WTC complex, or at least the evidence to back this theory up is very, very thin.
..and this is why we should focus ONLY to the nano-thermite cause of this we have undisputable physical proof ..thermite-composite bits/chips and iron-micro spheres (by-product of thermite-reaction) in the WTC remains/dust.
----Study: Scientists Discover Active Thermitic Material in WTC Dust----
---- http://stj911.org/press_releases/Act...cMaterial.html ----
“How do you have fires that continually burned at 2000 degrees, several stories below the debris in the absence of oxygen?”
Thermite-composite has all the oxygen it needs to burn in the metal oxide(s) in the mixture, so it can keep on reacting without outside source of oxygen. This is why thermite is used in underwater welding.
Conventional thermite produces temperatures around 2500 Celsius degrees, while nano-thermite can reach temps exceeding 3500 C degrees. ..there really is no need for nuke-reaction to keep pocket fires burning and metal in molten state for months after 9/11.
When heat-pockets are air tight and under large amount of debris, this also means that these pockets wont cool down that fast.
The pictorial/video evidence point to controlled demolition with conventional explosives and nano-thermite. From the many videos we can see light-flashes and columns being cut
..and hundreds of pressure-ejections racing on the walls of the Twin Towers

Paul said (April 23, 2011):

The Illuminati/NWO fancy themselves to be magicians, and -- like their theatrical, stage-performing counterparts -- they use misdirection piled upon misdirection piled upon misdirection to deceive and mislead their audience.
The planes are used to misdirect attention away from the bombs. The bombs are used to misdirect attention away from whatever other mechanism was used to bring down the towers,
whether it be nukes or DEW, or something else, and so on down the line.
The author brings up the phrase "Manhattan", and its connection to nuclear energy. In the high occult, the word "Manhattan" signifies the Egyptian "Man-Aton", or the human incarnation of the Sun god Aton. It can also signify man harnessing the (nuclear) power of the Sun and bringing it down to Earth (e.g., in the form of bombs), thus making of himself a "god"..
The recent movie "The Watchmen" played on this theme, where "Dr. Manhattan" plays the role of the (Jesus-like) Sun-god incarnate. The movie is filled to the brim with Egyptian themes and motifs, from the Pyramid Corporation to a Jesuit named Moloch to the final climax set in a re-creation of the Egyptian Temple of Karnak.

Eddie said (April 22, 2011):

"I saw plane remains so I don't buy the "no plane theory." I wonder why out of four planes no black boxes were recovered from the planes. It does not make sense."
Another NYC cop chiming in. Tell me officer, how come these plane parts were not displayed? Would they not present a compelling case for the theory of Arab hijackers? The plane parts found on the sidewalk, of all places like Atta's passport, were of a much smaller plane. I agree your thesis of a nuke attack is the one that makes the most sense.
I, like countless of other people in NYC, saw actual channel 4 and channel 1 footage of the exploding building without any airplane before, during or after the explosion.

for a small sampling.

[For a truly DETAILED ANALYSIS see this instead - New Illuminati:]

Here's another question that's been baffling me since childhood: why is the largest police department in the world clueless about how NYC became the largest illegal drug market in the world?

Richard said (April 22, 2011):

"The World Trade Center was brought down by a controlled demolition that involved thermite and small, possibly suitcase nuclear weapons. The WTC really is "Ground Zero," the site of an atomic blast."
Okay, so we're back to the "satchel nuke" theory again. So I guess Saddam Hussein or Iran really did do it after all, with"suitcase nukes"
Here's his proof....."The high heat fires were evidence of a nuclear "China Syndrome."
So the Twin Towers nuclear reactor core went into meltdown? (see 'China Syndrome' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_China_Syndrome )
I am not the Dan cited at the end of the article. I'm sick of the disinformation. The WTC was controlled demolition - the demolition system was installed during construction 1970-71. It's as simple as that.


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and via Let’s Roll Forums @ http://letsrollforums.com/first-responder-we-were-t25108.html?p=202754

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  1. The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects. http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/337485161


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