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Sunday 20 September 2009

Effecting Weather Warfare

Effecting Weather Warfare



Many of Dr. Tesla's incredible contributions to the world of physics yet remain to be revealed to the public... for 'security reasons'. If he had only known what horrible misuse would be applied to some of his most promising ideas, one wonders if he would have even voiced them. It is certain that some of his ideas are being used by Russia and the United States alike in producing controlled weather phenomena as instruments of war. 

In 1976 during the month of October, a new kind of radio/radar-jamming signal manifested. The signal was triangulated to Riga; and, properly, blamed on the Russians - who apologized profusely for a few low-frequency tests. Those 'low frequencies' were in the range of 143Hz!...(sound familiar?). About this same time, according to a report filed in June of 1978 by Edward Campbell of the London Evening News, "the Russians had a nation-wide hunt going on for anybody who had ever known or met Tesla."
According to the same source, "Early in 1977 meteorologists reported an extraordinary 'blocking effect' extending down the west coast of America and a similar 'iron curtain' on the east coast, and along the Russo-Polish border up to Finland. These 'blocks' stopped the normal circulation of the weather."
"Scientific brows wrinkled in alarm when it was discovered that each of these doorstops on world weather seemed to be associated with very large 'standing waves' of electromagnetic energy... meanwhile... world weather went 'haywire'. Snow fell in Miami. Floods swept Europe"... and the American nuclear-submarine monitoring system went on the blink after two of the American observation satellites were destroyed by "electron beam technology"

In December of 1974, Howard Benedict of the Associated Press in Washington filed an earlier report on the subject of weather warfare entitled: The Weather - As a Secret Weapon?
Benedict's article said that although both the U.S. and Russian official spokesmen had denied such weather weapons existed at that moment, research was "under way". What else could they have said?... "We've got super weather weapons now?" One could imagine the result in the masses... Even the smallest weather anomaly would have subsequently raised cries of, "War! It's War!..."
The official position is one of 'pre-emptive weapons production' over the Russians' probable development of the same weapons. One wonders what sort of weapons they were discussing? Benedict's article states: 

"...current Pentagon research - at a cost of 51.52 million annually is limited to rain making, rain suppression, and hail and fog dispersal..."
"Last October, the Soviet Union introduced a resolution in the United Nations asking the Geneva disarmament conference to outlaw weather research for military purposes."
"The Soviet ambassador, Mr. Jacob Malik, said scientists had concluded that a future weather weapons arsenal might even include the ability to create 'acoustic fields on the sea and ocean surface to combat individual ships or whole flotillas' ."
His article went on to say that by cloud-seeding areas a thousand miles up-wind from a particular country, one could cause severe droughts for years afterward to the target country... How incredible! One can imagine the comments after such a disaster... "Gee, the weather's sure been bad lately... what a pity... tut... tut."
His report also mentioned the possible alteration of the ozone layer (found at about 25 to 30 miles altitude) by chemical and physical means to allow excessive ultraviolet radiation to bombard certain areas of the planet. Perhaps one of the most interesting possibilities that his article mentioned was suggested by Dr. Gordon McDonald of Dartmouth College- an internationally known geophysicist and astrophysicist: 

"... the release of thermal energy in the Arctic or Antarctic, perhaps through nuclear explosions along the base of an ice sheet, could initiate outward sliding of the ice sheet...'the immediate effect... would be to create massive tsunamis (tidal waves) that could completely wreck coastal regions'."
Furthermore, according to the same source, "He (Dr. McDonald) outlined a concept in which enhanced electrical oscillations in the earth's atmosphere might be used to impair human brains... He said research indicates that weak oscillating electrical fields can influence the brain causing small but measurable reduction in a person's performance... Lightning research has shown that it might be possible to control lightning to create such low frequency oscillations in the ionosphere!!"
Several points must surely leap out of the page to the 'initiate' reader: 1) the use of VLF, highvoltage fields in the ionosphere, 2) the heating of a polar cap, and 3) selective lightning production... The first point needs no additional explanation; as it has been previously discussed in Dr. Testa's chapter. The second point may not have been quite as obvious. It bears expansion... 

When a VLF field like Testa's is tuned to a frequency that creates a complete cycle at the antipode to the sending tower, the thermo-dynamics of the energy-exchange are uniform at both poles; however, when a frequency is used which completes a full cycle at the sending pole, it causes excessive cooling at the sending tower - and excessive heating at the antipodes!... Could this be used to melt a polar ice cap - thus flooding either Russia or the Canadian coastlines? Is this why both America and Russia have established VLF stations at the South pole?... One must wonder... 

The third point is linked to the first point; however, a by-product of the production of those VLF, high-voltage, resonating fields is that one can direct lightning strikes to specific targets on the other side of the Earth!... (one is reminded of the prophecy in Revelation 13:13 which speaks of a future super-power which will have the technology to "bring down fire from heaven in the sight of men"



If such technology is as advanced as all the evidence indicates, then the United State and Russia, would be in an intense power struggle for control of those adjacently - or diametrically - situated areas of the planet which could be used as VLF-broadcasting tower locations to effect weather warfare. Look at the following situations: 

America has known VLF stations located at the South Pole near McMurdo Sound, South Africa in Transvaal, and in central and north-western Australia. Three of them are nuclear powered. The antipodes of them are, respectively, in the regions of the central Barents Sea above the Swedish-Finnish border (and Riga)..., on the Tropic of Cancer midway between Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas..., in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle,... and on the Tropic of Cancer over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. If America has other VLF weapons strategically deployed against Russia, they would be in areas like the South Sandwich Islands, Cape Horn, the South-East Tasmanian Cape, the South Tasman Ridge, and the southern portion of New Zealand's South Island.

ussia has a known VLF station at Riga and a suspected one at the South Pole location of Vostok. The antipodes of these are, respectively, in the South Pacific Sea near the ice packs at the southern tip of the Albatross Cordillera (58.S by 157.W) and the Baffin Bay Basin ice packs. Either location could produce coastal flooding or tidal wave phenomena under certain conditions. Edgar Cayce once predicted that the Great Lakes would become a part of the Atlantic Sea and the Hudson Bay at some future date... Was he correct?...

If the U.S. wants to protect itself from a direct VLF attack over America proper, it must surely be defending the sub-oceanic locality around the mid-Indian Ridge bounded by 23.S to 55.S by 55.E to 120.E in the Southern Indian Ocean. Conversely, the Russians' recent occupation of the Bellingshausen Sea region at the South Pole between the Weddell Sea and tip of Byrd Land must indicate a like-wise defensive posture for potential VLF warfare. 

It cannot fail to impress the reader that the draft treaty presented to the August, 1975, Geneva Conference on international disarmament by delegates from both the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. contained the ban of nineteen man-made weather catastrophes. Specifically, they included: the triggering of avalanches and landslides; awakening volcanoes; causing earthquakes and tidal waves; harnessing lightning bolts; guiding hurricanes or cyclones to strategic targets (Australians must wonder whether or not the unusual behaviour of Cyclone Tracy at Darwin was somehow linked with a battle of the Titans...); melting ice caps to flood nearby coastal states; changing directions of rivers; generating fog, hail and rain; and deliberately destroying portions of the Earth's ozone shield. What is the real purpose of President Carter's, "Operation Noah's Ark"?... The next chapter may be able to assist the reader in forming a fresh opinion.



Early in 1977, the President of the United States, Mr. Carter, announced a few details of a topsecret Pentagon project code-named: "Noah's Ark". It is, supposedly, a system of some 96 'bunkers' and 'bolt holes' which have been established at various places on or near the Earth to house approximately 6500 key officials in case of a nuclear war. 

Many of these 'bolt holes' are underground cities complete with streets, sidewalks, lakes, small electric cars, apartments and office buildings. One such 'city' is carved out of a mountain near Washington. It is called Mount Weather. One other such 'city' is most probably located at each of the super VLF broadcast stations around the planet. 

One wonders why the project was code-named "Noah's Ark"... Any Biblical student knows that 'Noah's Ark' has to do with a weather calamity - not a nuclear war. Carter would have been better advised calling it something like "Project Gomorrah", "Project Brimstone", or their ilk;... yet he chose a weather calamity. Could it be that he - like many other senior statesmen and key scientists - knows the Earth is heading for a severe weather catastrophe? If so, one can understand why the masses have not been informed... can't one?... It appears that a new solution is needed... one which requires a Copernican revolution in human philosophy. Pray that it comes soon...

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