"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Monday 18 June 2007

Keeping Up Appearances (While Secretly Being a Mutant)

Keeping Up Appearances
(While Secretly Being a Mutant)
The Spirit of a Materialist Enlightened

Tree Hobbit by ring wood.

 In the New Millennium we all know that matter is made of energy, that this entire multifaceted jewel of a world, the universe and our own physical bodies, all we see or seem and apprehend with our sensorial array is immaterial energy.

            We’re familiar with the image of immeasurable space in which small dots of matter are distributed as suns, planets and nebulae. We’re familiar with the same image applying to the microcosmic atomic realms within us;  almost everything within and without us is space, with a fine sprinkling of particles creating the appearance of materiality out of spinning blobs of energy arranged by standing waves. 

            It’s all a matter of perception and perspective – and appearance.

            Proponents of advanced physics have gone at least one step further, promoting the idea that these energy forms are arranged by ideas themselves, by mind itself, by the reality of the observer; that the standing waves of energy/matter are organised by the consciousness that perceives them (see Bohm et al). This concept, along with the idea of an infinitude of alternate or parallel universes – a truly infinite multiverse in which everything and anything is not only possible, but mandatory – automatically arise from the notion of uncertainty, of indeterminacy as promulgated by Heisenberg. 

           They are inextricably interwoven with the understanding we have gained from the conceptual revolution of quantum physics; energy moves where we expect it to go, but it moves in every other possible pattern, state and direction as well – simultaneously. ‘Space’ is an infinite well of potential that can be tricked into actualisation by the manipulation of fields and frequencies . This manipulation can take place from and on many levels – including that of mind.

            The Vedas of the pre-Hindu antediluvian world (that existed before the great catastrophes attending and following the end of the last glaciation) have always claimed that matter is made of and infused with energy, formed, constructed and infused by mind, and created and generated by a realm of existence that translates poorly into the modern Western concept of ‘spirit’ (rather, think ‘life energy’ or the ‘Odic Force’, ‘Prana’, ‘Orgone’, ‘Chi’, ‘Holy Breath’ or ‘the Force’).All four levels of existence from matter to spirit are intimately and implicately interrelated with each other; are parts of each other and represent a still higher reality, nestled within and beyond the multidimensional framework whose appearance we understand as the material world. 

Aspiring to Inspiration

 The term ‘spirit’ has been rendered vapid and ethereal by centuries of misuse by the superstitious. Today the word - and its bastard off-shoot ‘spirituality’ - utterly fails to inspire. Originally understood as the unerring spear-thrust of the Divine that penetrates to the core of each and every blunt material body, filling it to its extremities, ‘spirit’ has been downgraded and reduced by a millennium of false dogmas into a boring, superfluous concept that appears to have nothing whatever to do with the here and now.

            Many things, ideas and beings exist and interpenetrate our day to day lives that affect us and our behaviour all the time, and we prefer not to notice. We prefer to think that all our thoughts and decisions are wholly our own, that our free will is paramount – even if we fail to take the minimal time for self-observation to ensure that this is so. Not all of these outside influences are human or material. Everything is alive – and everything is spirit.

            That inelegantly dumb and bludgeoning cudgel of a Western weasel-word – ‘God’ – has been substituted for more ineffable and instructive terms. This feudal notion blocks the inner aspiration of inspiration, the divine right to divine truth revealed in the here and now to each and every one of us - the heritage and legacy of all beings.

            To be aware of that which drives and controls us, we must engage in self-examination and the impartial study of the thoughts and emotions passing through us - and the actions we perform. Self-aware consciousness requires that we be here now. Without this awareness we are automatons programmed by our previous decisions. Only conscious behaviour and thought allow us to reprogramme ourselves.False teachings exhort the blindly, blithely faithful to aspire to a tenuous and tenebrous realm where the ultimate is divorced from the intimate; where immersion in the blissful subtleties of manifest creation is seen as incompatible with a deep knowledge of the self; where self-denial and brainless sacrifices made in the name of self-enslavement are seen as tickets to a judgmental heaven; where some potential existence after this very real life is more important than being here now.Nothing could be further from the truth - because the soul is immortal and we all judge ourselves from a heightened perspective of consciousness in the end. Who knows you better than your honest, unalloyed self? The only time-tested method of temporary escape from your self is death - and the amnesia caused by the sensory denial of the womb and the bright, loud shock of rebirth in a perennial, self-induced amnesia. It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s just a choice, an ingrained habit that we can wean ourselves from, if we retrain our passions, minds and bodies. If we learn who we are and decide we like ourselves enough. 

If you like, take a breath for a moment. Allow your peripheral vision to occupy your attention for a moment as you stare into this conceptual space that you’re reading. Allow your vision to extend to the periphery of your being, not focused on a tunnel. Hold that feeling, that perception of widening horizons. Feel how your consciousness alters as you focus on everything, from your brain’s centre. Hold that thought.

Try it again. 

Sensual and sensuous immersion in the various pleasures, luxuries and enticements of reality is a prerequisite for true enlightenment – along with a journey of simplicity, compassion and self-examination, awareness and reduction of attachments and adhesions. It’s all just being here now. There’s no paradox – one state leads inexorably and rhythmically to the other; they’re inextricably interwoven in the multihued tapestry of life. Everyone who wishes to can experience and be many different things in the course of one single lifetime. Time is on our side – if we take the time.

            Modern priests and religious teachers of all spots and stripes are fallen tribal shamans with only a vestigial awareness of their true role in society. Dynastic, world-devouring emperors and kings and their puppet presidents residing enthroned above their fellows are just spear-wielding hunter-killers elevated to positions they’re incapable of filling.

            All of them are control-freaking confidence tricksters jammed firmly into the well-padded armor of their bodies by fear of the here and now and terror at the promising changes of the uncontrollable future. Not even their most accurate prognostications can shield them from the unknown results of their past and present actions. That’s the great universal benison of the uncertainty principle, a gift in the present to all free-willed beings. Priestly presidents and cardinal kings attempt to replace eternal ethics – like fairness, or the ‘golden rule’ known intrinsically to all - with a myriad of transient cult and culture-specific moralities that are merely arbitrary mores and inconvenient conventions. These evil fantasies of population control are dreamed up by hide-bound, straight-jacketed patriarchs and matriarchs whose job it is to maintain the status quo – to forestall all revolution or evolution of the species and its nature.The tell us to regard fear as ‘conservatism’ and suicidal behaviour as ‘tradition’, snug in their own well-feathered dinosaur nests, laying sterile eggs of untruth to poison unwary innocents. 

The Fuckup Principle 

These pseudo-potentates all poorly served by flunkies – self-serving public servants and lawyers/liars – whose own unenlightened self-interest makes it impossible and unwise to tell the truth about the system to their ‘superiors’. Likewise, the lower echelons of society keep as many of their activities free from the oversight of overlords and beaurocrats as possible. And it’s certainly not in the interest of power mongers to inform and educate those over whom they rule - beyond a basic level of competence necessary to maintain a passable, sleepwalking semblance of civilization that provides them with a high enough standard of luxury to separate them from the common herd – from the vermin in their warrens. Remember the image – it’s one firmly held in mind by many of the rich and powerful whose ranks much of the planet would happily sell their souls to join – if only they came from the right family.

            This edifice of misconduct and miscommunication is known as the Fuckup Principle (by Robert Anton Wilson, Bob Shea and the rest of the enlightenment movement of the last generation) – the unavoidable consequence of a pyramidal, rigidly hierarchical and caste-driven society. Automaton-like existence in a hive doesn’t suit fun-loving domesticated primates and eventually the whole corrupt termite mound rots from within as it chews away the tree trunk that supports it.

            The globe is littered with the ruined remnants of cities and other support systems for the use of the handful of self-obsessed people who believe they are born to rule forever.

            Smart primates – like clever rats – desert these houses of cards when the winds of change begin to blow and take to the trees; then the whole cycle repeats itself as civilization emerges from caverns and deserts and the primordial swamp once again. We’re creatures of ingrained habit living on a planet subject to cyclic transformation, learning to work toward our own salvation through evolution, to remake our own nature with compassionate common sense. We have an infinitude of alternative futures (and presents) to choose from. We can live in the best of all possible worlds – in fact, we already do.

 Feral Hippy Furniture by ring wood.

The Fat Lady Sings

Every object and event is not merely illusion – it’s the fleeting, transforming surface of a deeper conscious reality that all chemistry, habit, automatism and robotic behaviour is embedded in. Our familiar solid reality is an interlocked series of cross-sections of many planes and forces.

            As many schizophrenics, monks and mystics know, every utterance is a multifarious portent and every scene or action an omen of a parallel, simultaneous series of overlapping realities. We live in a multifaceted living fractal jewel of a hologram where every question has many answers and every quest has a plenitude of destinies.

            The consciousness and awareness available at ‘higher’ geometric dimensions or alternate possible planes leaks continually through the sieve of reality as the reality of our senses and the visons and concepts that enter our minds. We are gateways to an always tappable potential, to deeper perceptions of reality - and abilities that transform our notions of probability and possibility. We come equipped with the built-in tools to explore these other realms, if we tune our awareness and senses into a gestalt whose whole is far greater than the sum of its particles – if we take a moment to centre ourselves, to turn on, tune in, drop out of our notions of convention and quest outward into the unknown with sensitivity and self-preserving reverence.

            The grand old cycle’s coming round again, and soon the fat lady Gaia will sing, ushering in another ending and a new beginning. We can do better this time. We’ve never been better prepared for what faces us. We’re developing the international social skills and communications to avert all war – if we can reign in our own passions in each and every one of our all-important lives. We can learn to govern our appetites and propaganda-driven desires and repair the planet that supports us all. The economies, techniques and technologies already exist for us to make this a paradise planet for all. Is this what we will?We’re fun-loving primates. We can even learn to like to share with people that don’t look, smell or sound like us. 

And we can come up with something infinitely fairer and better than the same old feudal nightmare, the dominant paradigm that endures today through the nepotic and necrotic masks of despotism or totalitarianism or socialism or the meretricious meritocracies that pose as democracies, where only the rich can be elected to high office. They’re all a series of old classics dressed up in velcro and polyester and they’re all beginning to pall for the new generations of humans who are finally aware of what is possible – and easy. The eyes and ears and minds of humanity are evolving too rapidly to be contained – the genie is out of the bottle, and always has been. We’re the dawning of a new species, open and ready and waiting for enlightenment – ready to do the right thing by each other, now that struggle and strife are no longer necessary. Ready to do the improbable.The waiting is at an end. Just forget your fears and maintain a sense of immanence. The new you is coming. Can you imagine what you can be? 

- R. Ayana

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