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Saturday 23 June 2007

Ladies from the Pleiades

Ladies from the Pleiades
The Several Sisters


It’s been described as ‘the best documented UFO case ever’ – more notes and information, more detailed descriptions provided by witnesses, more and better photographs and movie footage, more physical evidence and more individual contact events than any other UFO case in history – and the contact continues. Causing ongoing contention among the UFO community and biased reports by many cursory researchers, this case has been falsely debunked on a number of occasions. The evidence – an embarrassment of riches that has daunted many investigators - is worth your examination. 

Forty-nine year old Eduard (Billy) Meier was lured into forests surrounding his home near Zurich, Switzerland by an ‘amber-haired spacegirl’. She called herself Semjase and claimed to be from the stellar cluster of the Pleiades; she looked like a young, blonde Aryan woman. Meier claims he has been in her spacecraft and flown to the Pleiades, five hundred light years away.

            UFO investigators and scientists working with NASA, IBM, the McDonnell Douglas company and the CIA have been trying since 1975 to prove that photographs, sound recordings and metal samples taken of and from a seven-metre silvery space ship by Eduard Meier near his Swiss village are fakes.

            Instead they have made this the most authenticated UFO case in history. One-armed hermit Billy Meier’s photographs, taken in the mountains and above the forests of Hinwill, near Zurich with a primitive camera, are recognised by experts as the best-ever daylight shots of a UFO. Spaced over decades, Meier recorded his contacts in hundreds of pages of detailed notes. Metal Samples Meier also gave scientists a piece of metal that Semjase had given him, that she said would confound the experts. The metal fragment was forwarded to Marcel Vogel, world-renowned crystal expert and research chemist for IBM. He spent hours testing it under IBM’s (then $250,000) electron microscope. His opinion:

            “I cannot explain the type of material. By any known combination of materials I could not put it together myself as a scientist. With any technology that I know of, we could not achieve this on this planet!”From the beginning, government UFO investigation agencies have, on the one hand, maintained a highly sceptical profile – but on the other they’ve followed the UFO phenomenon extremely closely.

            The following memo, hidden in files from 1950, had to be dragged out of the CIA by UFO groups using the Freedom of Information Act:

            “The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government. Flying saucers exist. The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance.” ‘Not a Fake’ – NASA Close contact cases like Meier’s saucer present special problems. Leading UFO investigators and NASA scientists were convinced they could show that the Hinwill saucer was one of the most spectacular flying saucer hoaxes of all time. They failed.

            They admit it’s “not a fake” – but they won’t admit it’s real. By this reasoning they are not obliged to heed any message of this visitation – it threatens the foundations of science and the modern industrial machine.To accept that certain people on this planet have been singled out by alien intelligences means we must consider that our planet may have been closely watched for thousands of years. It means that there are intelligences in the universe superior to our own. It means that the barrier called the speed of light is a mental barrier of our own making. 

Stellar Message 

Semjase told Meier they had picked him out as a contact on Earth when he was five years old because they needed a sympathetic human to pass on their warning to the governments of the world against their hell-bent-on-destruction policies [a common thread in many contactee cases].

            It had happened to their planet but they had survived, according to Semjase, and they did not want it to happen to Earth.

            Given that we have been visited – and even the CIA accepts it – how should we now relate to the stars? A curious thing about this ‘Pleiades contact’ is that it’s not the first, in times ancient or modern.The mythologies of many nations, including China and Egypt, contain references to the influence of the Pleiades and the usually female beings who visit from the region. Legends of pre-Incan Peru and from the Navaho refer to ‘gods’ visiting Earth from the Pleiades. To many ancient cultures the most visible seven stars in the cluster are referred to as the ‘sisters’, ‘daughers’, ‘mothers’… 

Out On a Limb Over Maya 

In the 1980s the same message was delivered by another beautiful young blonde woman, ostensibly from the Pleiades and with ‘magical’ powers – this time in Shirley Maclaine’s Out on a Limb (in both written and televised form) - that Ms Maclaine stated was factual.

            It’s worthwhile noting a ‘silly’ synchronicity – the spacegirl’s name in that reported encounter was Maya, pronounced the same as Meier, our man from Hinwill. Maia is also the name of one of the stars in the Pleiades constellation. There’s doubtless a cryptic message in all these synchronicities. Maya is also the Hindu Goddess of Illusion, incidentally – and the demigoddess Maia, after whom the star is named, was said to kidnap mortals [Central Australian Aboriginal tribes also claim a strong connexion with the Pleiades, and also implicate females from that stellar region in the kidnapping of young men; sometimes the youths are returned after an interval of years. Many cultures share similar stories – R.A.].

            The nebula-veiled stellar cluster of the Pleiades is currently in the process of formation and regarded by some to be incompatible with having life-bearing planets at this time – however, the region holds some three thousand stars. And in the Meier case the proof exists – at least, she told him she was from the Pleiades… 
-               By Elmer Griffin

-                First published in NEXUS New Times Magazine, Vol 1 No 3
 -                Gary Kinder covers the case in detail in Light Years, 1987 

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