"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Tuesday 30 December 2008

All Empires Fall

All Empires Fall
Not All Idealists Can Be Cured

‘There’s always a lia(r) in parliament.’
- The New Illuminati’s Mother

devoured by you. 

Must all good times come to an end? Are pessimistic doomsayers correct when they shrug and say ‘life wasn’t meant to be easy’ – or is all of Humanity trapped in an ongoing boom-and-bust cycle that benefits a handful of dynastically-minded potentates?

The planet is fed up to the gills with poisonous fruits that swamp our ecosystem’s waters and atmosphere – all products of the infantile modern doctrine of endless growth. This sick uneconomical dogma has filtered down from society’s capstone of self-proclaimed leaders and self-ordained guidance counselors, to infiltrate the souls, minds and daily lives of most of the planet’s hard-working domesticated primates.

‘Aspirational voters’ (‘materialist yuppies’ is a descriptive phrase which is no longer in common use) have been entrained to expect more and more money, trinkets, luxuries and gewgaws every year. They rarely notice that the purchasing power of their silly toy money declines faster than they can earn (or spend) it. Attention spans are so short that few notice the perpetual cycles of plenty and famine which inevitably recur, resulting in the same greedy smirking winners pocketing the hard-earned change of the same bunch of losers every time.

The grandparents of today’s treadmill-pushing workers were led from the bucolic self-sustaining farmyards and small communities of their parents, lured into toxic cities and mindless jobs like dumb beasts to the slaughter. The first generation of refugees and peasants always works like dogs to allow their children a chance at something ‘better’ – a good running start to a better leveraged position on a faster-paced treadmill.

Before the days of television and rampant trans-global capitalism it was a common truism that ‘religion is the opiate of the people’. No doubt this is still the case in many backward parts of the world, where hypnotised thralls, vassals and fundamentally damaged fundamentalists are still mired in the offal and bullshit produced over the last few crazed millennia. In today’s self-blinding alternative world, electronic screens and various forms of opiates are the opium of many people, while high-dosage caffeine, cocaine and speed keep the marching band of sleepless sheep up to speed on their rotating ramps.

Today’s work-fodder is as addicted to money and prestige as they are to a vast raft of toxic legal and illegal expensive pharmaceutical drugs – while they’re prohibited from consuming safe, free, naturally occurring substances they can grow and produce for themselves. Citizens - who only a couple of generations supplied themselves and their communities with almost all their needs (and luxuries) - wouldn’t survive without a can opener, piped water and a microwave oven today. Many literally have no idea where their food comes from – or that it’s routinely sprayed with fifteen toxic and cancer-creating biocides before it reaches the preservative-filled shelves of their local multinational conglomerate.

Today’s citizens don’t even realise that when their governments call them ‘consumers’ they’re telling them that they’re nothing more than witless suckers. It doesn’t matter if some older people finally wise up on their deathbeds - another sucker is born every second. Every infant is routinely shot up with dozens of dangerous and scientifically unproven chemicals, which are laced with mercury, formaldehyde and even worse toxins. In many places it’s illegal to try to stop a doctor from jabbing ‘preventative’ poisons into your babies.

Populations are forced to drink water that’s been deliberately tainted with aluminium, chlorine, and the hazardous waste sodium fluoride (which, unlike the calcium fluoride that was announced safe after last century’s inadequate testing procedures is a slow poison, as well as being a tranquilliser), along with a plethora of less intentionally introduced additives. These and other elements and chemicals also taint all foods cooked in them until their levels rise to place intolerable loads on human bodies. They’re absorbed through skin as readily as though the gullet, and showering or bathing in water which contains them is debilitating.

Modern humans are also bathed in electronic waves whose specific frequencies couldn’t have been better attuned to keep their minds in a suggestible state. Cell-damaging cellular phones have long been known to be dangerous; aside from hazardous radio frequency-related problems these primitive technocratic artefacts cook a cubic centimetre of brain tissue in human temporal lobes, right beside the place where they’re held. Even under the ridiculous safety standards of the last century (and today), these items were designed to be used only by humans with fully developed and rigidified skulls – not children or young adults under the age of twenty-five.

Aside from also doubling the rate of brain tumours in adults and multiplying them fivefold in kids who use them before the age of twenty, mobile phones – like television sets – almost instantaneously entrain the mind to slip into an a brain-numbing state dominated by an alpha wave beat. The result is a population who sleepwalks through their lives in a passive existence of hypnotised semi-consciousness, while the gullible and ill-educated users of these poorly (or perhaps perniciously) designed ‘communication’ technologies are rendered even more gullible.

In fifty years the more enlightened survivors of today’s madness may look back and shake their heads in wonder at the awe-inspiring foolishness of their predecessors – much as we pity the victims of the barber-surgeons, so-called ‘doctors’ and other savant idiots of previous centuries, and marvel at their brainless primitive antics.

Meanwhile, children are regimented into the same old lockstep routines as their forebears, and any who object are deemed ‘uncontrollable’ or dosed up to speed to ‘straighten them out’. People trot along on mind-numbing spinning rat races, while devoting their waking hours to the endlessly spun lies of panic merchants and drama queens - dreaming of the day when they can finally relax and enjoy life. By then (of course) it will be far too late to experience the prime time of their lives – which was utterly wasted on prime-time TV after a hard day of planet-destroying activity at the orifice or fuctory.

Many people have the abysmal hide and selfish pride to say they do it all ‘for the children’; humans dumb themselves down into greedy pig-ignorance with the perpetual use of such self-serving, self-blinding lies. The future isn’t served by pointless self-sacrifice, and is stolen from our children by ninety percent of today’s needlessly wasteful consumption, pointless time-filling activity and aimless ‘productivity’. Modern children are denied the one priceless gift that their families have to give them; their irreplaceable time. We all have a choice and all decide what we do with the time of our lives.

big wheel by you. 

All empires are built on the false premise of perpetual growth and endless expansion. Most of Earth’s cultures were once stable agrarian societies with zero population growth – maintained not by high infant mortality rates, but via the use of various natural contraceptives and prophylactics dispensed by ubiquitous wise women and medicine men.

Patriarchal societies ruled by hunter-warriors have always desired to breed larger numbers of docile slaves and willing fighters than their expanding bands and exhausted lands could sustain, and have eradicated the use of contraceptive substances (and their suppliers) whenever possible.

The religions of conquerors are always designed for expansion. Manipulative priests have always assured their illiterate flocks that god is on their side, and always charge them with the divinely ordained duty to spread their culture far and wide - by ‘being fruitful’ and converting or killing any unbelievers (people who won’t hand over their land, possessions and daughters to the rapine swine on the nearest spear-girt hill).

The slaughter of scores of millions of ‘heathen devil-worshippers’ and ‘godless pagans’ by the ‘Christians’ of the middle ages has been shown to have been driven by a deliberate policy of population growth. The population of medieval Europe remained too stable for the liking of popes and imperialistic dynasties of the era. They wanted to raise more and more manpower for their expansionary wars, and the religion of the ruthless conquerors was employed to drive their misled flocks to exterminate all the wise ‘black sheep’ in their midst.

Conformist, compliant and enslaved populations is the usual result when dissent is thoroughly suppressed. In many Eastern cultures (such as Japan, where all dissenters were executed for generations) uniform conformity and kowtowing to all authority figures was ingrained into the powerless peasantry for centuries. Throughout history, ‘population control’ has been the favourite pastime of psychotic rulers all over the world. Modern barbarians such as Stalin (the ‘Man of Steel’) have demonstrated how effectively you can govern a people when all the intelligent and rebellious members of the population have been ruthlessly exterminated or locked behind barbed wire fences. Modern Russia is a case-study in the result of the Soviet Union’s national self-lobotomy.

The Greeks, Romans, Muslims and Christians finished raking smoldering coals over the bodies of the ‘pagan’ herbalists and Wicca-women of the relatively egalitarian tribalistic societies that they exterminated and supplanted. Little evidence remains of the once-widespread wise cultures and superior systems that fast-burning hothead empires obliterated in their purblind greed. In today’s world nomadic peoples and village cultures have no place to call their own and the ‘democratic’ societies that surround them and steal their ancestral lands see nothing wrong with forcing them into their cloaking fold.

The last few alternative medicines (and foods) which are not touted by evil-minded money-making chemical dispensaries are still being ruthlessly suppressed and obliterated. The sexes are still wedged firmly apart, creating a primal schism through the entire species - that can easily by filled with the fearful lies that keep people perpetually unrelaxed and uncomfortable with themselves and each other.

Endless growth kills everything. When an empire has finally chewed through all the frontiers that surround its borders it inevitably begins to fall apart, and the worst rot always sets in at the core of its power structure. Today’s empires have the same tools available to them as those of the past – brute military force, economic power and monocultural supremacy. All empires fall, all kings go down - but their mess remains and their dogmas continue to blind men and women to their true destinies.

We all face the result of what the Club of Rome called the ‘Limits to Growth’ back in the early 1970s. Our economic system – and our entire global society – is based on a dangerous lie. Improvements in living conditions won’t continue to be delivered on the back of the false promise that productivity depends on ever-increasing growth. Our empires must fall if we continue to pursue the twin mirages of limitless growth and endless made-up credit.

People have even less of an accurate idea of where their money comes from than they do about the sources of their food. Strange as it may seem, most money is literally invented every time a bank hands out a loan, and far more money is owed than can ever be repaid. The world monetary system is a global pyramid scam in which more and more fictional debt mounts up until the system must come crashing down – and the real wealth is subsequently redistributed on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. The system is designed to fail regularly, and to fail with spectacularly rewarding results – for the ‘first families’ who have their foot on the unseen pedals lurking ’neath the apparently random roulette wheels of finance.

Yet puppet presidents and Colonel Blimp captains of industry still manage to fool themselves and everyone else into pretending that the world is flat, or that the surface of a sphere is infinite – or that the planet will put up with this inane behaviour for much longer.

‘Productivity’ and ‘growth’ are just cover stories for planetary destruction. Human beings aren’t a blight on the earth – but endless growth is a cancerous tumour sucking the life from the planet, and from you.  We have to develop an utterly different range of mindsets, one that served our ancestors through a million years of wise stewardship. We need to relearn how to like living with close friends and family, and to grow our own food. We also need to plant a huge number of living forests and ecosystems by hand – not just a handful of trees that industries intend to ‘harvest’ as a ‘resource’. We need to stop poisoning the ecosystem yesterday, and start sharing and caring for each other now, today - if we’re to survive the new aeon, or even the next two generations.

We only have to give up many of our recently acquired addictions, nothing more. We need to see that all emperors have no clothes, and see through the needless trappings we’ve been trained to think of as necessities. We need to stare into each other’s eyes and start talking in small circles and one-on-one encounters if we’re to remember why we’re alive! Typing on keyboards, staring into screens or talking on phones doesn’t count; find someone you can resonate with and start communicating today. Or just share some space and time together; sitting quietly and doing nothing at all is one of the two very best ways to start healing the planet – and yourself.

Make love, not war; and girls – please stop breeding with warriors and other halfwits. We all deserve much better. The new breed of Humanity is in your hands and regardless of what all the patriarchal potentates in creation may wish, the hand that rocks the cradle will always rule the world.

by R. Ayana
Logging RIGHT by you.

‘A religion is a region with a li(e) in it.’
- R.A.

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