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Monday 16 July 2007

Freedom or Fatherland Insecurity: Utopia Now or Apocalypse Tomorrow

Freedom or Fatherland Insecurity
Utopia Now or Apocalypse Tomorrow 

“I can’t see the human race getting very far, if women are busy making babies while men are busy killing people.”-         Kathleen Azzopardi, age 16 

Loving your country is natural, if you live in a natural landscape. All landforms and ecosystems are uniquely individual and people who truly live in them, rooted firmly in the nurturing earth, will always cherish and defend their homeland, families and traditional lifestyles.

            Until less than one generation ago most humans lived with nature, outside the modern mushrooming profusion of hive-like cities and towns. More often than not they lived happy, prosperous and fulfilling lives in mutually supportive groups of friends and families. A threat to their land was a threat to their family and their farm, their animals and crops – a threat to their existence. And the major threat to their pleasant lives was usually a city-building, dynastically minded empire-builder and his band of ignorant, willing spear carriers bent on pillage and rape.  

       Patriotism – the love of the ancestral parent-land – was used as a tool to harvest spear and cannon fodder as regularly as possible. The war machine’s appetite was always voracious and insatiable.

       These monarchic feudal empires ruled essentially unchanged through most of our histories before being partially reformed into our modern version of corporate wage-slavery after the Enlightenment. 

       Rallying around the flag was a necessity of battle, to be regularly practiced in the all-too-brief peacetime so that another generation could be marched into the maw of the beast with a minimum of complaint. The sporting, playful nature of humans was easily exploited for the purposes of war. 

       Regimented sporting codes enacting regional rivalries on a practice battlefield were encouraged by the rulers of most nations, to foster a militant and violently competitive mindset among the people and ensure that young men were encouraged and rewarded for possessing a near-suicidal lack of enlightened self-interest and individuality. Violent team sports are practice for the mindset of war, not a harmless sublimation of it.

       Nationalism, patriotism, racism and religion are the cornerstones of an age-old propaganda edifice that’s designed to stop humans of different tribes and races from thinking for themselves – and from learning to actually like and trust each other. These pernicious fantasies have very effectively impeded the unification of humanity in its race toward a millennial new age of peace, prosperity and familiarity – of fairness and compassion – until now.

        Now we have to replace these outmoded notions with much better concepts – a unified healthy planet, a noble species of sisters and brothers with awareness beyond mere materialism, educated in the undeniable facts of our truly remarkable existence and potential. Our true heritage and birthright is greater than we can currently imagine; a caterpillar can’t even see the butterfly.

       Nation states do not actually exist. Nations are merely notions, ideas that exist in no landscape but that of the habituated human mind. In such a notional state so-called patriots and soldiers are rewarded with an utterly undeserved credibility and trust, just as sportsmen and women are treated as great leaders and worthy sages for the duration of their prosaic lives.

        Nationalism is nothing more than an excuse to believe in an illusory us and them. There’s no honour, nobility or valour involved – loving your imaginary nation is the result of a hypnotic command that uses inflated, self-important racism to excuse murder, theft and extortion. Nationalism always creates a supposedly credible enemy for little girls and boys to demonise and to fantasise slaying in excruciating detail – and our innocent thoughts make the world.

       If all nations did what they claim as a sovereign right and simply defended their own territory and homeland, no war could ever occur. But defense is not what having a military force is for in our post-modern world.

        Patriotism is merely a pat excuse to riot and cause mayhem in the name of the paterfamilias and padrone, the father, fatherland and fuehrer – usually an old, lonely, blind, hidebound, vengeful psychotic with antisocial tendencies; the monomaniac leading the blind. 

        These are standard primate traits; not hard-wired behaviour but default settings that are easily tripped by fearful ignorance. Height makes might makes right and the rest is window-dressing and uniforms covering up an essentially mindless, reptilian territorialism that has no ethic but the satisfaction of its own reflexive, insatiable desires.

        All our mass beliefs, education and political systems are based on religiously followed lies and self-deceptions, designed to make people fracture themselves into a false hierarchy of castes and classes, winners and losers, victims and victors. 

       Our warriors are blind killer apes, our priests are lunatics baying at the moon and our leaders are old terrified self-aggrandising assholes shitting on everyone else from the top of the tree, marking territory.

       You know it’s true. We’re all one people, with shared emotions, dreams, hopes and aspirations, fractured into a fearful, clamorous Babel of broken mirrors by the lies and errors of those who preceded us. There’s no point respecting leaders of the past or present, no point listening to their vaporous self-serving mockery of intelligent discourse - or in showering them with spirit money or campaign contributions. 

        The vast majority of all our ancestors were mainly blind, reflexive automatons doing nothing more than their equally robotic predecessors. Today’s leaders and followers are just the same old dinosaurs tarted up in less ornate finery, sucking the cream off our collective mother’s milk at our expense. They’re lying  front-men for the industrialist robber barons, weapon makers and corporate gangsters that despise and fear the rest of Humanity - and who would rather be rid of the majority of us.

        Our veneration may be better reserved for the truly deserving visionaries who improve the lot of all humanity at the expense of no-one – those who question and consider, create and experiment; those who examine themselves, nature - and their own nature. Of course, it’s much harder to recall the name of a single one of these individuals than to remember the name of a myriad of sportspeople, generals or delusional religious figures. 

       Religious dogmas – ‘faiths’ - are nothing more than regional lies told by the blind, the misled and the control freaks of a bygone era. The truth will set you free from the desire for faith. Certainty is much more satisfying and is found in the simplest things by those who really want to root their belief systems in knowledge of the nature of reality – not the nursery rhymes of paedophiles. 

       Seek the truth in geometry, the substrates and matrices of our existence – the subject leads to other planes of awareness that reveal unexpected pathways through the multifaceted maze between here and tomorrow.

       The true shakers and movers of history are largely invisible to us, shoved aside by the makers and shovers who ensure their names occupy every billboard - and that’s actually a good thing, because the victor goes to spoilage and corruption at the focus of the undying attention lavished upon them by a servile, adulating, sub-adult population of hypnotised slaves and servants. The hero is always nailed to the cross of mass expectation and prejudice, gaining power and glory at the expense of freedom and inspiration – or tripping and falling over feet of clay.

       This catalogue of woefully repeated ancestral errors only works within unenlightened cultures whose parents allow their children to be ‘taught’ in systems designed as religious programming or job training for automatons. We need to expose our children to fresh concepts in places and mindsets that are carefully crafted for the edification and education of young minds with unexplored potential in a world where anything is possible – not institutions that subject them to being subject to subjects.

      Today’s schools and universities are the bastard offspring of arrogant industry and self-serving charity, bricks in the wall that separate us into haves and have-nots. They divide the best sponge-like young minds into separate streams and dead-end specialisations, blocking the development of a well-rounded intellect and life, rechanneling it into a careering, unsteerable vehicle that temporarily serves the purposes of industry.

       It’s the old methodology of divide and conquer applied to the brightest minds and the truest, most innocent alliance of truth-seekers, lost in the fossilising shadow-maze of the ivory tower.Rigid specialisation is the opposite of adaptation and synthesis; it’s the worst survival mechanism in a changing paradigm.

       Specialisation creates hierarchy and hierarchies are designed to impede change and maintain the status quo of stasis.If you think someone is an inferior or superior when you communicate with them you end up learning nothing; the worth of the information is already compartmentalised, pre-judged and prejudiced - not explored for its intrinsic value and qualities.If you assume the person you’re communicating with is a free, coequal and consciously living being there’s a much better likelihood of fruitful synergy. Friendly interest arouses friendly interest and free thought and communication creates unexpected hybridisation and catalysis. 
We don’t need hierarchies any more. We’re all one people, similar in our diversity and united in our sense of unique difference. We’ve outgrown our blind larval past and unless we change our ways now most of us are going to starve to death and die in the wars that will erupt when the food and other prime resources jam up in the inevitable human-created bottlenecks looming in our near future.

             Would you prefer it wasn’t you that’s passing their precious time rearranging deckchairs while the coal-fired ship’s master keeps yelling ‘Full steam ahead’? Would you prefer it was someone else? Do you see the bald, blind imperative illogic of ‘us’ and ‘them’, when we’re all on the same Titanic vessel in an uncharitable sea?We don’t have to take that path; there’s a steering wheel and the future sea has no fixed roads, only currents and tides, icebergs and landfalls. 

We can develop a new system, a truly new world order based on freedom and chaotic creativity, a new, truer democracy that votes for issues, not faces – one that votes early and often, not for parties or clans but for the betterment of all and a fair distribution of resources and trade in a chaotic state of increasing abundance. The skills to make a new Humanity are well-known and available to us all now – if we seek them.

       With clean, free energy and fuels at our disposal and a real commitment to sustainable abundance the entire world can live at the standard of living of middle-class Americans without trashing or utterly transforming the ecosystem. The technology is all waiting for us, sat on and bought out and hidden for decades by the fearful old fossil-fuel dinosaurs. We don’t need them – and that’s what they fear the most.

       Utopia is easily achievable. All we have to do is transform and educate ourselves. We can stabilise and enrich the environment and our cultures into a dynamically productive and creative utopia and transform our lives. We can discover the meaning and challenge of leisure time – another term for freedom. We’ll even find new things to dream and complain about.

       We can make it happen. All the tools are at our disposal, fully developed and waiting for us to pick up and use. All it takes is a willing and educated population, a free media, unilateral disarmament and a totally transparent and continually examined computerised voting system – all on a global scale and in your local neighbourhood.
       It takes a representative world governance – not a government - of all the diverse human tribes, united under the expansive umbrella of the already existing International Bill of Rights – a document that already protects our rights and freedoms and is responsible for most of the great advances of the last half century (that everyone’s taken for granted as unexpected benisons of their own credit-taking individual governments).

     All it takes to live in paradise on Earth is for you to examine your self and your mind, suspend your belief and disbelief, and listen to your unknown neighbour.
     All it takes is for you to consider the possibilities – and look inside your heart. Is a freely shared world of free, caring beings what you want? Are you ready to change jobs, to vote with your time and work in a field that transforms the world for the better instead of one that’s polluting and destroying it - or feeding or servicing those who are?

     Are you ready to discard homeland insecurity with the other rotten fear-filled rags of the past and emerge naked and innocent into a strange, new and fundamentally unknowable dawn?

      The question is the same whether you’re a princess or a pauper. What’s the answer? Can you come up with a better alternative than radical transmutation – given where we’re at right now? Or do you prefer the known ‘alternative’ of the same old feudal nightmare leading to the ragged hole?

       You won’t need to remember where it was that you read this diatribe, one day in the future when it all makes sense – for better or worse. This author doesn’t particularly want to be noticed or remembered; eye for one intend to be alive and happy in a world inhabited by a prosperous, improving Humanity! How about you?Do you dare to dream of paradise now? 

-         R. Ayana 

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