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Tuesday 17 July 2007

Sci-Fi Realty Gap

Sci-Fi Realty Gap
Which Intelligence hosts these sites?

Back in 2001 - before the event that changed nothing but excused a lot - a few colleagues and myself ran a trace to find out just where the websites we created were actually housed – where the servers were physically located.
            It’s easy to do, of course – you just run one of many free programs designed to trace the source of a website. We were all based in various parts of Oz, using differing platforms and ISPs (internet service providers) to ‘host’ our sites. But the ISPs weren’t actually ‘hosting’ us at all – they rented space in the most competitively-priced local servers they could find, as you might expect.

       As we watched the lines spreading across the map of Oz, tracing our pet sites to their sources, we were surprised to note that they were all converging on the same part of the continent – a barely populated remote region of the vast interior desert, not far from the small town of Alice Springs.

       We had no need to look up the location; it was obvious what was hosting our precious sites. They were all housed in servers in a small area of prohibited territory on which no Australian is allowed to freely walk – a ‘joint’ US/Oz intelligence and surveillance facility known as Pine Gap.

        It’s the best-known secret facility in the land. Eye remember watching (then) Vice-President George H. W. Bush facing down a Sixty Minutes reporter over the secret base, during a visit to these antipodean shores in the Reagan (ray-gun) cold war era. The reporter – George Negus – asked the V.P. if he could tell us anything about Pine Gap. 

       Bush froze behind his desk and said, “Pine what?” and made other obfuscations for a couple of sentences as Negus assured him, “Come on, it’s the single best-known joint facility in the country; everyone knows about it.” Indeed, in 1975 a bloodless US and British-sponsored coup had unconstitutionally ousted an incumbent Ozzie Prime Minister, after he’d dared to raise the possibility of not renewing the (literally) peppercorn lease for the site - that had been erected within Aboriginal lands from the 1960s.

       Finally Bush conceded that he’d heard of the place – in a tellingly roundabout way;

       “George,” he said, staring the reporter down from the vantage of his massive brow, “there’s something you have to understand – when I take an oath I take it for life.” That shut George Negus up. The oath the Vice President was referring to was the one he’d taken as a previous head of the CIA. It was easy to see which oath - and which allegiance - took precedence for him.

       So what’s Pine Gap? Take a look at the place on Google Earth – and then take a closer look at the uniquely strange geological formation amid which it sits. Only people who have never been there (unlike me) would believe the publicly disgorged nonsense that it’s simply a surface satellite surveillance base. It’s obvious there’s a vast underground facility housed beneath the place. This was even public knowledge until the 1980s, when ‘revisionist’ reports began emerging from the Oz Defense ministry claiming that the previously admitted underground base didn’t exist.

       Originally devised as part of the nuclear deterrent and as part of the developing US bunker system spreading across the continents of the globe in the 1960s and ‘70s, it was constructed to house 2,500personnel in a series of underground installations, tapped into what’s probably the largest known underground river system on Earth, in one of the most remote locations on the planet. But don’t worry – there are a few similar bases on your continent, wherever you may live. They were all primary nuclear targets during the cold war.

       What goes on at Pine Gap? For a start, all the communications in the southern hemisphere – every phone call, radio message or other signal – is ‘collected’ there before being sent to Langley, Virginia. This is standard public information, disclosed from time to time by governments. Every private conversation and every bit of data on the southern hemisphere’s internet, broadcast media and phone networks, private, corporate or government, is intercepted there; and don’t think any ‘secure’ piece of data is safe – your security systems, like the Australian Government’s were developed and are owned by the people that own this facility. They collect everything.

       Like our websites had been. It was easy to collect them – all the facility had to do was offer secure storage space and fast access for a cut-rate price and the ISPs flocked to their razor-wired door. 

The surface installation of radomes and rectangular concrete structures is slightly impressive in its own right.The base has always been serviced by regular Starlifter flights that also flew the data back to the (other) States – but certain supplies, such as toiletries, were deemed easier to be purchased in the local town. From these local purchases and others it becomes obvious that the true population of the base is still counted in thousands, not hundreds as both governments now claim.

       Other more interesting things than mere data collection occur in the multiple secret subsurface levels as well. Over the years I’ve interviewed various people engaged in the construction process (they used local labour – some of it Aboriginal, some local, some corporate and military). Their stories dovetailed too well to have been self-aggrandising fantasies (the Aboriginal workers were only allowed to work down to five levels).

        There’s a great NASA video taken from a space shuttle that shows something very interesting emanating from Pine Gap – a discrete ray, a beam weapon aimed at space. I won’t test your credibility – look and see for yourself;

        With my own eyes I’ve seen troops burst out of an elevator mounted on a vast concrete slab at Pine Gap, pouring out in successive waves from behind a small roller door-fronted concrete pillbox, to subdue harmless curious demonstrators who walked through the fence. I’ve seen other things as well.

       The following may go a small way toward illuminating some of the other activities that take place there. Please note that the world is a strange and wonderful place – far stranger than a mere materialist meat-market of feudal monkeys struggling through their short, brutal lives on an isolated, lonely planet. We’re much more interesting than that!

       The truth will set you free to be unsettled, confused and enlightened. Believe what you will; but read this, if you like; it was written by an agent of my acquaintance who once worked at Pine Gap:  

-         R. Ayana

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