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Wednesday 8 October 2008

Alien Implants?

 Alien Implants?



On December the 5th 2003, A&S. Research and Dr. Roger Leir performed the eleventh surgery for removal of an object suspected of being an Alien Implant. Most readers might be aware of the long hiatus since the last surgery. This was due to limited funds and our concentration on other non-surgical cases such as the Gary Lowery case, which involved the expensive DNA research, reported on in the last issue of the journal. Because A&S Research, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization depends solely on contributions and grants to operate coupled with the fact no charges are made to any of the surgical patients, places a limitation on the amount of research performed. 

The sale of all our educational material, including videos and books can be obtained through our website, (Alienscalpel.com) or by calling, 805-495-2613. In addition to the knowledge gained by the reader or viewer, the costs may be used as a bonified tax-deductible contribution. Also it should be known, there are no lack of individuals who fit the stringent pattern of abduction for us to operate on. Our e-mail continues to run about 300 hundred behind per month and contain numerous requests for possible implant investigations.

Approximately one and half years ago a lady e-mailed me about a friend of hers who she stated might fit the criteria for an implant removal. When we receive calls from individuals who write us about so-called friends, we are always suspicious they might actually be talking about themselves. Our experience has taught us that most abductees do not want to admit they are involved with the phenomena and remain quite reclusive. In this case however, the person was telling the truth. She did indeed, have a close friend who was having experiences that indicated an involvement with Alien Abduction. Many months passed before a direct communication occurred between the patient and myself. It took about one month of e-mails to finally break down the barrier, which allowed the patient to trust me with her telephone number.

Because of promised anonymity, we shall refer to her as Brenda. It took several months of continued telephone calls and e-mails to actually determine if Brenda was a candidate for the next step. She was then sent a large package, containing questions which when evaluated would indicate the extent of her involvement.

For many years, this 44-year-old female appeared to be having strange dreams involving visitations of creatures and other representative associations with the abduction phenomena. She was able to draw quite accurately a figure she saw in her bedroom that woke her out of a deep sleep by choking her. She asked him why he was doing what he did and he simply stated, “I’m just trying to wake you up.” The Being she illustrated in her drawing was what we have come to know as a “Preying Mantis Being”. She stated she could see him quite clearly and described him in her drawing with much detail.

There also was a history of her association with other Beings. In addition a strong history of other characteristics associated with the phenomena such as strange body markings, fears of Bears, a strong dislike of circuses and clowns, desire for salty foods, aversion to strong lights in a medical setting such as the light above a dental chair and the necessity for her dentist to use large amounts of anesthesia to accomplish his task.

Next, she explained she had a strange metallic object somewhere in her mouth. Brenda told us she had numerous x-rays taken by her dentist and was questioned about the object. She told him she knew nothing about its origin or how it could have gotten inside her mouth. They were uncertain as to the exact location of the object due to the dental views taken. I asked her to send the films for evaluation and she complied. We then used dental consultants on our panel of specialists to review the films and give us an opinion. What seemed to me initially to be a very simple diagnostic assignment became more complex because they were not able to determine the exact location of the object. In one view it would appear to be in the gum area and in other views it appeared to be in the soft tissue of the lining of the mouth.

 I then asked Brenda to have more x-ray views taken according to the wishes of our dental experts. She complied without hesitation or argument. Finally she was requested to have a CAT scan performed. When this data arrived the dental consults agreed the object was in her cheek. At that point all the reports and films were taken to out radiological expert. He determined the object was about 6mm in length and about 1mm in thickness, located superficial to one of the facial muscles and relatively close to the skin of the right cheek.

Once this information was in our hands, the case was fully evaluated by our scientific panel. We then agreed to perform the surgery for removal of the object. It should be noted, as with the other surgeries we have performed, Brenda had never undergone regressive hypnosis to advance her memories. We have come to believe, if the process of abduction goes according to plan, then the victim is to have no memory of the event or events whatsoever. In many instances the surgical patient determines he or she would like to have this procedure performed and so we try and help by arranging a hypnotic regression at sometime following the surgical extraction. In Brenda’s case, we called Budd Hopkins, who in turn conversed with her at length on the telephone. He agreed to arrange a session with her after the surgery was performed, sometime in January of 2004. We will continue to share pertinent information with Budd during the time in-between the surgery and his regression Brenda arrived in California a couple of days before the day of the surgery so that we could evaluate her laboratory tests and perform other tests necessary to better understand the object contained within her cheek. A gauss meter was used to determine if there was an electromagnetic field surrounding the object. 


We physically took the patient out into a parking lot, away from any electromagnetic sources and determined there was a field surrounding the object of 2.5 mill gauss. In addition, with the use of a Radio Frequency Detector, we determined there were emanations coming from her cheek that registered at 92.7 and 102.9 megahertz. Also, using a small compact instrument, which measures density, we were able to pin point the exact location of the object. What does all this mean? To be quite frank, I would have to say we do not know. It is data that will have to be evaluated down the line and then compared to the findings from other patients. We have had several other cases in which there were electromagnetic fields surrounding the object but have never had the opportunity to look for radio frequencies.

After evaluating all the laboratory data it was determined that Brenda was in satisfactory physical health and the surgery could go forward. On December the 5th, her surgery was performed. If it were not for the fact we had use of a sophisticated and new Fluoroscan Unit, we would have never been able to remove the object. The surgeon placed an instrument into the wound and we observed the object along with the metallic instrument on a television screen. We all stood dumbfounded as we watched the small metallic object simply turn and dance away from the instrument. For almost an hour a very frustrated and patient surgical team painstakingly sought to grasp this illusive metallic rod. Suddenly there it was, between the teeth of the instrument and came to the surface easily, seemingly attached to nothing. What is the explanation for all the illusive movement? Was it simply due to the object’s magnetic field or was there some other reason we do not understand?

I removed the object from the surgical sponge and placed it in the solution of blood serum for safekeeping and transportation. When this was done I noted the stainless steel instrument I had just used to transfer the object had been magnetized. This again is strange because these instruments are made to reduce the possibility of this occurring.

The patient is recovering nicely from the procedure and has gone home to her family. We have just sent the soft tissue surrounding the object to the laboratory for analysis. The metallic object is about 6mm in length and is about 1mm in diameter. It is bronze in color and seems to have thickened and beveled ends. It is very lightweight and highly magnetic. Once close up photographs have been performed with such equipment as the atomic force microscope, the object will go for its first internal test of scanning electron microscopy. The full results of these examinations will be available in the Mufon Journal at a later date.

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