"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Monday 24 December 2007

Puppet World: Daily life is a meticulously constructed fantasy

Puppet World
Daily life is a meticulously constructed fantasy


How much of life is filled up by ritually repeated actions, an orderly microdrama of repetitive mundanities? Is it always Groundhog Day? Are the routines of your existence what you want to do with your uniquely precious time?  Is your life and work a creative exploration of your best talents and abilities or a time-filling chore? When did you decide to become the person you are today? Are you pulling your own strings? Why all these push-polling questions?

       We're all multidimensional beings, composed of a number of sometimes conflicting agendas; thoughts, instincts, emotions and our conscience tussle for control of our actions and our destiny. Sometimes we do all the right things for all the wrong reasons, and sometimes it's the other way around. We are composite beings, enacting the drives and motives of a multitude of inner causes, along with the agendas and inbuilt programs of ancestors, religions and advertisers - the propaganda of power mongers. The world is made of our combined thoughts, words and deeds, even though the deeds are what hold most of our attention.

            All repetition cuts the grooves of habitual response deeper and imprints the emotions and patterns of our actions into the fabric of the living world. Any strong imprint generated by intense experience patterns the world, along with your mind and biochemical body. The universe is a multilayered, multidimensional filigree that responds to and is created by all the interlacing perspectives of many different beings. The universe is conscious and constantly malleable and you're a perfectly integrated microcosm of it.

            To free yourself from the grindstone of apparent fate, all you have to do is pursue that thing that puts you ‘in the zone', the endeavour that makes time irrelevant for you; the thing that you're best at. You have to pursue it until all that's unnecessary falls away from you. Any external agenda will distract you from your true art and calling. It may be easier to stay in the office orifice or the home tomb than disrupt a cosy life. Think well before engaging in deep self examination. Transformation and transcendence isn't for everyone - not at the same time, anyway. We allow ourselves to be pulled or pushed toward a hollow niche where we think we'll gain the best comfort or advantage in the human jungle. Only some choose a niche in the deep, dark core, away from the ‘security' of the tribe.

            These ancient magicians, shamans and priests have evolved into modern-day puppet masters with invisible hands, working the strings of the world from within their individual caves.

The ways in which people honour celebrities, ministers and presidents and obey the whims of dictators or petty tyrants are good examples of the fruits of artful puppetry. Certain symbolic archetypes hold the mind in thrall and unify the tribe for reasons all but forgotten. The public is trained to concentrate on facile faces and impressive impotent potentates whose mouths move convincingly. We're supposed to keep our eyes on the charismatic leader archetype and ask them to make decisions that our own consciences would not allow us. That way we don't have to notice what's going on - we can believe we have no idea what our government or company or family is doing and only hear and see or be some fool gabbling their lines - the lines we think we want to hear. We can become irresponsible children - if we have convincing enough replicas of parents to do our dirty work for us.

       The appearance and justice of our world is constructed from feedback loops and ingrained hypnotic repetition. We're well entrained to fool ourselves.

            Misdirection is the oldest magical technique.

       Politics, business and modern feudal wage-slave lives are more like shadow plays than live theatre. Only an artfully contrived distorted appearance of the puppet is ever actually visible. The puppeteers are completely invisible to the audience, as are the rods and strings manipulating the puppet; emotive ties that the master uses to control their doll, cajole or threaten, coerce it or make it an offer it can't refuse. The puppet gives every appearance that it's acting of its own free will, happily surfing the crest of a wave of opportunity fashioned of its desires. The puppet appears to believe the clatter of words emerging from its wooden lips. The puppet prays to a higher order, to proclaim the manifest destiny that's placed its puppet body on the world stage to entertain the naïve, bored and jaded audience.

       Behind all the scripts, costumes, fashions and dialects there's a fairly limited palette of scripts and emotions; but anything can be created from primary colours and tones. The blind are very adept at leading the blinded and behind the veil of blindness is an all-seeing eye. Everyone knows the truth. Everyone can see that the impressive impresarios have no clothes. Everyone wishes there was a better life to live - to escape to. There is.

       Robotic repetition isn't the rhythm of life - it's the rhyme of the puppeteer, the programmer that sets the pattern and the stage of this mortal virtual reality game. We are all the puppets and the puppeteers, and the audience too.  Leaders are followers. There are no external gods pulling your strings, just your own programming and conscience - or your willful ignorance of them.

       The poster faces on our home theatre screens are all puppets, all artful dodgers just like the rest of us, racing in place on a timeless treadmill rat run, uncertain that we know what we're doing or why we're doing it. We think living in a neo-medieval feudal kleptocracy is normal, just business as usual, and that we should all turn a blind eye and get on with pushing our particular boulder to the pointy top of some hill. Yet we could be doing literally anything we want to do instead of perpetrating a dangerously outmoded farce. We can create any kind of world we want. We have. It's all art - but is it good art?

       Most of us live in elaborately constructed fantasy worlds in which nothing in sight has been created by nature. Everything is placed by human hands and minds. The human realm of towns and cities is the human mind made concrete. It's all a vast solid thought form, a veil and cocoon between humanity and reality. The roles of its inhabitants are as varied, weird, noble or pointless as the parts of actors in an endless soap opera; humanity is primarily just a big gene pool preserved for other purposes. We're all links in a long chain, parts of a vast series of interlocking plans - building walls between ourselves and our true natures, outside the present, ignoring this paradise world all around us and huddling in termite-mound enclaves while the vast cosmos wheels above us and within us.

      Almost everything we do is ritualised programming that's been imprinted in each of us since before the day we uttered our first word.  The things we believe drive us on and our blinkers hide our own purposes from us. We believe all sorts of things for all sorts of hidden reasons and agendas - and act accordingly. Now the Earth is heating up and the results of human activity are beginning to spiral out of control. But what's cause and what's effect? Is the sun the unalterable master controller of our environment, or is human technology - or your own heart - the fulcrum that can turn the universe?

       The planet isn't getting hotter because of human activity, but because the sun is growing unusually active. This doesn't mean that pumping more CO2, methane or HFCs into the biosphere is a good idea - but those pollutants aren't the primary causes of the current weather changes, polar melting and climatic disasters we're already experiencing. They can only make everything worse.

      Can a great lie result in a great good? Can convincing people that it's a good idea to stop pumping toxic fumes and poisons into their air, water, soil and food by lying to them produce a glorious result? Perhaps. It may be a good way to convince the companies, governments and corporations responsible for polluting the planet that it's a good idea to climb onto the clean energy bandwagon for their own good - and profits. Reducing the toxic overload we're stuffing into the world is a laudable aim.

But the sun is the driver that's responsible for the direction our climate is taking. Rising carbon dioxide levels are (pre)historically a result of global warming, not the cause. Solar activity for the last 600,000 years matches the changes in terrestrial climate perfectly. The data is in and it's irrefutable. We exist inside the atmosphere of the sun and almost everything on the surface of the globe is a result of its activity. Other planets in the solar system are showing signs of warming up as well.

Nonetheless, there's a lot we can do. Maybe we'll even do it for the right reasons. Maybe not. Maybe you'll start planting more trees this week - or forests. Plant ones that don't burn easily. Cutting toxic emissions and atmospheric outputs back toward zero is always a good idea. Simplifying your life and not buying any more useless crap can help a lot. But giving yourself and your children a happy future will take more. Much more. How do you really want to live? Don't spend too much time deciding. Don't put it off. Actually do it!

What we really need to begin to wrap our heads around is the noble, great work of which we are truly capable - mediating the grand global climatic cycles that plunge the Earth into a boom and bust series of long ice ages and short warm bursts of optimal climate. This is actually well within our capabilities using well-known, often used clean technologies. Rock dust distributed to the right locations and the remineralisation of the soils, coastal shelves and life-forms in the open oceans can access the biological feedback processes that can mediate climate change. Humanity can be the wise governors and stewards of a clean blue-green planet. Feeding the correct biological and biochemical processes that already exist in the grand unified ecosystem that is Gaia is the beginning of a new mature role for humanity - if we grasp the chance.

We have a role to play and a right to be here, and gaining control of our own outputs is the beginning of a sweeping series of changes that will transform the planet and our species in a synergy we can barely yet conceive.

The sun affects all things on Earth - but we also affect the sun. Excessive solar activity results in flare-ups of electrical activity, heat and drought, along with heat waves, highly charged emotions, revolutions and coups. The sun is a potent force that is the fulcrum of the solar system and there is a microcosmic sun in each of us. If enough people allow peace into their hearts, minds and deeds then the sun itself can be mediated - is mediated - by us. The route to peace is always within and changing yourself really does change the entire world - and universe.

Reality is a multitude of feedback loops made of Moebius strips. We're all intimately interconnected. We're all living in a state of enlightenment, whether we know it or not; aye, there's the nub. The future is still being written and you are the author and the star of your own shadowplay. Write a script that you're worthy of and we an all applaud each other when we make it through the predawn of the New Age.

See you there.
  • - R. Ayana

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