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Sunday 19 June 2011

Alien implants based on carbon nanotube technology

Alien implants based on carbon nanotube technology


  Video: Dr. Roger Leir Describes Alien Implants - Part 1 of 2


by Donna Anderson  

Chemist and material scientist Steve Colbern appeared on Coast to Coast AM Radio along with Dr. Roger Leir, author of “The Alien and the Scalpel”, and experimental nuclear physicist Robert John Koontz to discuss implants they've found in the bodies of people who claim to be alien abductees.

Colbern has analyzed several of Leir's objects and spent extensive time working with objects number 15 and 16. Both objects were found to have some type of chemical coating on them, similar to shell or bone, that he feels may be responsible for a lack of immune response in the human body. This would explain how the object can be inserted and not cause the body to reject it.

Radio signals were picked up from both devices before removal from the subjects and they appeared to be transmitting on satellite and aeronautical communication frequencies.

As to the chemical make-up of the alien implants, Colbern claims they are composed of meteoric iron not found in our solar system because the isotopic ratios are skewed compared to those found on earth or in our own solar neighborhood. When asked, Colbern said it would not be possible for us to duplicate this material without major problems.

Colbern states that these implants are sophisticated nano-technological devices with carbon nano-tube electronics built right in. Carbon nano-tubes are very tiny cylinders of carbon similar to graphite and are the world's strongest known material with advanced conductive properties. While we do have carbon nano-tube technology and are currently using it in some applications, Colbern says our research is in its infancy and clearly not sophisticated enough to produce these types of devices.

Noory asked Colbern, “Based on what you've seen what do you think these objects are?” His response was, “Extremely sophisticated nano-technological devices that are probably for gathering and transmission of information. They seem to transmit sensory information - what the subject is seeing and hearing, physiological information, etc.”

Colbern also states that the implants have a sophisticated biological coating that allows our nerve cells to grow into the devices after they're implanted – something that is beyond our technology.

Colbern believes that these devices seem to be at least a minimum of 100 years beyond anything we can do at this point.

Induction by R. Ayana

Implants in alien abductees are definitely extraterrestrial

- Physicist Robert John Koontz

Video: Dr. Leir Update - Implant Removed

Along with Dr. Roger Leir, Friday night's Coast to Coast Radio program featured experimental nuclear physicist Robert John Koontz. Dr. Leir of the non-profit organization A & S Research and the author of “The Aliens and the Scalpel”, has removed 17 foreign objects from the bodies of 16 people who claim to be alien abductees and Koontz has been conducting research on the material and mechanical properties of these devices. Koontz maintains that these objects implanted in people are extraterrestrial in origin.

Koontz analyzed the metals of these objects and their atomic structure. Looking at the time it takes for a single isotope to decay in relation to the age of the universe he has determined that the entities who are using these materials are located approximately 50 light years away. The materials in the implant removed from one subject were taken from an area of the universe that was in advance of ours by 90 million years based on the decay of the isotopes. Koonts believes that these objects come from a stellar system which began to evolve approximately 100 million years in advance of our own solar system.

Koontz states that the object he analyzed seems to be a remote listening device composed of iron, with cobalt, nickel and a large amount of iridium, normally found in meteorites. It has a surface coating that appears to be sensitive to sound waves and it emits electromagnetic radiation, something an ordinary piece of iron does not do. The object also appears to be programmed to absorb soundwaves and to be able to transmit soundwaves, as well.

Even more extraordinary, these objects appear to self-organize. This is an intelligent material that, when broken, reassembles itself. There are carbon nano-tubes in these devices and we don't find those in nature.

For more information about this program:

Read more about Dr. Roger Leir at “Dr. Roger Leir: Are these mysterious implants the result of alien abductions?”.

Coast to Coast listeners had the opportunity to question Leir. Read some of their questions at Coast to Coast listeners question Leir about alien abductees and implants.

For a listing of radio stations near you that carry Coast to Coast AM Radio, read Coast to Coast AM Radio: Finding a station in your area.

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From  Chemist Steve Colbern: Alien implants based on carbon nano-tube technology - National Coast to Coast Radio | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/coast-to-coast-radio-in-national/chemist-steve-colbern-alien-implants-based-on-carbon-nano-tube-technology?fb_comment_id=fbc_10150152052814495_16626917_10150193592704495#f13753bf5d0469a#ixzz1NeYMHkv5

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Sorry to have bothered you, but your nanotech commn device is troubling me. Maybe I also carry few implants & need them out soon.

    Sorry to trouble you, but what I see here with my eyes, reflects on the surface of the sun as silhouette/shadow like image as seen by the NASA SOHO satellite.

    I went into isolation & meditated with cartoon images, and now have them with us.

    Strange & weird, but we have no idea, what this might mean. I am just a natural healer, that I have figured out.

    If you wish to explore further, please do give us a call 0091-892-3539-196 & may SMS your regular email ID, so we can send those images to you.

    Please don't play any tricks, as I am aware & don't want to be hurt anymore. Apparently, we all appear to be humans, but are species in conflict with each other in the higher dimension.

    But this is something I just wished to share with the others (friends or foe), maybe we all have these abilities unknown to us.

    But who could have tried to implant these devices ?, everyone is at risk these days ehhh..


  2. In essence they're surveillance & tracking devices. Their nature informs us of the motives of their originators. As one employed to implant them informs us, 'It's just like working with cattle; tag and release.'

    The body and bodies do not interact correctly when spiked with implanted devices - but the implants can be shorted out without removing them!

  3. So how to disable or remove these implants. Seeing removal will be near impossible through any 3 dimensional means. Read the 'Pleiadians' can have them removed. This is most disturbing while their presence is annoying and unpleasant. They have their moments, might enjoy them more if I had undertaken a kundalini Sophic ascension process then receiving and sending with them would be clear reception. $#%#$%#$$ chip monks. How to get them disabled or out out out? I should have never.....

  4. Would it be possible to show some photographs as evidence?

  5. ...for photographic images of this ("Alien"-??) bio-nanotech stuff, please go to www.morgellonsexposed. com and to www.carnicominstitute. org.--[Click on the "Research Library"].

  6. And This Is exactly what Is insider now on c-19 shots...


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