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Electro-Gravitic Propulsion

Electro-Gravitic Propulsion


By Stan Deyo



Dateline: 20 November, 1955; Mr. Ansel E. Talbert, military and aviation editor for the New York Herald Tribune began a series of three articles covering the then current, world-wide research efforts to conquer the secret of gravity as a means of obtaining energy to propel various descriptions of both aircraft and spacecraft... The following excerpts are from the unabridged original which forms Appendix 1 of the aurhor's 'Cosmic Conspiracy'.

"The initial steps of an almost incredible program to solve the secret of gravity and universal gravitation are being taken today in many of America's top scientific laboratories and research centres..."
"...the current efforts to understand gravity and universal gravitation both at the subatomic level and at the level of the Universe have the positive backing today of many of America's outstanding physicists."
"These include Dr. Edward Teller of the University of California, who received prime credit for developing the hydrogen bomb; Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton; Dr. Freeman J. Dyson, theoretical physicist at the Institute, and Dr. John A. Wheeler, professor of physics at Princeton University, who made important contributions to America's first nuclear fission project."
Dateline: 21 November, 1955...; Mr. Talbert's second article gave even more startling commentary. The following excerpts are also from the unabridged version in Appendix 1 of the author's 'Cosmic Conspiracy': 

"Scientists today regard the Earth as a giant magnet. Many in America's aircraft and electronics industries are excited over the possibility of using its magnetic and gravitational fields as a medium of support for amazing 'flying vehicles' which will not depend on the air for lift."
"Space ships capable of accelerating in a few seconds to speeds many thousands of miles an hour and making sudden changes of course at these speeds without subjecting their passengers to the so-called 'G forces' caused by gravity's pull also are envisioned. These concepts are part of a new program to solve the secret of gravity and universal gravitation already in progress in many top scientific laboratories and long-established industrial firms of the nation."
"William P. Lear, inventor and chairman of the board of Lear, Inc., one of the nation's largest electronics firms specializing in aviation, for months has been going over new developments and theories relating to gravity with his chief scientists and engineers."
"...He is convinced that it will be possible to create artificial electro-gravitational fields 'whose polarity can be controlled to cancel out gravity.' 
"...'All the (mass) materials and human beings within these fields will be part of them. They will be adjustable so as to increase or decrease the weight of any object in its surroundings. They won't be affected by the earth's gravity or that of any celestial body.' "
"...'This means that if any person was in an anti-gravitational airplane or space ship that carried along its own gravitational field - no matter how fast you accelerated or changed course - your body wouldn't any more feel it than it now feels the speed of the earth.' "
"...Eugene M. Gluhareff, president of Gluhareff Helicopter and Airplane Corp. of Manhattan Beach, Calif., has made several theoretical design studies of round or saucershaped 'vehicles' for travel into outer space..."
It might also be of some interest to the reader that this author witnessed the late William P. Lear making another nationwide statement on a daytime, American television program in about 1969-70. This later statement was made in response to a question from the emcee who who wanted to know what Mr. Lear envisioned the next twenty years producing in new technology. Mr. Lear told him that a person would be able to, say, walk into a New York "travel" booth - somewhat similar to a telephone box in shape; - deposit his fare; push a button; and walk out the other side of the booth in San Francisco - having been "teleported" across America in seconds! 

The studio audience automatically laughed at Mr. Lear - much to their uninformed discredit. Mr. Lear just gaped at their performance in utter amazement. How painfully sad and lonely he must have felt at that moment when he realized the great gulf that separated the viewing audience from the realities he had already witnessed in the laboratory... He was a kind and sincere man; and this author, for one, feels a great loss at Mr. Lear's recent death... 

Dateline: 22 November, 1955...; The following statements are from Ansel Talbert's final article in the series which is fully reproduced (in the public interest) as Appendix - 1: 

"...I (Mr. Grover Loening - formerly special scientific advisor to the U.S. Air Force on aircraft design and construction) firmly believe that before long man will acquire the ability to build an electromagnetic, contra-gravity mechanism that works..."
"George S. Trimble, a brilliant young scientist who is head of the new advanced design division of Martin Aircraft in Baltimore and a member of the sub-committee on high-speed aerodynamics of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, believes that it could be done relatively quickly if sufficient resources and momentum were put behind the program."
"'I think we could do the job in about the time that it actually required to build the first atom bomb if enough trained scientific brain-power simultaneously began thinking about and working towards a solution', he said."
"Dudley Clarke, president of Clarke Electronics Laboratories of Palm Springs, Calif. "- who years ago worked under Or. Charles Steinmetz, General Electric Company's electrical and mathematical 'wizard' of the 1930's - is sure that this successful harnessing of gravitation will take place sooner than some of these 'ivy tower' scientists believe."
"...Mr. Clarke notes that the force of gravity is powerful enough to generate many thousand times more electricity than now is generated at Niagara Falls and every other water-power centre in the world - if it can be harnessed. This impending event, he maintains, will make possible the manufacture of anti-gravity 'power packages' which can be bought for a few hundred dollars. These would provide all the heat and power needed by one family for an indefinite period."





Can anyone seriously believe that all these men were deluded dreamers with no concrete facts to build upon at that time?... One science fiction story which pre-dated the above articles put another viewpoint forward. Written by Raymond F. Jones for Astounding Science Fiction magazine, the story, entitled Noise Level described how American scientific and military leaders gathered the nation's best brains together - demanding that they develop 'antigravity' similar to that (supposedly) previously developed by an unknown inventor who had recently destroyed both his invention and himself in the process of demonstrating his process to the authorities. 

The whole story about the unknown inventor had been a ruse to remove the "it-can't-be-done" syndrome from the minds of the assembled scientists. By convincing them someone else had already done it, they succeded in getting the gathering to develop a crude - but functioning - anti-gravity disc. Were the Tribune articles such a ploy?... If they were, the ruse continued into 1956 when Interavia magazine published the article, "Towards Flight Without Stress or Strain... or Weight" in Volume XI, No. 5, p.373 and 374 by the American author, Intel, in Washington, D.C. The article (see Appendix 2) which was datelined, "Washington, D.C. - March 23, 1956" began by stating: 

"Electro-gravitics research, seeking the source of gravity and its control, has reached a stage where profound implications for the entire human race begin to emerge."
"...And towards the long-term progress of mankind and man's civilization, a whole new concept of electro-physics is being levered-out into the light of human knowledge."
"There are gravity research projects in every major country of the world. A few are over 30 years old... Most are much newer... Some are purely theoretical... Some projects are mostly empirical, studying gravitic isotopes, electrical phenomena and the statistics of mass." (see Appendix 3 entitled, The Gravities Situation - published by Gravity Rand in London in 1956 - for more detail on the empirical approaches.) 

"Some of the companies involved in this phase include Lear Inc., Ghuhareff Helicopter and Airplane Corp., The Glenn L. Martin Co., Sperry-Rand Corp., Bell Aircraft, Clarke Electronics Laboratories, the U.S. General Electric Company."
The article went on to say that various empirical tests on metals like steel, barium, aluminium, and etc. had so far proven that metals could be given reduced weight at the same mass. 

In fact, it appeared that the "energizing process" could produce negative weight-to-mass ratios! The steady-state, weight reductions had already reduced some materials to 70 per cent of their original weight. 

The work of Dr. Townsend T. Brown on his electro-gravitic discs was (at that date) the result of thirty years research according to the author. He had succeeded in building electrically-propelled disc airfoils which he had patented in the U.S. The following extract from this Interavia article illustrates the amount of success that the governments involved were willing to discuss, openly: 

"A localized gravitic field used as a ponderamotive force has been created in the laboratory. Disc airfoils two feet in diameter and incorporating a variation of the simple two-plate electrical condenser charged with fifty kilovolts and a total continuous energy input of fifty watts have achieved a speed of seventeen feet per second (a little over eleven miles per hour) in a circular air course twenty feet in diameter. More lately these discs have been increased in diameter to three feet and run in a fifty foot diameter air course under a charge of a hundred and fifty kilovolts with results so impressive as to be highly classified. Variations of this work done under a vacuum have produced much greater efficiencies that can only be described as startling. Work is now under way developing a flame jet generator to supply power up to fifteen million volts."
Now then, it is necessary to flash-back to April of 1955 when the magazine, Scientific American printed an article dealing with both the history of and current developments within the field of electro-statics. On page 110 of that discussion a most enlightening dissertation on the effects of vacuums and high voltages on mechanical forces within atoms was presented. It discussed the research of Professor John G. Trump (of M.I.T.'s electrical engineering department) on electro-static power generation techniques: 

"Professor Trump illustrates how the power-generating capacity of electro-static machines may be stepped up by asking you to consider two metallic plates, 100 square inches in area, facing each other and separated by an insulator. If a voltage amounting to an electric field of 300 volts per centimeter is applied between them, the plates will be attracted to each other with a force of one 2000th of a pound. 

Increase the field to 30,000 volts per centimeter and the attraction becomes half a pound." (this meant that 1000 times the force was generated with only 100 times the voltage!)... "Now immerse the plates in a high vacuum - a good insulator, though one difficult to maintain - and increase the field to three million volts per centimeter. The force of attraction jumps to 5,700 pounds!..." (this meant that 11,400 times the previous force was generated with - again - only 100 times the voltage!!...) Returning, now, to the Interavia article: 

"Such a force raised exponentially to levels capable of pushing man-carrying vehicles through the air - or outerspace (a vacuum of very good insulation properties) - at ultrahigh speeds is now the object of concerted effort in several countries. Once achieved it will eliminate most of the structural difficulties now encountered in the construction of highspeed aircraft. Importantly, the gravitic field that provides the basic propulsive force simultaneously reacts on all matter within that field's influence. The force is not a physical one acting initially at a specific point to the vehicle that needs then to be translated to all other parts. It is an electro-gravitic field acting on all parts simultaneously."
As much as the idea of simultaneity appeals, it is more correctly stated that sudden changes in the field's direction rapidly transmit the new inertial moment to all parts of the craft so that the elastic rebound of its atomic lattice is not distressed to the point of structural fatigue. 

[Note: Apologies to the reader who has found some of the preceding too complex. There was no other obvious way to document the facts to the necessary degree for convincing the "die-hard" skeptic. If this chapter becomes too involved for the reader, do not hesitate to skip it, as its main purpose is to document the conclusion that "electric flying saucers" are at least being manufactured on Earth - if nowhere else.]
According to the Interavia article, using the electric field system to propel a disc - or saucershaped craft would enable the craft to accelerate to speeds of thousands of miles per hour; stop suddenly; or change direction almost instantly. Such manouvres could easily be achieved by altering the intensity, polarity and direction of the field's charge. Furthermore, the article detailed some of the other implications of man's conquest of gravity: 

"In road cars, trains, and boats the headaches of transmission of power from the engine to wheels or propellers would simply cease to exist. Construction of bridges and big buildings would be greatly simplified by temporary induced weightlessness, etc., Other facets of work now under way indicate the possibility of close controls over the growth of plant life; new therapeutic techniques; permanent fuel-less heating units for homes and industrial establishments; new sources of industrial power; new manufacturing techniques; a whole new field of chemistry"... and "communications possibilities..." which "confound the imagination. There are apparently in the ether an entirely new unsuspected family of electrical waves similar to electro-magnetic radio waves in basic concept. Electro-gravitic waves have been created and transmitted through concentric layers of the most efficient kinds of electro-magnetic and electrostatic shielding without apparent loss of power in any way."





In December of 1956, Gravity Rand Ltd. - located in London - published a discussion entitled The Gravitics Situation. The first page read, "Theme of the science (of gravities) for 1956-1970: Serendipity." It also quoted Professor Einstein's view on gravitics: 

"It may not be an unattainable hope that some day a clearer knowledge of the processes of gravitation may be reached; and the extreme generality and detachment of the relativity theory may be illuminated by the particular study of a precise mechanism."
The Gravitics Situation is the one piece of documentation that the reader will not be able to acquire without great endurance or incredible luck. It puts the finger on so many nerve centres of the body of those scientists who sired "anti-gravity" that there can be no doubt to the enlightened reader: Mankind has developed "anti-gravity". As a result, this document has been totally reproduced in the public interest as Appendix 3. 

To fully appreciate the implications of the document, one should read the entire thing; however, certain key phrases from its forty-three pages of technical discussion have been selected to give a brief picture of its purpose. They follow below: 

page 3: "This point has been appreciated in the United States and a program in hand may now ensure that development of large sized disks will be continued. This is backed by the U.S. government, but it is something that will be pursued on a small scale. This acceptance follows Brown's original suggestion embodied in Project Winterhaven. Winterhaven recommended that a major effort be concentrated on electrogravitics: based on the principle of his disks."
page 4: "...aims were re-written around a new report which is apparently based on newer thoughts (than Winterhaven) and with some later patents not yet published - which form the basis of current U.S. policy. It is a matter of some controversy whether this research could be accelerated by more money but the impression in Gravity Rand is that the base of industry is perhaps more than adequately wide. Already companies are specializing in evolution of particular components of an electrogravitics disk. This implies that the science is in the same state as the ICBM - namely that no new breakthroughs are needed, only intensive development engineering."
page 4 (con't): "...The power of the device to undermine the electrostatic forces holding the atom together is a destructive by-product of military significance. In unpublished work Gravity Rand has indicated the possible effect of such a device for demolition."
page 7: "If a real spin or rotation is applied to a planar geoid the gravitational equipotentials can be made less convex, plane or concave. These have the effect of adjusting the intensity of the gravitational field at will: which is a requirement for the gravity absorber."
page 13: "Again the principle itself will function equally in a vacuum - Townsend Brown's saucers could move in a vacuum readily enough - but the supporting parts must also work in a vacuum. In practice they tend to give trouble, just as gas turbine bits and pieces start giving trouble in proportion to the altitude gained in flight."
The document also has a glossary of new terms on pages 17, 18 and 19 and a 'gold mine' of additional reference papers listed on pages 20 and 21 which are followed by a summary of Dr. Townsend T. Brown's original patent application for his 'electric flying saucer' beginning on page 22. 

Professor F. Mozer contributed a brilliant discussion on the existence of negative mass particles and their utilization in the construction of neutral-gravity bodies. It begins on page 30 of the document (Appendix 3). 

Also of special interest to a few will be the brief discussion by Dr. Deser and Dr. Arnowitt which begins on page 39 of the same document. It is entitled, "A Link Between Gravitation and Nuclear Energy". It uses Einstein's usual structures found in General Relativity as a building stone for a so-called "creation tensor" to convert gravitational energy to nuclear energy. Their field equations are difficult and are not in a readily workable state - still, they do represent an interesting aspect for some... 

This incredible document was compiled in 1956! Can there be any doubt that such information has been superceded by even more incredible developments in the last twenty-two years?... No!




The date was 30 December, 1957. The article was published in Product Engineering, Volume 28, No. 26 on page 12. It was entitled, "Electrogravitics: Science or Daydream?" The article gave even more clues to the then-current state of the art of electrogravitics: 

"A few weeks from now, at a special session of the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences (New York City, Jan. 27-31), a group of dedicated men will discuss what some people label pure science-fiction, but others believe is an attainable goal. The subject: electrogravitics - the science of controlling gravity."
"...David B. Witty noted in his award-winning essay for the Gravity Research Foundation, gravitational screening is crucial in all theories of gravitation."
"...E.M. Gluhareff, Pres. of Gluhareff Helicopters, suggests much progress might come if gravity were considered as 'push' rather than 'pull' - with all matter being pushed toward the centre of the earth by a sort of 'electronic rain' from outer space."
"Such recently-discovered atomic fragments as hyperons and K-particles (Dec. 2, p.16) appear to interact with nuclear matter in ways not explained by present theories. Scientists are now suggesting that these interactions may explain - or be explained by - gravity. It is even possible that gravitational energy may prove to be transformable into particles of this type."
"Perhaps British aeronautical engineer A. V. Cleaver (see 'Electro-Gravitics: What it is - Or Might be' by A.V. Cleaver, F.R.Ae.s., Fellow B.I.S., published in the British Interplanetary Society Journal for Apr-June of 1957 in Vol. 16, No.2, pages 84-94) is right in insisting that if any antigravity device is to be developed the first thing needed is a new principle in fundamental physics not just a new invention or application of known principles... Nevertheless, the Air Force is encouraging research in electrogravitics, and many companies and individuals are working on the problem. It could be that one of them will confound the experts."




In his book of 1957, entitled, The Flying Saucer Conspiracy, Donald Keyhoe also mentioned some rather indicting news on pages 200-201: 

"On 2nd February, while visiting Bogota, Columbia, William P. Lear manufacturer of aircraft and electronic equipment, told a news conference that the flying saucers are real."
"When Lear's story was flashed to the United States by the AP, it was a hard blow for the UFO censors. But this was only the beginning. Within twenty-four hours Lear amplified his first statement: 'I feel the flying saucers are real', he said, 'because of four points.' First, he said, there have been numerous manifestations over long periods of time. Second, many observations have been made simultaneously by reliable observers. Third, there are great possibilities linked with the theory of gravitational fields. Fourth, there are now serious efforts in progress to prove the existence of antigravitational forces and to convert atomic energy directly to electricity."
"This new AP story dismayed the Pentagon, for it could easily disclose our topsecret research to duplicate the UFOs propulsion. There had already been one hint despite Pentagon precautions. During a meeting of aviation leaders in New York, on the 25th of January, G.S. Trimble, vice-president of advanced design for the Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Company, had made an amazing disclosure... 'Unlimited power, freedom from gravitational attraction, and infinitely short travel time are now becoming feasible', he told the press. Then he added that eventually all commercial air transportation would be in vehicles operating on these fantastic principles."
Can one really believe that such keen interest and such wide-spread research over twenty-five years ago was all for nothing? Can one really believe that - even if the concepts of "electrogravitics" were proven false - no papers have been printed which discussed the errors?... No... 

The situation is clearly this: There are two sources of "UFOs" or "Flying Saucers". One is manmade from the mid-fifties); and the other has been with mankind since the ancient days of the Old Testament and the Epic of Gilgamesh. One wonders why neither source has identified itself to mankind. In addition, one wonders if the "elder source" did not infiltrate and take control of mankind's fledging flying saucer research and development programs of the last two decades... Yes, one wonders... 



The Russians have never been one to be left out. They have resorted to many types of subterfuge to obtain the secrets of anti-gravity propulsion systems. To this end, they enticed one of the west's most brilliant physicists, a former "member of the fathers of the hydrogen-bomb group", to defect to Russia in 1950. As it turns out, he was a KGB employee... His name: Dr. Bruno Pontecorvo. 

Since at least 1961, it has been known by the CIA that Pontecorvo had successfully demonstrated a gravitic aircraft (which had no 'engine') for the Russians. It has also been passed to this author by former intelligence personnel that the chief of all Russian anti-gravity research is Dr. Andrei Sakharov. His American counterpart has been identified to this author by American intelligence agents as Dr. Edward Teller who has worked in close association with more than fifty U.S. anti-gravity research programs since the early 1950s... (more on him later).
In the October 1961 issue of Practical Mechanics an article was published by I.A. Van As, entitled "Anti-Gravity The Science of Electro-Gravitics" which observed: 

"An anti-gravity machine is not impossible and many countries including Russia are at present investigating this new approach to aviation. Canada has its 'Project Magnet' which is the production of an anti-gravity machine using the electro-gravitic principle. Many American aircraft manufacturers are spending millions of dollars on the use of gravity as applied to their industry. A number of universities are also going into the problem, which, incidentally, is not a new one. An actual flying model using this principle was made in England before the war."
Three years passed quickly, and yet another startling announcement was made by a Major Alexander P. de Seversky in the October 1964 issue of The Popular Mechanics magazine, pages 34-37 and 121-122 disclosed in detail (including photos and illustrations) a news item entitled, "Major de Seversky's Ion-Propelled Aircraft". Major de Seversky was a former WWII consultant to the U.S. Chiefs of Staff in the formulation of basic, U.S. air-strategy concepts. The article stated, "He also contributed to the designs of the p-35 and p-43 which led to the development of the p-47 Thunderbolt, one of America's most effective wartime fighter planes."
He had developed a working, light-weight model aircraft that "flew with electrons" for his employer: Electron-atom, Inc., of Long Island City in New York. His aircarft which was a two-ounce, saucer-shaped model required 90 watts of power (30,000 volts at 3 milliamps) to fly. The power-to-weight ratio was .96hp per pound as compared to the .065 hp per pound of the Piper Cub aircraft. However, just raising the voltage level to 3,000,000 volts would have produced a power-to-weight ratio of better than .0000192 hp per pound if the previously mentioned Dr. Trump's figures were even 50 per cent achieved! Even assuming that the fuel-consumption rate would increase by 100 times, the craft would travel between 50 and 100 times further than the Piper Cub!... But, one must remember... "UFOs or flying saucers, as the masses call them, simply do not exist; and, furthermore, no government of the world could he responsible for such devices..." .....Oh really?...





Nestled in a shallow little valley at the southern foot of the McDonnell Ranges about twelve miles by air from the dead centre of Australia is one of the modern wonders of the world. The apparent, surface entrances to this super-technological retreat are are located in the vicinity of 23 degrees 48 minutes south by 133 degrees 43 minutes east. It is one of the top three of several very-secret, U.S. Government-financed 'bases' in Australia. 

Note: It is not this author's intention to start another hue and cry for the removal of these secret facilities;... it is simply to illustrate how advanced modern technology may have become. Once a person understands how very advanced these secret discoveries may have become, he is forced to realize how futile it would be to try to argue with those who possess such knowledge - such power - without at least an equivalent support power... (such is available,... but this will be discussed in Section III).
The Pine Gap facility as it is informerly known, is officially called the Joint Defence Space Research Facility;... however, Australians refer to it as "Pine Gap". The Pine Gap facility has had several functions. Its original function was to execute research and development of space defence technology. The primary responsibility for the facility has been controlled by the U.S. Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) located in the U.S. at 1400 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Virginia 22209, in the Architect Building. 

During the early stages of the establishing of Pine Gap, the Director of DARPA was Stephen J. Lukasik. Key members of his staff were: a) Kent Kresa - special assistant for Undersea Warfare Technology, and director of tactical technology, b) Lawrence G. Roberts - director of information processing techniques, c) Eric H. Willis - director of nuclear monitoring research, d) David E. Mann - director of strategic technology, and e) Lt. Col. Austin W. Kibler - director of the human resources research division. 

Pine Gap has what is believed to be the deepest and straightest 'water bore' in Australia drilled beneath it. The bore is at least 28,000 feet deep (5.3 miles).
This bore could also be used as an underground antenna for very low frequency electricity broadcasts. As Pine Gap is supposed to be involved in both upper atmospheric and sub-surface research, it is quite feasible - if for no other reason - that the 'bore antenna' could be used to tune a gigantic 'standing wave' field around the entire planet! Such a system might easily be tuned to frequencies from, say... 9,000 cycles per second to 14,336 cycles per second - enough to set up a resonating, electric field to an altitude of 250 miles above the earth! However, this possibility will be explored in a bit more detail in Chapter 4 of this section. 

It is also rumoured that Pine Gap has a very large nuclear facility used to power its enormous 'transceiver'. Other rumored projects include high-voltage, high-energy plasma accelerators... possibly for use in new methods of power generation, a 'death ray' or plasma cannon, and even specialised power broadcasts to fuel 'electric submarines' as far away as the Indian Ocean... It is almost certain that the earlier version of Pine Gap's very-low-frequency transceiver which is located at the North West Cape near Exmouth Bay in Australia was and still is used to transmit very powerful undersea electric currents to U.S. submarines which trail long antennae behind them. It is also known that electricity transmitted in this way can be 'strong' enough to recharge onboard 'high-voltage batteries' known as 'plasma-dynamic storage cells'. 

The Nation Review - a national Australian newspaper - had some interesting things to say about Pine Gap in their May 17-23 issue of 1974: 

"The Pine Gap research facility near Alice Springs has managed to keep secret, until now, one of the most unbelievable research projects in the world."
"The United States has been carrying out continuous research into electromagnetic propulsion (EMP for short) at Pine Gap since it was established in 1966."
"...Nixon (former U.S. President) last year announced 1975 as a target date for the completion of the project. At that time it was to relieve the petrol crisis."
"I understand that last minute flaws in the design and operation of the EMP vehicles have probably put the completion dale back by four years." (author's note:... that means a 1978-1979 public release date...). 

"...Security aspects of the EMP project have included hypnotic and post hypnotic keys implanted in personnel prior to their acceptance into the project. It is likely, however, that this technique has been replaced now that it is known that a side effect of LSD and other hallucinogenics is to remove partial hypnosis effects."
This author wrote the Nation Review seeking additional information from the author of the previous article: William H. Martin. A reply was sent by his secretary which sought more information than it gave. Apparently, 'William H. Martin' is a nom de plume. No further dialogue was attempted. 

According to several eye-witnesses, white disks about 30 feet in diameter with 'U.S. Air Force' markings have been ferried into Australia inside large, military air transports... which have landed at one or the other of the two airports servicing Pine Gap. Other eye-witness reports have seen these same air transports unloading incredible amounts of modern furniture, food, and other provisions which one would ordinarily expect to see in a very plush hotel. Could it be that nearby to the obvious Pine Gap facility in an underground, man-made city of multiple levels is... the real 'Pine Gap facility'...? Could it be that Pine Gap is also a so-called 'bolt hole' to be used to shelter key U.S. personnel in the event of a natural weather catastrophe or a full-scale nuclear attack codenamed Noah's Ark?... One does wonder... 

Should anyone doubt the degree of orbital surveillance that is possible today; a 1973 press release about one of Pine Gap's other functions should convince him. The release said that Pine Gap and its sister station in Guam supported photographic satellites as part of what if known as Operation Big Bird. Each 'bird' weighed eleven tons; was fifty-feet long by ten-feet wide; could scan the entire surface of the earth every 24 hours; and could vary its altitude from 100 to 200 miles for 'close-look' photographs of 'interesting areas'. Whenever ground control instructed the 'bird' to take a 'close look' or 'high-resolution' photograph of some strategic area, a huge Perkin-Elmer camera would be used by the 'bird' to take a low-altitude photograph of the objective. The resulting pictures would be so sharp that objects of only twelve inches across were identifiable. The 'birds' as well as the early-warning satellites of Programme 647 use infra-red sensors and films. It is almost certain that the Russians have equivalent systems in operation... (is 'big brother' at home tonight?) 

A similar station to Pine Gap is located in Transvaal, South Africa; but it is difficult to obtain much information about it. Most of the employees there are disguised as U.S. consular employees. Twelve hundred consular staff is a bit excessive, however... What was it called?... was it Krugersdorp or 'Koedespoort'?... It is, apparently, also linked to another VLF station at the South Pole... 'Operation Deep Freeze'?... Is it not a strange coincidence that the two 'grids' mentioned by Capt. Bruce Cathie have 'poles' located at the South Pole, too?... 

Some of the major U.S. contractors and suppliers for the Pine Gap facility have been Collins Radio, Ling-Tempco-Vought (L.T.V.) - both of Dallas, Texas; McMahon Construction, and I.B.M... It is also rumoured that there are 'super IBM computer systems' on a floating platform -'down the well'. 

A VLF power transceiver, and 'electric flying machines' are not so hard to believe... Remember, L.T.V. is an aero-space company formed as a conglomerate of electronics and aircraft manufacturing subsidiaries. IBM has, also, long-ago developed mammoth computers with super-cooled, crystalline, main-memory units.

These computers can recognize both voice and visual patterns. Their main-memory sizes are said to be in excess of 2,000,000,000 bytes (characters)! Is it not possible that there have been some secrets which the 'invisible government' of planet earth has kept from its subjects?... Remember, there were over 100,000 people working on the Manhattan Project to produce the first A-bomb. Did that secret escape in time to help the enemy?.. 

If Pine Gap is an electric power broadcasting facility, then the disappearance of Valentich may be related. Suppose that Captain Bruce Cathie's hypothesis of 'power grids' circumnavigating the earth is correct...; but that the locations which he picked for his 'grid poles' were only part of several other grids, themselves. If Pine Gap were then chosen as a 'grid pole', one would be able to make a very interesting observation. A compass centered on Pine Gap and extended to Perth will - when scribed about the Pine Gap centre - form a circle around Australia which intersects the following areas: Perth, the VLF transceiver at Exmouth, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne (along the Mornington Peninsula,... and an area just off Cape Otway between the Cape and King Island!
Was the reason Valentich said the UFO was playing a game and making passes because he had inadvertently been caught in the craft's field like an iron filing is attracted by a magnet swung past? Such an event would have given Valentich the impression the UFO was moving - when in reality Valentich's aircraft itself had been sucked into the field so rapidly (through an undetectable uniform acceleration) that his plane had passed under the UFO and had oscillated from side to side in smaller and smaller arcs until it finally stuck onto the underside of the UFO. The final metallic noise could have been either the actual contact of the two craft before Valentich dropped the mike or the radio squeal produced when the high-density, electromagnetic field of the UFO inductively burned-out his radio which was transmitting at the time. One must also consider the possibility that Valentich had seen too much of the top-secret RAAF-UFO records at Sale AFB; and had become a potential security problem to 'those in the know'. He could have been grabbed on purpose. The suggestion is rough to say so soon after he has disappeared; but it is a distinct possibility. 

Incidentally, Darwin and Adelaide fall on a circle around Pine Gap with a radius of some 800-odd miles while the previously mentioned areas fell on a circle of some 1200-odd miles. The Department of Transport (formerly called the Department of Civil Aviation) lists Pine Gap as 'R233' on the navigation maps for the area. 'R233' is listed as a restricted air space reserved for space research... (i.e. do not fly over the area as shown on the map). The 'R233' space is a circle around Pine Gap with a radiius of five nautical miles. 



The Mendelov Conspiracy by Martin Caidin was published in 1972. Martin Caidin has six other titles on the shelves which are selling quite well. The only one of his seven books which has either been withdrawn from sale or made extremely difficult to obtain is The Mendelov Conspiracy. The reason would be most obvious to anyone who has had the good fortune to read the book. It is thinly disguised fact in the form of science fiction about a plot to take over the world. The conspiracy is headed by a Dr. Vadim Mendelov (a physicist whose biographical sketch closely fits either Dr. Edward Teller or the Russian Dr. Andrei Sakharov...

'Sakharov'... 'Mendelov'.. hm-m-m...). The conspirators are discovered by a U.S. newsman who writes for a big paper ...(remember Ansel E. Talbert?). The newsman - named Brady - writes a series of articles on 'antigravity', UFOs, and 'electro-gravitics'. He is fired by the newspaper after the third article... (Talbert, too, wrote only three articles - even though his first articles were originally listed as 'the first and second in a series'!). The incredible fact is that 'UFOs' of the book were built on a principle that is an existing technology - right now. The names of the key characters and the large aircraft corporations in the book were changed ever so cleverly to conceal the real names of the conspirators - whom Caidin, himself, had obviously already identified. Why did Martin Caidin write the book? Why has it been made so scarce when the demand for it is so intense? 

The points of this chapter are beacons illuminating the path for those who pursue the truth and, hence, wisdom. They will lead to an understanding of the second greatest mystery in human affairs... Pursue their lead, and the related details entwined in the remaining fabric of this book will not only leap from the pages with incredible agility, but will also lead 'he - who seeks' to an understanding of that which is surely the greatest mystery in all human endeavour. 

by Stan Deyo

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