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Sunday 31 October 2010

The New Illuminati in the New Aeon

The New Illuminati in the New Aeon
Supreme Puppeteers or Angelic Guides
Indigo children – the latest generation of bright light bearers who bring higher, deeper perspectives to hidebound humankind – are not a new phenomenon. Throughout history and prehistory, gifted beings have been born into mangy barnyards filled with clods, sods, bumpkins and hardworking, sweaty salts of the Earth.
For varying reasons, small segments of the human population always seek escape from the cocooning prisons of unselfconscious cultures into which they’re born. Often outcasts and exiles from regimented tribes, many are unsuited to the narrow tracks and crannies busy civilizations attempt to cram them into; icosahedron pieces that can’t be jammed into square holes on uniformitarian chessboards. The most gifted artists, musicians, mathematicians, visionaries and inventors are drawn from their wild card ranks – alongside sundry revolutionaries, reprobates, sociopaths, mystics, priests, saviours and incorrigible misfits.
They are the leaders of the pack and the scum of the Earth.
A tiny fraction of those few outcasts who escape incarceration, execution, re-education, retraining or other forms of brainwashing may eventually be recognised as visionary forerunners by future generations or enlightened contemporaries – lauded as born ahead of their time into primitive societies that can have no notion of their true nature or potential. In bygone times and within native cultures these trailblazers naturally gravitated to the role of shaman, wise woman or high priest(ess) within their tribe. They even gathered together, ensconced in monastic ivory towers or austere hidden places amongst those of their own ken – authoritative positions of meditative seclusion rarely tolerated or recognised by modern societies (where most institutions of higher learning have fallen under the alluringly blinkered yoke of filthy lucre and all the temples are manned by shysters and speculators).
There are few roles for shamans in today’s societies.
Shamans and wise women must navigate new possibilities and roles in the brazen new world of this dawning age, yet their tasks and insights remain fundamentally unchanged since the long dreamy millennia of star studded nights around the fire with extensive extended families. Whether experimenting in isolation or working with groups of fellow seekers, the same skills are required of exalted exiles if they are to find a place in today’s brazen world of tomorrow made manifest.
Some become adept in local arts and/or sciences, excelling in fields they extend into unheralded directions by dint of deeper, wider perspectives. They break though loopholes ignored by past generations’ outmoded imaginings and create unprecedented new paradigms and artefacts that leave theorists dumbstruck with awe – or apoplectic with denial.
Other forerunners withdraw from the mad, bad world to explore the outer limits of inner horizons, focusing and expanding awareness until they achieve true liberation from the spinning wheel of the planet. Some become one with its rhythms and choose to remain with the Great Earth Mother in one form or other; sometimes in many bodies at once, like buds on a flowering tree.
But most gifted humans shy away from these challenging courses, turning from the daunting requirements of continual self examination and unwavering acceptance of the world they create for themselves with every thought and heartbeat. They conform to societal expectations by striving through competitive pyramids toward summits of politics, finance, religion or business. They choose to pursue the urge to rule over others in an unreconstructed hell on Earth, hoping to reach a pinnacle of freedom on a materialistic mesa rather than enter heavenward realms of transcendent bliss, or enter a contemplative life of stoical isolation.
But many have gone before them, and when they approach their destination the wisest of these discover their route has been predetermined for them. Coteries of watchful sentinels stand ready to ensnare any who would rule inside lesser ranks of yet another complex of social control.
Age-old societies of power mongers and control freaks form a webbery of influence uniting the edifices of power within an impenetrably woven veil. Old Boys and Good Old Boys are networked together by ties that bind all who would rule inside dogmatic ritualistic clubs, competitive gangs, hierarchical cults and nepotistic clans with constricted bloodlines – and a chronic need for fresh blood. Those who would rule over others soon discover that others will always overrule them.
The Hippies Are All (ways) Right
A vanishingly small number of Rainbow Makers still (and always) exist. These magical adepts slip through tricksy interstices, manoeuvring betwixt blind alleys of modernist urban brutalism and walled insecurity systems of suburban succour, unseen by purblind senses. An evolved form of the Rainbow Warriors – who live to strive to win against difficult odds in the name of defending Great Gaia – all three eyes of these dreaming creators are set on a higher prize. These inveterate shamans have all arrived at stunning and simple realisations:
1) That everyone is comprised of the same consciousness – a single eye staring through the senses of every child, woman and man and of every other conscious being – and that true enlightenment and freedom are therefore only really possible for any individual when everyone is free to be enlightened.
2) That at a level beyond linguistically arranged thought each of us literally creates the universe we observe, instantaneously, whole and complete. Every woman and man is the god of all creation (or as Crowley put it, a Star) and the centre of the universe, but most know it not except in their heart of hearts. Their creation is directed and channelled by those who do know this seminal truth and use it for their personal ends – by artificers who control the world by hypnotic distraction and wilful deception; the men who pull strings from behind the curtain.
The Rainbow Makers dance through these webs of mesmerism and pass through the latticework of lies that most beings believe, allowing the skein of the world to warp around the weft of their irrepressible will as they wend their way onward unhindered. Some decide to continue to ride the spinning globe as it surfs its way round the galactic plane, and others pass between the veils of parallel time streams to similar but different universes; still others ascend the ladder of lights to undiscovered regions of more subtle and complex energies.
Some ascended masters and mistresses choose not to rise to more challenging realms of higher geometries, so that their light may shine amongst those who birthed and raised them – spreading immortal awareness through the mortal clay of slumberous humankind. These Bodhisattvas make a heartfelt vow to help the family of Humanity ascend from pits of emotional turmoil and endless suffering. As Siddhartha said, all suffering is due to attachment and these light workers are relatively isolate; spread thinly, far and wide, to cover the broadest area of the globe with rainbow light.
Some have moved so far beyond the mindfield of their native culture they can live in more than one body at once. For all intents and purposes they are the immortal transhuman gods and goddesses of humankind. Some evolve into guardians who keep watch over all the generations of awakening children. But compassionate deities such as these are not the only ones with the ability to transcend time and space, and others in human history who’ve achieved this level of simultaneous awareness have been far less benign.
Before the end of the last glaciation an Old Wyrm ruled over almost all the world, dwelling in several bodies at once – all enthroned at the summits of civilizations arrayed round the world in an unbreakable, unshakeable ring of immemorial dynastic control; an ultimate caste system wherein no-one and nothing was allowed to change or evolve beyond insectile structures bereft of true freedom.
A few self-styled Higher Masters believe that in order to liberate all beings on Earth, everyone on the planet must all die at once if we are to transcend mortal limitations. This particular branch of the Illuminati recognises that the majority of sentient beings (including humans) exist at a larval state far below truly focused conscious awareness. They consider most beings to be little more than worker castes – a gene pool in a planetary culture dish, unready to metamorphose to a higher level.
Such is the nature of life in time, where simpler forms and minds continuously beget more complex and advanced beings and ensure the continuation of living existence. The more impatient illuminists cannot see how all can achieve apotheosis without simultaneous apocalypse, and despair that a nuclear and biological ‘war to end all wars’ will be insufficient to extinguish self-conscious life on Earth.
Others await the ‘Day of the Lord’ when the planetary magnetic field abruptly shifts and all clocks, programs and destinies are automatically reset in a rapid magical transformation. When the magnetic poles flip, an extending moment without momentum appears – a silent, still space during which the Coming Age is programmed by the combining will of all conscious beings.
Some spend the millennia between pole shifts staking out power centres on the surface of the globe, erecting temples and citadels atop the macrocosmic acupuncture points of sacred sites so that they may control the form and direction that metamorphosing consciousness will take in the New Aeon. By focusing the energies of multitudes into constructions erected on these interlinked places of power they hope to set the new pattern to match their desires.
They struggle for supremacy behind the facades of futile religions, using the bodies and minds of hypnotised followers to control key points in the so-called Royal Game of planetary conquest – telling themselves that all the pain, torment and suffering they cause in the process is for the greater good. That the end justifies the meanest means.
If you’re still reading this, it may be that you consider yourself one among the ranks of these often vilified and always misunderstood souls – these natural outcasts and exiles from mainstream views and values.
The true rulers of the world are great magicians, for good and ill. You never see their real faces. Their eyes shine behind the masks of politics and religion. Politicians and religious potentates are little more than their finger puppets. They create hierarchies of secret societies and secretive cults of priests and popes to stand over servile populations, handing out tricks of awareness and materialistic treats to their acolytes as rewards for unstinting service.
Everyone who wishes to can achieve these levels of awareness – but the younger one starts the Great Work the better. Right now is always the best time and place to begin. Access to these realms of possibility begins in childhood. Most humans regularly access transfinite consciousness as youngsters but do not pursue it – often because the adulterated dolts who control their lives find ‘more important’ things for them to do, and/or beat the longing for eternal verity from their soft small bodies and wide open minds.
Begin by learning to still all thought. There are many methods for achieving this. By observing the world from the centre of that thought-form cyclone of spinning memes people commonly identify as ‘their’ mind and thoughts, you can reach the ultimate point of stillness. All you need to do is persevere. The best time and place to begin or advance is right where you are, right now.
If you shift the seat of your consciousness – the ‘I’ of your mind, the place from which you see the world – to the centre of your head, between your ears and behind your eyes, it becomes far easier to reach a state of stillness. If you practice it now you’ll witness your peripheral vision opening up as you shift your point of awareness towards the centre.
As you reach the centre a magnetic current will open you to the wide open world. The rest is up to you. Be careful what you wish for with your thoughts – and when you light up like a Christmas tree in the dark moths may be attracted by your flame, so imagine a circle of light round your self if you’re concerned; imagination is the key to creation.
Beyond all this planetary mishmash of agendas and beliefs there is a saving grace. We are not alone.
by R. Ayana
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