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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Free Will: Dreaming Reality

Free Will
Dreaming Reality
gorgeous by ring wood.

The past, present and future aren’t fixed in stone, but are writ on waves. We live in an infinite multiverse where whatever we believe to be real is what we experience. You are the result and source of all free will.

Time has no beginning and no end; it isn’t a line or even a circle, but a spiraling figure-eight of interweaving probabilities, a double helix of eternal transformation.

There was no ‘Big Bang’ – we live in an infinite cosmos, in infinite time. You don’t live in a mythical ‘one word world’ or univerb universe. You live at the nexus point of infinite possibilities and you are the maker of universes.

The past, present and future are all equally illusory, equally real and equally malleable. We live in a fluid fractal reality where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – because every reality interpenetrates and partakes of all realities. Anything and everything is possible and you get to decide what’s probable – and you decide what actually occurs. There are no accidents and no victims; we each and all create our own interweaving realities, with our inner, unarticulated and unexamined drives, hopes and fears.

No object can contain something larger than itself – thus the Mandelbrot Series is an illustration that the universe must be infinitely larger than the narrow confines imposed on it by obsolete 20th century ideas. As you explore ever more deeply into the mathematical reality of infinitely recursive fractals you see that nothing ever really repeats, recurs or mirrors anything else exactly – and that everything is an aspect of everything else.

Reality is a fluid fractal hologram. Combining the concepts of holography and fractals, primates dwelling on Earth at the dawn of an arbitrary Third (or Seventh) Millennium can begin to understand what it is that we’re living within. We can begin to comprehend what it is to be free-willed beings dancing through an immortal mirror-maze multiverse. We can begin to understand that all we experience is the consequence of our own thoughts, words and deeds. Your surroundings mirror your inner landscape and your experiences play out and expand on the meanings that you’re fascinated by. You attract the events, people and places that you magnetise with the power and drives of your beliefs, hopes and fears – and whichever drive you allow to predominate within you determines the nature and range of flavours of your experiences.

‘Particles’ are just the points where waves cross and spin the aether into vortexes. Every vortex reflects and refracts the pattern of every other vortex in every possible matrix. Be here now, aware of your body and surroundings; where you are is where you want to be. ‘Reality’ is whatever we dream up – and we’re all asleep within a composite shared dream, unless we can actually be here now, beyond the confines of the limited linguistic mind and mammalian monkey emotions. There is no ‘one reality’. Everything has multiple meanings.

Look, listen, feel, smell and taste where you are right now. It’s the place your waking dream led you to, within the confined perspective of a primate pack-bound mentality. It’s where you wanted to be – before you read this far.

Now you have only yourself to blame – and thank. Either course is equally ludicrous. You’re an immortal being dwelling within your own Creation.


Look, listen, feel, smell and taste where you are right now. Is it good art? That’s the only real question the creator must consider. Do we dare to dream of paradise for all? It’s more than just possible – it’s up to you.

And me.
- R.Ayana

P.S. – outside this wooden pentagon, where the computer’s screen alters as my fingers dance across the narrow confines of the keyboard, is a beautiful forest and an ancient rock pool full of tortoises, fish, platypus and an unimaginable menagerie of other life-forms. “Can we go for a swim now?” asks nine-year old Wonder Boy.

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‘The road to hell is NOT paved with good intentions, but with self-deceit and compromise.’
- Ramses Heru Ayana

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