"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Thursday 26 July 2007

Delerious Dark Matter Foams

Delerious Dark Matter Foams

This morning I came out of my delirium; fever dreams had me in their sway for an immobile day and night while the boys fed themselves and each other and brought me water and fresh juices they squeezed for us all. They followed my mumbled cooking instructions so well that the meals were better than they would have been if their dad had cooked them. Wonderful kids.
            A decade of phantasmagorical dreams would pass, whole epic careers and adventures, births, deaths and magic, other cultures and languages, other aspirations – all in a few minutes between half-waking episodes that delineated the boundaries of the trance and brought images swimming back to this other reality.

            Each story-vision was a universe in itself, a Bardo realm and a hologram that never finished but continued as eye passed beyond it into something more relevant to my fleeing awareness. It was possible to grow beyond each limited event horizon and enter a new, somehow related realm with its own dramas and melodramas, fun and games.

             Every now and then eye would emerge from the miasma and see the individual story realms like bubbles of foam interpenetrating each other; each was a part(icle) of a vaster hologram and each part contained a fractal version of the whole; which meant that not only was the future malleable – there was no fixed past, either.

             All possibilities are versions of the One; but it’s a brave fool who claims that THIS is THE reality and all other universes are merely shadows that never take full form, virtual realities without substance.

            All the multitudinous alternative continua are not just virtual images of this one, much as they might appear to be from this perspective. They are real in their own terms and from their perspective, ‘this’ world that we momentarily share is the virtual ghost.

            In my delirious wanderings it was the boundary condition, the shape of each universe, that demarked and demonstrated the differences between them, much as our different bodies, while human, are each totally unique. We all carry different messages in a fundamentally similar matrix.

            I doubt this makes much sense to most people, but will press on for the vanishingly tiny proportion of readers who haven’t already given up and who may be interested.

            Around each realm is a skin, a surface that delineates a different frequency (or shade, if you prefer), amplitude, time rate and mass. All these parameters change constantly in relation to each other and to other universes. Only individual positional moments have fixed values. 

            Every surface resonates in time with whatever’s beyond its drum-skin; it’s possible to delve deeply into anything, by becoming sensitive to surface impressions and expressions. By placing your ear against a wall you can hear sounds emanating from beyond it. Your hands can sense vibrations in a wide range of media. Combined together in harmony, your senses are supersenses that can be tuned to anything, anywhere, anytime.

            Behind each surface that you approach is a vast series of dimensions. Every object contains within itself a literal memory of everything that’s gone into its existence, every thing that’s had a part in placing it where it is right now – everything in the universe holds an image of everything, in every universe. And these images are accessible to you as visions that can be accepted, forgotten – or tested. Some of your dreams and visions will be particularly relevant to the present you inhabit, but all the dreams that you envision will have some bearing on your existence or you wouldn’t be able to apprehend them. 

          Think quantum interconnectivity on an apprehensible scale.

            Every one is a quantum computer. All it takes is practice. But you won’t practice if you don’t believe it’s possible. So the first lore of magic is to believe that magic is possible – without that simple step you’ll get nowhere if you attempt to comprehend ultimate reality. That’s what it takes to be a magician – not belief (at first), but a genuinely suspended disbelief. Then you have to work your way through a multitude of illusions to find anything useful. But the truth is in there.

            So anyway – to cut a long story short, it became obvious from these multiple perspectives that what modern physicists refer to as ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ are in fact identical to and one and the same as the zero-point quantum foam. In fact, the apparent reality of elusive dark energy is a proof of the infinite sea of potential in every position in spacetime – a proof that zero-point energy is real. It’s exactly what you’d expect to find if an infinitude of particles were appearing and disappearing constantly – dark energy (and matter) is a residual effect of their momentary existence in this realm.

            Anyone who’s explored my site @ TimeSpace - http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/2011/01/infinity-and-beyond-hyperspace-in-your.html - will note that I also claim these ‘virtual’ particles ARE the infinite multiple universes rotating through each other.

             But hey – this is enough for one day, isn’t it?

            In some ways we’re always connected. Time flows on…  

- R. Ayana

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