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Friday 18 September 2009

Welcome to FREE ENERGY

Welcome to


Don't take MY word for it. Take it from the U.S. Patent &Trademark


Revealed here in its entirety is a patent which, due to probable suppression by political, military and/or economic interests, you've never heard about. Granted to inventor Howard Johnson on April 24, 1979, the rights to which have expired since 1996, patent number 4,151,431. See there also patent number 5,402,021, also issued to Howard Johnson March 28, 1995 which continues to build upon the very same principals. These may, in fact, prove to be some of the most important documents in the history of mankind. Click the image to the left for a detail view.  

In short, it is a patent for a device capable of producing unlimited free energy with zero environmental impact. A device resembling an electric motor which produces work without electrical input, using only permanent magnets for motive force. What some might call perpetual motion. What the inventor believes is the harnessing of energy not thought possible by conventional science based on "incomplete information and theory with respect to the atomic motion occurring within a permanent magnet." He then goes into a lengthy discussion of his theories, which may or may not be accurate, and I am not qualified to say one way or the other. The fact remains, however, that he DOES have a working model of the invention. What ever path he took, he arrived at the same place. 

Featured in the now defunct publication Science and Mechanics magazine, Spring 1980 edition, it took five and a half years from the date of the original filing and many legal battles with the patent office to get it approved as they have a "policy" (due to so many fraudulent submissions) of not patenting any device which in any way resembles perpetual motion or over unity. Our assurance that this is no hoax

It is my firm belief that this patent was suppressed due to the inevitability that devices built and sold based on the principles described therein would force the total economic ruin of petroleum producing nations, the complete decentralization of power generation and totally eliminate the need for the consumption of fossil and nuclear fuels of any kind, for the production of energy of any kind, be it electrical, heat or motive force. Period. 

Granted, it will likely result in global economic chaos and political shifts in power. It will, without a doubt, completely wipe out many industries. Especially the petroleum industry which will all but disappear forever. Never completely, though. We'll always have a need for plastics, lubricants and other petroleum products. But given the benefits of zero or even positive environmental impact and the virtually eliminated financial burden on businesses and families for energy, who can deny that the benefits outweigh the negatives? 

Just imagine never wanting for energy again. Imagine no coal fired power plants belching out black soot and pollutants to satisfy our gluttonous energy needs, but rather, electric generators in every basement. Imagine cars with NO exhaust and no engine noise that can't run out of gas and deliver more horsepower than most sports cars of today. Imagine no gas stations contaminating our ground water, no oil barges or derricks spilling crude. Imagine no power lines, no pipe lines, no wind turbines, no solar panel arrays, no hydroelectric dams cluttering up our landscapes. Imagine taking a breath of fresh air again or basking in the sun without fear of cancer. Imagine restoring and preserving this tiny spaceship earth for our children. We are empowered, and thus obligated to do so. 

Having said that, here now, in it's entirety is the patent.  If you can duplicate this device and create working units for yourselves and/or for open sale to the public, may God bless you. Incidentally, according to the S&M article, the ferrite graph on the first page belongs to another patent but the patent office was so shaken by the whole ordeal that, for what ever reason, they insisted it be put there anyway. In the interest of preserving the integrity of the original, it has not been excluded here. Read and be enlightened.
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Other fine related links:

(Many thanks to the many who have notified me of changes to links found here. They tend to be moving targets.) 

NEW! - MagneticGenerator.com - I was contacted by one of the principal partners of this company who made some pretty wild claims for this device. Constant RPMs regardless of frictional load up to the point of stalling the motor with no change in power consumed. What it sounds like is they have
found a way to regulate the output of a Johnson type motor by a voltage input. Far better than any mechanical arrangement I could have conceived for a pure PM motor. I also have information that this company may be infringing on someone else's patent rights and may be shut down soon. Something to
do with the Muller Motor/Generator. I must say, his Dynamo sure does look familiar. ;-)

NEW! - The International Tesla Electric Company - Check out this recorded video seminar. What it looks like is they have married a MagneticGenerator type device to an efficient generator and built a distribution model around it which will eventually obsolete the internal combustion engine and coal fired power generation. The rest of the video, power transmission via insulators etc, is a farce. It's static electricity but nothing really usable. If the guy could perform the same stunt with an incandescent bulb, THEN I'd be impressed. This guy has all the markings of a snake-oil salesman so be very careful about any dealings with him.
A must hear telephone interview with Bruce Depalma. Play it in the background as you browse this site.

And in fairness, equal time for the skeptics:

This fine gentleman also offers a $5000 cash prize for anyone who can demonstrate proof of perpetual motion or over unity at http://www.syc.org/e/freetest.html. I dare say that anyone who reproduces this device stands to earn far more than $5000 for their trouble but, hey, it's a start.

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