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Sunday 12 July 2009

Pan-Dimensional Reality

 Pan-Dimensional Reality
 Ramifications of Living in an Infinite Multiverse

Hermes Rising Text 2a by centraxis. 

Infinity is a big place. It’s possibly a bigger idea than we can imagine. An infinitely eternal and spacious universe is difficult to visualise. The concept is forever open to contention and denial by minds that cannot conceive an endless tapestry extending throughout a limitless timespace.

Infinity is big – but according to the architects of quantum mechanics, our entire universe is only a slice or cross-section of infinitude universes, panoply possibilities extending beyond the limits of any conceivable horizon. A subset of true infinity can itself be infinite – a difficult image to conceive in itself – and so in an infinite cosmos many universes will be very like our own while many are utterly different in any and every respect.

You are a subset of infinity.

There will be an infinite number of ‘you’ reading myriad versions of this tract in an infinite range of milieus, for instance. In some universes you will be reading these words on a screen, in others on paper or plastic, while in others the words will be spoken directly or indirectly into your ears, or whatever particular sensory apparatuses may be applicable. The uni-verse is but one stanza in an infinitely extended library, and each verse is a living dynamic verb, not an impassive fixed noun.

Another implication of an infinite multiverse is the comforting fact that destiny is a multi-branched tree, not a one-dimensional track. The future isn’t carved in stone, but writ upon water; or more precisely, mind-stuff. A more difficult notion to grapple with is the fact that the past is also infinitely malleable – but let’s not get ahead of (or behind) ourselves.

The vacuum of space isn’t empty at all, but is filled with virtual particles that wink in and out of existence at every instant. They flicker between universes, passing through the holographic weave of each bubble reality in a rotation that takes them through higher, deeper dimensions. This foam is the matrix of realities, the zero-point whose potential is infinite, and each teaspoon of empty space contains far more particles and energy than you can wrap any number of free energy devices around. A portion of their pan-dimensional dance takes each potential or actual particle through this local continuum, where some combine in semi-stable patterns of standing waves to form plasma, interstellar gas, computer screens or human beings.

Centraxian Goddess by centraxis. 

Eternity is a long time. Given an infinity of possibilities there will always be a subset of places where our perceived ‘laws’ of physics do not apply, or can be circumvented. There will be many, many places where techniques and technologies have been developed to allow beings to pass between ‘parallel’ universes, travelling between slices of the potential plenum in physical, energic or virtual form. In some realms technologies will have been developed to slip and slide between all or any of the multitudinous time streams, passing through the possibilities that weave in and out of each other with the rotation of every particle in the multi-branched, interlinked so-called uni-verse.

There will be an extraordinary range of devices and craft transporting and ferrying an amazing variety of beings between dimensions; hand-held or implanted artefacts or disc-shaped, spherical, cylindrical, bat-winged or undistinguishable craft. There will even be an unimaginably vast range of beings that can pass betwixt realities without the use of any technology at all, in physical form or otherwise.

In an infinity of time streams yetis, yowies, angels, demons, brownjacks, leprechauns, gnomes, magi, elves, ‘prehistoric’ animals, shapeshifters, gods, ghosts, spirits, fairies and all manner of creatures will appear from time to time or all the time, who can turn an invisible corner and pass into or out of ‘our’ world at will, or when the time is ripe, or by carefully cultivated artifice.

Perhaps you are one of them. In some ways you must be, whoever you are, as you already partake of an infinite range of possibilities, and are a cross-section of a much higher, deeper version of your self.

Welcome to the multiverse. The future and past will never be the same, but then, neither are you, from one instant to the next. Thou art divine. Happy trails!

- R.Ayana

Tree of Life and Knowledge by centraxis. 

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