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Friday 1 June 2007

Do We Agree? New World Ordure or Evolution

Do We Agree?


New World Ordure or Evolution 

The planet is girdled by our great established and emergent nations whose identities and actions are defined by their childhood beliefs, just as an individual personality is molded by internalised ancient patterns while they are shaped by the outer world.

Most of these beliefs arise from utopian and apocalyptic ancestral memories stored in meme banks of codified writings, existing alongside the innate cryptic rending of recollections transmitted in our ‘genes’. Some are entirely fanciful and fraudulent, though even these carry kernels of wisdom and truth amid their dross, to tempt people into swallowing the poisonous theological trappings they come wrapped in.

Nation states attempt to achieve a stasis where all is controllable by the hidden and overt puppet-masters that pull the strings from the crown of the family trees in all local areas, tribes and countries. They allow only those evolutionary forces that resemble their own will and personality to emerge - revolutionary abrupt change is anathema to them, even change for the better.   

These shadowy manipulators are ancestral filters designed to impede transformation of the human species.Under this dominant, ancient feudal paradigm, changes are always superficial; the clothes, music and styles shift around the clotheshorse of conventional consciousness and we mistake the shifting, hypnotic kaleidoscope for progress. The distraction stops real evolution and transmutation from occurring as it distracts us from the fundamental realities and mysteries of our own unique, never-to-be-repeated lives and our own unrecognised extraordinary talents that are usually suffocated aborning in childhood. 

What Did Our Grandparents Know?

 The new emerging democratic notion of the Third Millennium is a paradigm shift from the hierarchical so-called ‘representational’ democracy that has swept the globe in the last half century. Very few nations have actually embraced the notion for more than a single human generation and we forget how fast and in many cases superficial the changes have been. 

            Now our intermingling genes and memes make our old hidebound self-identities redundant and dangerously prehensile, crippling our awareness and potential in this time of revolutionary transformation. Chaos is unfolding around us with its own emergent implicate order calling the tune to which we must all dance, and learn the new steps quickly.

            Fortunately, much of our way forward has been largely mapped out for us and exists in a readily available form. There is so much that the people of Earth already agree on, if we care to take a look. Most of the potential sources of conflict between individuals and states can be easily sidestepped if we’re aware of what we’ve already come to decide through a long historical process of painfully learned and remembered lessons.

            Whomever they can or can’t vote for, almost all peoples on Earth are protected by an overarching Universal Bill of Rights that their governments have signed and ratified, documents that have defined much of world political and social change for decades - but hardly anyone has noticed. It’s very easy to blame the last few ignorant generations for the fix we find ourselves in, socially, politically and environmentally. It’s hard to see that most of the inroads in women’s rights, equal pay, fair working conditions, the right to legal representation, universal education, the right to vote freely – I could go on, and it would read like a shopping list for a trip to utopia - has arisen from this worldwide agreement undertaken by our parents and grandparents on our behalf. Can we do better?

See for yourself – the International Bill of Rights. Do you see anything you disagree with?[*]

It’s been in the interests of local partying governments to let us think the vast raft of social changes enacted in law over the last half century have come from their own largesse - not from enforceable international treaty obligations – so we think the dynastic self-serving power-mongers we vote for are nice people or in some way in control, able to protect us from change.  It’s us – warm-blooded individuals and societies acting in our own enlightened self-interest - that have made these truly progressive changes possible and people like us that have fought and worked to make these changes actually happen. 

Our ancestors have done the best they could, learning as they went along – the same as us. Leadership is a sham; all great, honest leaders are followers of the true public will, spokepeople for the tribe who act for the betterment of all. The rest are control freaks who pay attention to polls, politics and the public only to stay in power – the ones we all know too well. It’s time to learn something new and create something better, more fruitful and fairer. There’s never been a better time and the window of opportunity is closing, along with our easiest options.  

Control is another illusion that’s fast growing transparent as we all begin to wise up a little more. The smiling, fashionably fascist faces on our screens can’t hide the empty-bellied, gap-toothed reality facing not only our grandchildren but ourselves, in our own lifetimes.You know it’s true. We’re all on the Titanic and no sky fairy, god or spaceman is going to come and save us – except perhaps via inspiration and information. It’s up to us. 

All of us who realise what’s happening must act now, together in playfully intent groups and separately in our own lives, to use only the best within us and in our cultures and discard or recycle the rest into something pleasant and useful. There’s not much room for passengers or officers on this iceberg-bound collossus, and there aren’t enough lifeboats. What we need is more crew now if we’re to change course in time - more people who change their own lives and actively regenerate as much of the planet as they can while stopping the worst of the ongoing industrial destruction – anything is still possible if we stop watching the screen and do what we know we’re capable of. We don’t need money to do what’s needed; all you need to invest is all you really are; time and energy.  

There are plenty of others in the same position and real change emerges when we get together, creating the new reality together, come what may. Here’s no need to destroy anything or even attempt to reform much of the old, antiquated social plumbing from within. If you have a vast distributed network of friends working and playing together the old destructive systems and notions will wither on the vine – when we stop nourishing them with our blood, sweat, tears and time.We’ve all heard the prophecies of doom and can see the warning signs - that it’s time to step out of familiar, unsafe, humdrum existences that only feed the destruction and slip into full, sensuous, natural life. All we have to do is take the chance and follow the dreams that lead to hope – the rest follows. 


Non-Local Notions 

Humans live well and have the happiest lives in socially cohesive groups of no more than two to five dozen. Our nomadic ancestors rarely had the need or will to develop social groups of more than a dozen, except on regular festive occasions. Our true friends are rarely counted on more than the fingers of one hand – time and temporal constraints make having more than two handfuls of real friends very unlikely, no matter how many friendly people we know or love.           

To change course and survive our monolithic march toward catastrophe, we have to open our eyes to the blind habits of feudalism’s inherently unfair vestiges - that still rule and direct so many of our thoughts, our time and lives - and imagine how it could all be better. A new vision is easy to attain; it merely requires disillusionment - losing our attachment to illusions that beset us in the names of god and country, caste and class, racism and patriotism - and religion’s false and contradictory dogmas that are the actual genesis of most unnecessary guilt, discontent and wars. To blindly continue to follow anyone who represents these archaic concepts is to sacrifice your future and freedom, imagining safety is possible under the sheltering roof of gangsters and mass murderers. That’s what most static heads of state and proselytisers of fabulous regional lies all too easily become when options narrow. 

 Your soul is bigger than that – it understands the Golden Rule and knows that nothing more is needed than compassion and clarity. Some truths are always self-evident.We need to create nothing less than paradise on earth and must settle for nothing less. Paradise can’t be paradise unless it’s paradise for all who live here. We can all be more sensitive, responsive and creative beings, whatever the lives we’ve lived until this moment. There is no ‘original sin’ except the foisting of such a concept down the throats of innocent babes and ‘human nature’ is nothing more or less than those particular patterns within all of nature itself that we have chosen to learn and to copy. 

There are a myriad of choices and possibilities available to us in the subtle rainbow of nature’s pallet and we can take our pick. It’s almost all we do as a monkey see, monkey do species – ape our contemporaries. All our inventive technology is just a stumbling crawl toward understanding nature’s tricks and she still has far more to teach us about ourselves and the multiverse. And we have lots to learn from each other, too.We all have to be smart, wise, compassionate, gentle and sensitive little primates if we’re going to get to the next level or even get to stay on this one. You have to be everything you can, not just some perfunctory living job description with a redundant speciality. You have to do everything you know you’re good at and capable of to transform yourself enough to save your own life and world. That’s all it takes, but you get to relax – it’s part of the cure. 

The only real questions for you to consider as you sit there right now reading this little diatribe from the days of future past is – when?  andwhy not now?Life is happening now. 

There are kindred spirits all around. You’ll find them if you look for them and you really need each other, so link up. The road to the future’s paved with redundant religions and yesterday’s prophecies and destiny’s horizon only appears fixed because it always moves with you. Anything is possible. What do you actually need?In the vast little costume drama of human existence in the cosmos, let’s take on our self-appointed leading role and act out the part of the prime mates of Gaia, wise and happy custodians of this blue-green multifaceted gem who know how to really have a ball now that we’re all grown up. If you can’t remember the lines, don’t worry – there aren’t any. Besides, there aren’t any other options but a creative paradise or the same old crap – only worse. Which do you prefer? 

flying sisters mural by you.

“There’s only one god who’s going to save you and you’re standing on it.”

-Trevor Budd

“Life’s what you make it.”
“Do as ye would be done by.”

- Your Grandparents and Mine 
"Nature is nurture"

-         R. Ayana- 
  “Maintain a sense of immanence.”
-         My Faerie Godmother 

PS – Last one out turn off the lights, please. 

- R.A.

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[*]*  The International Bill of Rights - http://www.unhchr.ch/html/menu6/2/fs2.htm
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