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Tuesday 7 October 2008

Simple Choice

Simple Choice


Many modern democracies are large-scale split personalities, mirroring the primary schism in the human species – the split between male and female.   The human brain is bicameral, like the two chambered instrumentalities of politics and the double-barreled illusion of human vision, which renders the multiplex universe into three little dimensions of an apparently real estate.

   The dual nature of our disunited species is result of a collective blow that we’ve collectively forgotten, a global catastrophe resulting in the Humanity’s near-universal current state of post-traumatic shock. Take a look around – the symptoms are plain to see in the neuroses of the species, even if their true cause isn’t apparent to those without very long memories – or access to occulted data.
    The blinding schism runs through the heart of our truly transcendent nature, infecting all we perceive or create with the results of its distorting crack in our inner lens. We see things in terms of profit and loss, win and lose, us and them in a world of limited horizons – when your existence is actually a field of limitless possibility. The primal split runs through all individual political parties, as well as between them. ‘Left’ and ‘right’ factions exist within all power groupings, like the dot of white within the black hemisphere of the yin-yang glyph, and vice versa.

   An eagle or dove needs two wings to fly, the species comprises more than one sex, and two equally balanced complementary halves of a human brain working in harmony create a multiplex entity that’s greater than the sum of its parts. If our government systems weren’t based upon misguided notions of adversarial competitiveness and reflexive secrecy, our societies would grow in a similar state of harmony. As things stand, politicians are trapped in rigidly opposing groups in which a ‘conscience vote’ is a rare anomaly.

   The dichotomy of debate, of point and counterpoint and rational discussion are supremely useful tools – until they’re subverted into forms of competitive behaviour that overrule the basic requirement for a happy cooperative existence on a priceless planetary pearl. Parliaments and congresses can be sources of hope or despair for their citizens, and a constitution or bill of rights is only as good as the will of the people and their representatives to uphold, communicate and defend its promissory tenets.

    Most democracies are alternately presided over by two major parties, and the ruling group rarely holds power by a margin of much more than fifty percent. We’re sometimes deluded into thinking that the differences between these parties is so scant that it makes little difference which one you vote for – as the old semi-joke goes, the government always gets in.       

Yet as Gedalia ben Shrule ben Gedalia ben Shmuel once observed, ‘When the party of the self-styled ruling class is in power, there’s never much money left over in the treasury – but the little there is goes to the wealthy.   ‘When the worker’s party gets in, there’s never much left over in the treasury either – but what little there is goes to the poor.’   The differences between the major parties are actually rather stark and fairly simple to define. You know them by their fruits and by the cut of their suits.

    One major party is usually run by and for the benefit of the elite; its interests are allied with dynasties, industrialists, large corporate entities, defensive or hostile hawks, social Darwinists and self-styled lords and ladies of the land. Their policies usually entail tax cuts and other benefits for the privileged few, nationalism, and minimal safety nets for the large numbers of poor and ‘underprivileged’ citizens; their socialism is reserved for corporate bailouts of their social peers and masters - funded by the taxpayer and the heavily taxed expenditures of all residents of the nation.

   The other major party’s interests are usually allied with workers, smaller businesses, students, swords-into-ploughshare doves and poorer people. Their policies often entail tax cuts and benefits for the needy, internationalism, equal rights to education, health and housing and a safety net for the poor and outcast – funded by the same sources.

    Even though the true interests of the vast number of citizens are to be found within the notions and aspirations of the latter grouping, and one would expect them to recognise that their interests were best served by voting for the party with their interests at heart, the actual result of a national election is almost always vanishingly close to a fifty-fifty split (well within the statistical limits of accurate resolution, incidentally – the fudge factor that makes a true and accurate determination of the result improbable).

   The result can easily depend on whether the ‘left’ or ‘right’ hold dominance within each of the two major parties, or the level of entrenched corruption that’s taken hold within their ranks. The best intentioned political cliques are usually corrupted by the side benefits associated with positions of perceived power, and can easily wander down a path that leads to political oblivion for a generation.

   Many citizens automatically vote the way they always have, or reflexively follow the habits of their families – or even religions. Many vote for faces, not considering policies or parties at all. People are often persuaded that the party of the ruling cliques is best placed to guide an economy, and hope to ride to prosperity on the coat-tails of the wealthy. Many less well-off people mistakenly believe that their interests coincide with the dynastically-minded rulers of their national hives, or want to identify with the high and mighty.

   Electoral systems are only as robust as the diversity to be found within the mass media, and many people simply act on what they’ve been repeatedly told when they finally step into a polling booth. Most large media agglomerations are run by and for the wealthy; need I elaborate?      Somehow, even as the rich get richer while the poor get poorer and the ecological doves have finally started to come home to roost in the radioactive waste-dumps and oil-field battlefields of the world, the parties of the rich can still easily be elected by their fickle, fearful and servile citizens.

   Nonetheless, the choice we face is very simple – much simpler than a black or white, us or them decision of who gets the next round of tiny little tax cuts, that will instantly be eaten up by inflation. The choice is now one of life or death, and neither of the major parties can resolve their internal or external disputes quickly enough to grapple with the dilemmas we face – let alone resolve them. Neither the bosses nor the workers can climb out of their ancient gladiatorial arena for long enough to actually save the planet.      

 The greed of modern industrialised humans, rich or poor, will kill us all – unless we take the third way; open our collective Third Eye and vote for (and work toward) the third alternative. Only a party than can never be elected to a position of complete power can be trusted to remain uncorrupted for slightly longer than the usual suspects.

   Most societies have a small, sometimes vestigial party with an ecological and egalitarian conscience. They’re usually peopled by citizens who don’t sell out to the highest bidder and have children and the future firmly fixed in the forefront of their minds. The Greens and other parties with an environmental conscience are designed to hold the balance between the bosses and the workers, and reign in both high level corporate theft and the blindly burrowing suburban acquisitiveness that’s set to choke us all to death in a pointless cycle of unnecessary consumption.

   A third-way party which holds the balance of power is the only real life preserver available in our archaic political systems. The interests of a healthy long life for all remain paramount over subsidiary considerations – all isms and schisms fade into irrelevancy before the need to heal ourselves and stop destroying the planet in the name of ‘prosperity’ or ‘jobs’ before it’s too late.

   All the solutions to our apparently irreconcilable dilemmas are available to us today, and alternative routes to global health and prosperity exist that won’t lead us all into a stinking hell-hole, but will take us to wonderful places instead.   If we deal with the schism that’s split Humanity into two feuding halves – the ongoing battling truce between women and men – healing ourselves and the planet will be accomplished far more easily, and we’ll all have a much better time.

 The unbalanced relationships between tribes, nations and races will be reconciled when the sexes can finally be freed from millennia of dogmatised fear and ignorance, and find unity in diversity once more. Viva la difference!   Dare to dream of paradise for all; that’s the leap of faith it will take to bridge the gap between our eyes.    What would you do you do with your time if you were immortal?   

 - R.A.

‘Realty is reality with no eye.’  

-          R. H. Ayana-             

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