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Saturday 11 June 2011

Pine Gap: Free Energy, UFOs and Australia’s Area 51

Pine Gap
Free Energy, UFOs and Australia’s Area 51

An interview with Stan Deyo

UFOs, suppressed technology, free energy and secret US bases...
9:59 @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JIehs1GC1U&feature=player_embedded
From the documentary UFOs Are Here ! - The Deyo Diaries Volume 1 with Stan Deyo (1:24:29) Full Playlist @ http://youtu.be/VtpNcWO3Rfw?list=PL180EFCC5788EDF98


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  1. I sense that Stan was telling the truth here as he knew it. It always made sense to me that in order to get this new free energy based society off the ground so to speak we need to unite as ONE world government, the design must start with the entirety of the whole world society as we work down to the sum of each and every part of it. So, perhaps we'll need to use a fascist form of dictatorship in order to get there, and then we can begin to utilize what we know for the benefit to ALL. But this is probably just a pipe dream because once we unite the new world government, the people in control of that form of government won't be willing to give up their financial and or political base of power.

    No, what will dictate the change into free energy systems are physical realities. We would be wise to collectively realize that if we don't change our methods of operation we'll destroy ourselves and our home planet for future generations yet unborn.

    1. All true, but we've had a world government for quite some time - and an otherworldly one, too. That's what most opponents of any truly democratic world governance we can enact as a species fail to take into account.

  2. I met Stan in 1972 and he told me then that StarTrek technology was true and that all hapened. Phasar guns, teletransportation, antigravity air craft etc. He is as he says. He was and is a man of integrity. But as he said the concept is good in theory but in practice those at the top are flawed. Unfortunately for all of us. I've proven this. They are mad.

    1. Concurrence margi - we too have met Stan; on the first occasion it was when he was running and hiding from men in dark suits and sunglasses with outandish communications gear (we kid you not) in Adelaide - a city not far from Pine Gap as Australian distances go - in 1979. He often trusted the wrong people...


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