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Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Obama Deception and the Murderous Arsonholes Who Really Rule

The Obama Deception
and the Murderous Arsonholes Who Really Rule

Full length - 1:53:30
PS – We Also deplore the Republican Party here at the New Illuminati - along with all flunkies, parasites and apologists for the murderous predators who believe they are born to rule. No two party system is truly free or democratic. However - there is such a thing as the lesser of two evils, and the party which does most to protect the poor will always be that lesser evil...

All major parties are the left and right hands of our true beastly uncrowned rulers, a shadow government who believe they are a species superior to humankind. Don't imagine the Jews are behind the worldwide conspiracy - they've been the scapegoats of every potentate since the time of the pharaohs. The truth is far more challenging, and requires far more intelligent analysis to unearth. 

This is the same circle that promoted Hitler and Stalin to power, who would make the third millennium into a third reich.

What we truly need is not another bloody revolution in which all the poorest people suffer the most, but a bloodless coup that delivers the world from the real terrorists who govern us


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