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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Geoengineering: Obama Considers Chemtrails

Geoengineering: Obama Considers Chemtrails
 by William Thomas
President Obama is full of surprises. But even expectant reporters were taken aback when White House science adviser John Holdren used his first interview on April 18, 2009 to announce, "Global warming is so dire, the Obama administration is discussing radical technologies to cool Earth's air."

With the first feedback effects from methane releases starting to kick in and our space colony's atmospheric CO2 levels surging toward the "Do Not Exceed" redline of 440 parts per million, Holdren declared that the Obama administration is considering "last resort" technologies to chill the global greenhouse village…

Referring to "radical" technologies that include spreading a sunlight-reflecting artificial cloud cover, Holdren declared, "It's got to be looked at. We don't have the luxury of taking any approach off the table."

Invoking the image of a souped-up sedan careening toward an abyss in a fog of mass marketing exhortations for more speed, the White House science adviser suggested that reasonable passengers would stop arguing if there really was a cliff, how close and how big the drop long enough to urge applying some brakes - while chanting "Our lifestyle is sacred!" and keeping the carbon accelerator jammed to the floorboards.

Instead of the deep, urgent reductions in carbon emissions urged by frightened scientists, drowning polar bears, still homeless Katrina survivors, and drought-stricken farmers everywhere, the White House decision to embrace climate geoengineering "represents the ultimate moral bankruptcy of institutions and a failure of democracy," charged Dr. Andrew Glikson.

The Australian Earth and paleoclimate scientist further noted that the U.S. National Academy of Science "is also looking at the subject in its new multidiscipline climate challenges program." [Truthout Apr 18/09]

In fact, the NAS has been considering such schemes for more than half-a-century.


In 1965, a report urging President Johnson
to head off atmospheric warming instead of the Viet Cong did not even mention cutting emissions. Urging a silver bullet instead of biting the climate change bullet, the National Academy of Science went on to issue studies in 1977, 1982 and 1990 championing space mirrors and atmospheric sunscreens.
In 1979, physicist Freeman Dyson leveraged his considerable scientific creds to propose deliberate, large-scale introduction of fine particles into the upper atmosphere to offset global warming. [Technology, Entertainment, Design conference New York City Sept/07; Wall Street Journal Oct 17/97]

Since only a fraction of incoming solar radiation reaches the Earth's surface, this chemical sunscreen "would have more impact if done high in the atmosphere," the NAS said. It might even "destroy stratospheric ozone."

Because spraying megatons of fine particles into the stratosphere clumps chlorine compounds into giant ice clouds. When struck by sunlight, these chemical clouds refract prismatic fragments like rainbows. And become highly corrosive to ozone.

Ken Caldeira was the climate expert who ran the computer simulations at the Lawrence Livermore atom bomb labs. He too warned that the stratospheric spraying of sunlight-reflecting chemicals could "destroy the ozone layer" - as well as posing human health risks.


Nevertheless, the NAS enthused, "Perhaps one of the surprises of this analysis is the relatively low costs at which some of the geoengineering options might be implemented."

Each "dust distribution mission" would require a 500-mile flight lasting about an hour and a half at a delivery cost of just $500 per ton of sunlight-reflecting chemicals. [Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming chapter 28]

In 1992, the National Academy of Science's $80 992-page report on "mitigating" greenhouse warming included a "Geoengineering" chapter that discussed "Screening Out Some Sunlight". Computer simulations showed that an increase in albedo of just half a percent would be "sufficient to halve the effect of a CO2 doubling." This would "involve changing the quantity or character of cloud cover."

Such a grandiose fantasy would also greatly increase the scientists' libido.


In 1996, the United States Air Force
released its own feasibility study. Produced by seven high-ranking officers, "Owning The Weather In 2025" described this "high-risk, high-reward endeavor" in terms of "splitting of the atom" - before going on to describe how "Weather Force Specialists" could lay down "aerial obscuration" materials behind tanker aircraft.


The following year, Dr. Edward Teller
urged an International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies to consider deploying an aerial "sky shield" costing $1 billion a year. The Father of the Atom Bomb said his cheap and easy plan would allow everyone to keep polluting as usual.

Speaking like someone out of Horton's Hooverville, Teller was a senior research fellow at the government policy-making Hoover Institute. Known for "forging strong ties between right-wing ideologues, right-wing think tanks and right-wing policy makers," recent "friends of Hoover" have included Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, GW Bush and Karl Rove. [rightwingwatch.org]

"Global warming is too serious to be left to the politicians," Teller later told the Wall Street Journal. "Injecting sunlight-scattering particles into the stratosphere appears to be a promising approach. Why not do that?" [Wall Street Journal Oct 17/97; Hoover Digest 1998 No. 1]

In fact, it was already being done.
Issued for peer review on May 15, 2000, Chapter 4 of the IPCC's WGIII TAR SOD report looked at deliberate, large-scale manipulations of Earth processes. Intended to advise policy makers around the globe, the IPCC report pointed to the plausible "potential" of Ken Caldeira's computer models and Teller's sunscreen scenario. Though a few specks of the proposed chemical spray could have severe human health impacts, Teller and his cohorts proposed spreading 10 million tons of these shiny particulates to send about 1% of incoming sunshine back into space."

Hold it, the IPCC cautioned. Two key problems are "the potential impact on atmospheric chemistry," loss of sunlight required for all life, a citizenry upset by "the associated whitening of the visual appearance of the sky."

A few other concerns included: "Unexpected environmental impacts, our lack of complete understanding of the systems involved, and our concerns with the legal and ethical implications."



First confirmed by Airport Authority
Terry Stewart at the Victoria International Airport on Dec. 8, 2000 as a "joint Canada-U.S. military operation" - and stridently denied by senior officers at Canadian Forces Base, where Stewart later told the Vancouver Courier he had received his information) - these tanker plane missions were verified in March, 2001 by the Air Traffic Control manager for the northeastern seaboard of the United States.

In three taped interviews with veteran radio journalist S.T. Brendt, our "Deep Sky" source said he had been ordered to divert incoming commercial flights away from USAF tankers spraying a reflective substance showing up on ATC radars as a 'haze'.

This FAA disclosure came on March 12, 2001 as squadrons of radar-identified air force tankers saturated skies over the northeastern United States with characteristic Xs, grids and parallel rows of broad, expanding chemical plumes.

After counting more than 30 big jets spreading persistent plumes within 45 minutes over remote rural Maine, ST Brendt called her assistant WMWV news director. Richard Dean and his staff went outside and counted 370 chemical trails over the next six-and-a-half hours. During this time, local Air Traffic Controllers reported only nine commercial jets on their radars. [lifeboatnews.com Apr 3/01; Chemtrails Confirmed by William Thomas 2007]


For 15 years Dr. David Travis has been looking
at the effects of contrails left by aircraft on the climate. Around the twelfth of September, 2001, he recalls, "Later on in the day, when I was driving to work, and I noticed how bright blue and clear the sky was. And at first I didn't think about it. Then I realized the sky was unusually clear."

During the three days the U.S. commercial air fleet was grounded, this atmospheric specialist found temperatures warming more than 1 degree C. One degree in just three days - no one had ever seen such a change happen so fast. "From a climate perspective that is huge," Travis says.

Could common contrails cool the atmosphere by a full degree? "Here are some examples of what we call outbreaks of contrails," Dr. Travis later told the BBC. "These are large clusters of contrails. And here's a particularly good one from Southern California. Here's the west coast of the United States. And you can see here this lacing network of contrails covering at least 50%, if not 75% or more of the sky in that area. It doesn't take an expert to realize that if, if you look at the satellite picture and see this kind of contrail coverage that they've got to be having an effect on temperature at the surface." [BBC Apr 19/09]

Ditto chemtrail "obscuration".


One month after the 9/11 attacks,
Deep Sky began phoning Air Traffic Controllers. At Chicago's O'Hare airport, all three major airports in New York, as well as Los Angeles LAX, San Francisco, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Diego, Washington DC's Dulles and Jacksonville, Florida controllers were being ordered to route airliners beneath formations of air force tanker planes spraying chemicals that clouded their screens.

Several smaller but busy airports at Westchester County in New York state and Manchester in New Hampshire confirmed similar experiences. Every controller, without exception, was being told to divert commercial traffic away from these military aircraft, and bring them in lower to avoid "experiments" that could degrade their radars.

Cleveland airport controllers were surprised by the extent of obscuration on their radars.


Ohio is the home of Wright-Patterson
Air Force Base tasked with developing Tesla, HAARP and related weather modification technology. In December 2001, a Lawrence Livermore scientist on loan to Wright-Pat told Columbus Alive reporter Bob Fitrakis that two different projects were being conducted. One involved spraying microscopic aluminum particles parallel lines, X-patterns and grids to create artificial cloud cover and lessen global warming. Barium chemtrails were being used to direct the military's beam weapon in Alaska called HAARP for 3-D imaging, electronic warfare - and steering the jet stream. [Columbus Alive Dec 6/01]


Just two months before, Ohio Representative
Dennis Kucinich had ignited a Congressional firestorm by introducing HR2977. His "Space Preservation Act" called for the peaceful uses of space and a ban on "exotic weapons". Section 7 specifically sought to prohibit "chemtrails".

Kucinich later told Columbus Alive that despite official denials, as head of the Armed Services oversight committee he was well acquainted with chemtrail projects. "The truth is there's an entire program in the Department of Defense - 'Vision for 2020' - that's developing these weapons," Kucinich told Fitrakis. The U.S. Space Command mission statement calls for "full-spectrum dominance of space, land, sea and air."

According to Kucinich, Section 7 naming chemtrails, HAARP and other planet-threatening weapons was omitted in a substitute bill under pressure from scientists who did not want their own funding cut. ["Air Traffic Controllers Concerned Over Chemtrails" by William Thomas lifeboatnews.com Mar 4/02; Columbus Alive Jan 24/02]

Dave Dickie's company performs contract landscape work for the City of Edmonton. In November 2002 his crews began finding widespread nutrient deficiency in soils that could cause severe problems for plant life, including trees.

Soils analysis came back with showing extreme electrical conductivity readings. A November 18, 2002 lab test of snow falling through chemtrails also confirmed elevated levels of aluminum and barium. Norwest Labs lab report #336566 dated November 14. 2002 found:

* aluminum levels: 0.148 milligrams/litre
* barium levels: 0.006 milligrams/litre

As Dickie confirmed to this reporter, "It is the scientific opinion of the lab that the aluminum content of the sample is high and unusual. Elevated levels of aluminum and barium are not usually found in Alberta precipitation."

Dickie regularly visits Air Traffic Control at the Edmonton municipal airport to watch the chemplanes making repeated passes over the city. Blessed with good friends at work in the tower, he has watched radar-identified KC-135s "on many occasions."

On Father's Day 2002, Dickie and an excited group of 12 year-olds watched two KC-135s tracked by radar as HA (High Altitude) targets flying at 34,000 and 36,000 feet - "one to the south, and one to the north of the city."

Both USAF tankers had flown south out of Alaska. As Dickie, the kids and the controllers watched, the big jets began making patterns over Edmonton - "circuits" the controllers called it. "Petro 011" and "Petro 012" were working alone in "commanded airspace" from which all other aircraft were excluded.

And they were leaving chemtrails.

"The signature is significant," one radar operator commented, referring to a trail clearly visible on the scope extending for miles behind the KC-135. In contrast, a JAL flight on the display left no contrail.

Going outside, Dickie and several controllers scanned clear blue skies. They easily located the KC-135 leaving its characteristic white-plume "signature". Visibility was outstanding. They also clearly identified the JAL airliner at a similar flight level. It left no contrail at all.

"We see these guys up here a lot," the radar techs told Dickie. "You should have seen it when they had the big summit up in Calgary. It was exciting to watch them."

Was the U.S. Air Force spraying barium to enhance radio and radar surveillance over that G-8 gathering - or for some other purpose?

There could be no doubt about what was being left in the tankers' wake. Showing up on radar as "birdie feet" triangles, the reflective plumes also showed up as "as a concentration of dots" in the radar-visible plume. Focusing on each plane with the click of cursor, "we could see different contrails," Dickie described. Some were short and quickly vanished from the 'scopes. Other trails were thick, long and lingering - not contrails at all.


In 2007, as the IPCC's latest report
was being drafted to guide international negotiators in devising a successor to the Kyoto emissions treaty, the Sydney Morning Herald reported U.S. representatives were pressing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to steer "away from conclusions that would support a new worldwide climate treaty based on binding targets to reduce emissions."

Instead, Washington sought to legitimize its clandestine chemtrails program by urging inclusion in the "Summary For Policymakers" prefacing each chapter in the IPCC report - "techniques such as reflective dust pumped into the atmosphere to block sunlight as a last-ditch way to halt global warming."

The IPCC draft report called these ideas "speculative, uncosted and with potential unknown side-effects."

But Professor Stephen Schneider, a 30-year climate consultant to the U.S. government and key IPCC player, insisted the world was "playing Russian roulette" by failing to address climate change. [Sydney Morning Herald Jan 29/07]

But the Obama administration realizes that even drastically cutting emissions will not immediately cut accumulated atmospheric CO2 concentrations - which will take another 30 years to decline.

"Assuming CO2 emissions are reduced by even 40% relative to 2000, it would keep rising by a minimum of 1.2 ppm/year, reaching levels near or above 450 ppm by 2050," Dr. Glikson explains. "And this is without even accounting for the effects of methane, likely reduced CO2 intake by the oceans, and increases in positive feedbacks from the biosphere. At 450 ppm, with lag effects, polar ice sheets undergo advanced melting, with consequent major sea level rise." [Truthout Apr 18/09]

Chemtrails promise a quick fix.

And an even weaker commitment to cutting emissions immediately.


Even our current feeble attempts at maintaining
hyper-wasteful lifestyles under the fig-leaf of "recycling" and switching to extremely toxic and electromagnetically polluting "curly" fluorescent bulbs are being quashed by the Oil Mafia's disinformation campaign. And threats by such luminaries as Republican Representative Michelle Bachmann, who is exhorting her Minnesota constituents to be "armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax."

As she puts it, "The science is on our side on this one." [Truthout Apr 18/09]

Rigged science funded by corporations heavily invested in carbon emissions may be on the side of Climate Holocaust Deniers. But Ms. Bachmann ought to run her rant by the scientists watching their test rigs disappear into suddenly appearing ice-sheet fissures, oceangoing reporters describing audible methane farts from thawing seafloor gases trapping 20-times more atmospheric heat than carbon dioxide. She could also try selling her "Climate-Change-Is-A-Hoax" hoax to fishers gazing at an empty acidic ocean, and farmers plowing dust in Australia, India and the USA.

(Sung to the Peter, Paul and Mary hit)

In the hullabaloo over collapsing banks,
did anyone happen to catch the collapse of the Wilkins ice shelf? Its already floating mass won't add to sea-level rise. But removing a cork the size of Jamaica from the continental glaciers will allow them to flow even faster into the sea. [Truthout Apr 18/09]

While we are busy with other concerns, Antarctica is busy disintegrating. The Wordle Ice Shelf is gone, the northern Larsen Ice Shelf no longer exists, and "uncorked" inland glaciers already discharging 103 billion tons of water and ice into the ocean every year are now sliding into the sea even faster because the 650 to 980 feet-thick floating ice-shelf that normally blocks them is… gone.


"We didn't realize it was moving that fast," says a chagrined Colin Summerhayes, executive director of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research and a member of International Polar Year's steering committee.

Add the melting Greenland ice sheet, and these ocean runoff numbers double. [theenergycollective.com; China Daily; Xinhua Feb 26/09]

The U.S. Geological Survey and the British Antarctic Survey Climate blame this accelerating fiasco on "climate change." [pubs.usgs.gov/imap/2600/B]

Better make that "Climate Shift".
Like a slowly squeezed trigger, the vast ocean covering three-quarters of this planet absorbs heat very s-l-o-w-l-y. Then BANG! Temperatures jump 10 degrees in 10 to 30 years. Eventually, sea-levels from all that melting ice slosh over every coastline, carrying saltwater on average 300-feet inland for every foot of rise.

At least this is what ice core samples show happened the last time Earth underwent a major warming event. Unlike a stock market downtick, "Mom" stayed overheated for 222,000 years. Temperatures persisted more than 11F above normal. Sea life in an acidic ocean was devastated.

The Runaway Global Warming that happened 55 million years ago was most likely caused by major volcanic eruptions following abrupt tectonic shifts. This time around, our car emissions already exceed those prehistoric volcanic releases...

Put another way, the last time the 95,200 cubic-kilometer Western Antarctic Ice Sheet melted into the ocean, and trees and bushes flourished in Antarctica, atmospheric CO2 concentration was around 400 ppm. Unless we stop adding more CO2 and nitrogen fertilizer emissions to the atmosphere RIGHT NOW, we'll be at 400 ppm by 2020. [Reuters Apr 27/07; AP July 12/06]

The usually reserved Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research in England calls this, "Catastrophic".


Onboard a planet that is three-quarters
covered by water, sea level rise is a very big deal. With most people, agriculture and industries concentrated near a coastline, a three-foot sea-level rise is considered disastrous. The Wilkins meltdown means that sea levels are going to rise at least 20 feet sometime after 2100.

Or maybe sooner. Invest in life-rafts now, because if the rapidly melting Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets slide into the sea, Mother Ocean will come wading ashore in a slow-motion 200-foot-high tsunami that will not recedes for eons. [Climate, Climate Change 2007; PNAS Vol. 106 No.10]

One other thing: Remove the pivotal weight of the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet and the Earth's rotational axis is expected to shift "rather dramatically" - at least 500 meters. Besides causing everyone caught in the lurch to clutch for handholds, this tilt would tip water from the southern ocean northward. Meanwhile, the bedrock depressed by all that ice will gradually spring back, displacing still more water northward. The result will be sea-levels along the Indian subcontinent and North American seaboard at least 25% higher than current "worst-case" predictions.

No wonder the Obama team is preparing the way for a major "chemtrails" announcement.

But can renewed "aerial obscuration" stop this ongoing meltdown?


"If we carried on pumping out the particles,
it would have terrible impact on human health, I mean particles are involved in all sorts of respiratory diseases," Dr. Travis continued, referring to everyday air pollution.

He's not kidding. Calling sub-micron particulate pollution the size of aluminum and barium chemtrail chemicals "an extreme human health hazard," the EPA warns that when this tiny airborne fallout evades lung filters and enters the blood stream, it can trigger acute respiratory reactions, high blood pressure, and cause heart attacks within two hours of inhalation. Researchers in Taiwan have documented "a significant increase" in the number of stroke victims when PM pollutant levels rise. [Idaho Observer May/04]

Dr. David Travis could have been referring to chemtrails when this contrails scientist said, "If you fiddle with the balance of the planet, the radiative balance of the planet, you affect all sorts of circulation patterns like monsoons, which would have horrible effects on people. So it would be extremely difficult, in fact impossible, to cancel out the greenhouse effect just by carrying on pumping out particles, even if it wasn't for the fact that particles are damaging for human health."

Don't bother telling this to the people of the Sahel. When the African monsoons failed in 1984, the resulting Ethiopian famine that stunned obese nations was caused by something called "Global Dimming".

Dr. Gerald Stanhill coined this term after finding that between the 1950s and the early 1990s, the solar energy reaching Earth's surface dropped 9% in Antarctica, 10% in the USA, by almost 30% in Russia, and by 16% in parts of the British Isles. [BBC Apr 19/09]

It turns out that air polluted by ground level carbon emissions, high-flying jetliners and chemtrails provides ten-times more particles for small water droplets to form. Acting like mirrors, many small droplets reflect much more sunlight back into space than fewer big ones.

This was before the "Jet Age" - and chemtrails - really took off.


"Delivering enough particles from high-flying
aircraft to mitigate warming and further erode Earth's protective solar radiation shielding would take at least 10 years," predicted the 1999 NAS report on climate mitigation.

That anniversary passed last year.

Eleven years after chemtrail "laydowns" began in earnest over the United States, the effects of global warming are accelerating. But scientists like Dr. Peter Cox from the Hadley Centre Meteorological Office are convinced that sunlight-reflecting pollutants of all types have offset global warming with counteractive cooling.

So… as increasingly regulated pollution levels fall, and commercial air traffic dwindles from prolonged economic collapse and resurgent oil prices…

"We're gonna be in a situation unless we act where the cooling pollutant is dropping off while the warming pollutant is going up, CO2 will be going up and particles will be dropping off and that means we'll get an accelerated warming. We'll get a double whammy, we'll get reducing cooling and increased heating at the same time," Cox warns.

Is this why many observers have been reporting increased chemtrail activity over many North American locations? Is this why the Obama White House is coming closer to "outing" chemtrails?

What are you doing to reduce carbon emissions at home, at work - and in-between - right now?

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