"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Tuesday 23 December 2008

Where You Are Sitting: Dreaming Reality Behind the Veil

Where You Are Sitting
Dreaming Reality Behind the Veil
 “There’s only one god that’s going to save you and you’re standing on it.”
- Trevor Budd

rainbow double by ring wood. 

Almost everyone reading this will be living in a city or large town. You’re almost certainly sitting down, and almost certainly watching a screen that fills all but your peripheral vision and magnetises most of your awareness. We live amidst an artful series of illusions and allusions that screen out almost all the real living world - including the screen that hovers before my eyes like a squared-off crystal ball. Like the observant reader, the screen is apart from the world while inextricably a part of it - a shifting window that focuses on myriad alternate realities at the flick of a pixilated compound eye.

The scenes are so varied that an infinite range of possibilities appear to be available to us, when only a few hundred authentically original programs are on offer, all based on a score of well-scored scripts. All your hopes, fears, dreams and potentials are jigsawed into the expectations and visions of a billion billion interwoven minds and perspectives, a googolplex of equally self-important beings. You are defined by the hollow shape you make in the universe.

Your destiny appears to be constrained within the confining matrix of the possible. Within the veiling tattered canopy of society’s circus tent, anything not prescribed is proscribed and your mind is as artfully guided and censored as your economic and social potential. Limited variety and vacuous entertrainment are poor substitutes for meaning, and even a shared dreamscape in virtuous realty is no replacement for free lives in a whole and healthy world. 

And yet you are immortal and unique. You can achieve literally anything - if you want it enough. You can do anything you believe is possible - and everything is possible. All power and powers are held latent beneath the rippling surface of your personality, beneath the particular flavour of your current state and your present position.

The ultimate secret is what Hitler and Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun and Carl Magnus and Amenophis the Third and all psychotics and masters know with every fibre of their being; the universe revolves around you. It’s a magnificent responsibility, one which most people shy away from, automatically shrinking back into the insecure safety of a helpless life that’s prey to the shifting currents of an apparently random and uncaring cosmos.

We all get what we create, and all achieve what we believe. Not believing that you create your reality creates that reality. Not believing that telepathy is real and ever-present makes psychic deafness an absolute – for you and almost everyone you’ll subsequently come into contact with.

woody by ring wood. 

We  all get the reality we think we’re ready for – the life we think we want. Thought itself is the key and the problem; the universe is not a Word and life is not a finite sentence. You don’t live in a school or university – you share a multiverse of infinite possibility in which you already know everything you need to know, to do what you wanted to, and all further knowledge is available to the earnest seeker. This is not a prison planet – unless you want it to be. This is the world you wanted to be born into. This is paradise and you are an immortal with a fractured attention span!

Do you want to remember? Do you believe there’s some reason for your forgetfulness – something you don’t want to recall? Some fear you don’t want to give limbs and a face to, by re-membering and facing it? Some half-imagined grand or petty guilt you haven’t yet forgiven yourself for? Do you see the images of ten thousand pasts lurking at the periphery of your vision, waiting to distract you from the dreaming, half-awake state you dwell in as you read runes inscribed on a veil? Do you want to see the beautiful living face of eternal acceptance behind the surface of the fabricated matrix?

To find out who you are you have to clear your head of all this drivel, these words, these notions and nations and temporary cultural imperatives and all that comes with them. You have to clear your mind. You have to become nothing before you can realise you are everything. You have to transform the certainty of your fears into hope-filled intimations of immanence.

You are immortal. You are the God and Goddess of Creation. It’s a beautiful place, out here beyond the screen and behind the veil. You are not a refugee from the world. All borders are arbitrary and all nations are notions on the living, whirling Orb of the World, the gracious Mother Goddess to all who share life on the Earth - She who made all of us on the whorled sphere, fabricating us from her plasm and our own dreams.

You already live in Paradise. Experience its blessings in a stateless state of hopeful acceptance and compassion. Whoever your father may be, the Earth is your mother and you’re here now for a reason, empowered to be free and enlightened of your burdens - just as She is about to shrug off Hers.

Your world is about to be utterly transformed.

Follow your fondest dream and make it real – if it’s good for everyone it’s already part of a shared vision. Friends are waiting to help.

It’s all up to you.

- R.A.

 South Creek by ring wood.

‘The road to hell is NOT paved with good intentions, but with self-deceit and compromise.’

- Ramses Ayana

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