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Friday 7 December 2007

Who Let the Gods Out?

Who Let the Gods Out?
  “There are two great powers… and they’ve been fighting since time began. Every advance in human life, every scrap of knowledge and wisdom and decency we have has been torn by one side from the teeth of the other. Every little increase in human freedom has been fought over ferociously between those who want us to know more and be wiser and stronger, and those who want us to obey and be humble and submit.” 
- From The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman
The New iDeal  
There will always be some malformed loony who can misuse any information, particularly when it relates to sources of energy or power; it takes very little imagination to see why this is possible. It’s always been the case and has often been used to justify impediments to our freedoms. All technologies are double-edged swords.
            That’s no excuse to keep the Earth’s populace unaware of many of the technologies, techniques and ideas discovered and developed over the last human lifetime. While we use transport and communication devices based on nineteenth century thinking and twentieth century mass marketing, the jewels in the crown of our civilization lie stashed in vaults - and utilised only by the few who are aware of them - to the detriment of everyone else. 
       Suppressing new ideas to preserve the status quo only serves the interests of those in positions of power. The main misuses of new technologies are perpetrated by those who would suppress them. 
       Corporations must recoup their research and development costs, and this is another excuse to keep superannuated technology limping along while vastly superior forms are saved for later exploitation. Our industries are aimed at producing dispensable disposable toys whose performance is based on fashion and false economy. Modern cultures produce ‘consumable’ goods with built-in use-by dates like they were going out of style – because style is almost the only thing that changes when ‘new’ models hit the streets. The mindset of today’s production and manufacturing is as outmoded as the notion of war, upon which it’s based; in wartime, industrialists amass huge amounts of wealth by making things that are literally thrown away and must be continually replaced. In wartime most environmental considerations are thrown out with the bathwater. Using the same principles to operate a global civilization is a very silly way to progress, as we are all beginning to understand. 
       None of the technology we consume is ‘state of the art’. Little of it is created to help Humanity or propel us into the pleasurable leisure age that we could all so easily be living in today – instead of this corporate rat-race where time is a luxury and multitudes of desperate wage-slaves swallow the line that they must work until they’re ready to die. All the crap we buy and own and that we burn the planet to consume is made for one purpose alone – to make money. If it wastes ever more expensive energy that we have to pay corporations to provide, so much the better for the corporate usurpers of our governments. None of our civilization is made to last.  
       Do you think the new immortality technologies now coming online will be made available to you? Maybe – if we can turn this hell-bent, amoral juggernaut of money and production for its own sake, into something that actually serves Humanity instead of Mammon. If we learn to like each other we can all learn to SMI[2]LE and have a great time.

       There’s no point any longer in attempting to censor the new ways of understanding nature and physics – and the amazing new technologies and concepts that HAVE been suppressed for the last century, during an era of apparently unimpeded technological advance. This writer has witnessed and investigated many of the new devices that are continually emerging and can vouch for the fact that so-called ‘free energy’ is very real. The ideas and principles that still make paradise on Earth possible for us all - even as our options for survival appear to be narrowing - keep arising again and again, when anyone observes nature with an open mind. Nature’s insights are irrepressible. The principles behind accessing freely available energy are easy to understand.


         Up until now, if it can’t easily be weighed, measured - and above all monopolised and SOLD - a groundbreaking technology or theory will be suppressed for as long as possible, in the hierarchical, hidebound caste systems that still give structure to – and program - our newly emerging post-industrial cultures. The Enlightenment-inspired scientific and political revolutions of the last centuries partially transformed the way we run the world, but government by the wealthy for the wealthy is a vampire we have to kill again each generation, to make sure it stays dead. It often reappears in the guise of democracy.

         The free flow of information is an indispensable tool if we’re to dig our way out of the abyss we’ve created for ourselves. The principles of freedom and free access upon which the internet was founded are more than mere ideals – they’re the model for a new age. If we simply deny corporate and private thugs the things they crave – our time, attention and money – they’ll stop sucking our life’s blood away.  We can destroy the privatised, compartmentalised hoarding of truth and stop having to PAY for the shared birthright and domain of us all, bequeathed to us by all our ancestors and each other – knowledge and education, information, research and real debate. We create a new world by turning our backs on the shrinking corporate ‘mainstream order’ and letting it dry up as a torrent of new streams of life and consciousness erupts in unexpected places. The inventor if the World Wide Web didn’t patent it or make any money from his invention – he gave it to us all for free!

          We support those who are destroying the planet by partaking of their systems and institutions or we nourish alternatives, by exploring and living them. The simple practice of actually living your ideals to change what matters applies to everything that needs changing in the current gangstercratic, barbaric feudal cultures that are birthing our new world.  However they masquerade behind their various isms and ocracies, the same primitive primates try to dominate their respective packs with the same ‘money or the gun’ tactics of bribery, blackmail and racist nepotism, dominated by the grunt with the biggest spear. Their doomed worldview is based on fear and can’t survive without it. How gauche. 
         We all know – or at very least sense - that truly great changes are upon us and the tried-and-trusted old ways will only serve to kill us all in this Brave New World that our willfully barbaric and competitive industriousness has made. We’re growing smarter than the grunts. And we can change it all without violence, with a minimum of turmoil. We can have all the time in the world.

          If we want a free world, the only way we can all have real security is by ensuring that everyone has enough - and that no-one and no group or nation hoards obscene amounts of the world’s common wealth while others have access to none - and half the planet starves amid plenty. The techniques and technologies to change all this and make anything possible are available now – but they can’t be monopolised and may not make anyone a personal fortune. They’ll just save us all. That’s the nature of real freedom and truly free energy.

         The distributed network model that’s emerging as a template for the new paradigm - where everything is interconnected and there is no central control, where unpredictable, creative, cooperative independence rules - like the Internet itself – is the model to follow if we’re to create a great and diverse future for everyone.
Many people have been hooked by the line that after the September 2001, the world has become a very different place. Half-truth hogwash! Of course it’s a different place – and we can thank our lucky stars that it is! Just when the world seemed hell-bent on a rollercoaster ride to mass catastrophe, a new generation of smarter, wiser, more compassionate human beings is emerging to take the whip and reins out of the arthritic claws of the fossilised warmongers of the last millennium – and replace them with a joystick and touchpad. Let’s give the agents of change a hand. We can all still have a future if we realise that we’re one dysfunctional family sharing one beautiful world. Our many nations and cultures are just spicy icings on the same capacious cake and it’s unlikely we’ll be allowed to leave the party until we clean up our mess.

         There are people and organisations that have set themselves up as gatekeepers of the new emerging physics and ideas, reasoning that dangers exist in free energy technologies that could be exploited by terrorists, for example. That’s only the case with centralised systems that control freaks want to operate – to sell you free energy like a priesthood dispensing indulgences. Small stand-alone power units can easily serve dwellings or apartment blocks and are far less dangerous than gas bottles to run and easy to maintain. They’d be useless to anyone with ill intent and most systems are clean to run, producing zero harmful emissions.

         Some of these free energy (or over-unity) technologies exploit the morphology of electrical and magnetic fields, others use resonance technologies and others create usable fuel (and abundant transportable energy) from water. Many are patented and can be scrutinised by serious researchers or skeptical dilettantes. Many work best when used on a small scale – unlike, for instance, the beamed power and flying transportation systems patented by Nikola Tesla a century ago. Most could not be misused any more dangerously than a kitchen stove. When we tie our individual power and transport systems into a loose neural network we’ll be able to close down all coal and nuclear ‘power stations’ – even if we merely use already available state-of-the-art solar, wind, tide and fuel systems.

        This is the real world – it’s not science fiction or (simply) the ravings of a conspiracy theorist. Do a little research and above all go out and see for yourself and you’ll begin to understand how much is easily possible. We can repair the planet and continue to make and grow all the things we need, so that there can be abundance for all. We can all have great, guilt-free lives (and unimaginably good ‘standards of living’) as well.

        The World Wide Web can be the ultimate instrument of repression, or the instrument of consensual liberation – the choice is up to us, here, now, and we vote with our time and our attention. Free your mind. Free yourself. Freeze out the old industrial corporations and their boring programs; ignore them and they’ll go away. If we live without their influence and turn off the vidiot boxes they sell us to hypnotise ourselves with, a new paradigm will rapidly grow, nourished by our own creations, yearnings, attention and time.

         The genies of free abundant energy are already out of their bottles. There are many ways to bypass the control freaks who try to rule our lives. There’s more than enough to go around if we just stop competing with each other and stop treating the globe like a replaceable football in an antiquated, mindless territorial game dominated by boofheads. There’s a whole new global ball game to learn. The principles behind devices, concepts and technologies that deliver electrical power and totally clean fuels for free are easily understood and communicated. See, for instance, Free Energy.

            Abundant power is everywhere and it’s easily tapped. With clean energy we can repair the ecosystem and allow people to live as they wish, in whatever ways they choose – as long as their lifestyles don’t involve hurting other beings or despoiling the planet. We can all live in a paradise where our burgeoning numbers will stabilise themselves as speed and greed is replaced by pleasure and leisure. The sky isn’t the limit – it’s the ground floor of heaven…

        The political and economic structures that make all this possible are already evolving– in the new era of distributed power and information they’re growing to suit the way we live, not the other way around - as in the old top-down pyramid scams run by self-serving jerks that conned our uneducated ancestors for millennia. ‘Welfare’ and ‘socialism’ and ‘the common wealth’ are actually shorthand symbols for universally agreed and agreeable concepts - not evil Trojan horses. Evil propaganda has tried to convince us to automatically denigrate decency and justice, by feeding our worst ingrained fears of being ripped off. If we instead learn to care and share, we can swiftly create a compassionate global family that cares for all its children.

        When making money is no longer the prime motivation of doctors, lawyers, politicians, tradespeople, inventors and other servants of wider Humanity, we’ll all easily afford free and excellent health care, transportation and shelter for all. When education is understood as an investment in the future and not something to short-sightedly attempt to make money from today, mass ignorance, imaginary class barriers and apathy will rapidly disappear. Everything that costs us all money – like war, illness, transport, education and energy - actually makes huge amounts of money - for someone. The racist fears of hidebound unethical assholes have dominated our histories for long enough.

         We won’t survive with this unsustainable and fundamentally uneconomical feudal world economy; in the times of catastrophic change we’re beginning to experience it’s cheaper to let millions or billions die (and still retain control over desperate viable populations) than it is to try to save them all. The control freaks who think they know what’s about to happen don’t believe there’s any way to avert disaster as food and water supplies dwindle and countries war over primal resources; they think they’re the smartest primates around and honestly believe that if they can’t see any other solution to our global dilemmas than reducing the world’s population, there isn’t one. Their self-fulfilling prophecies of doom and megalomaniacal hubris blind them to new ideas and methods that can save us all – because they can’t control them.

        All you have to do to be part of a world that keeps growing and thriving is to understand how and why anything is possible; when you see free energy devices and clean fuel systems actually working – as has this writer – you too may feel compelled to understand (all it takes to understand the basics is to listen as you sing in a bathtub or shower or bottle – see links above). When you see that real healing isn’t something you can buy, but is freely available to us all you can abandon the hypochondriac fears instilled in us by a self-interested mass media and ‘doctors’ paid by toxic chemical factories – and avoid the real manufactured poisons they convincing you to consume and smear on your body.

        When you realise that cities are not places of safety at all but hothouse cesspits breeding early death on all levels, you can find better reasons and ways to congregate together – or not. Cities are designed as power bases for power mongers and holding pens for the vassals of industrialisation – they’re not made to shelter and entertain happy people living full lives. Big cities that house the bulk of the population are a very modern phenomenon and are certainly not sustainable, let alone an eternal feature of our curious species.

           We can do far better. What kind of world do you want to live in? What kind of life do you really want? Do you think you can get there with more money? Or will it take still more? You can easily close this window and forget this rant, and continue to fund the survival bunkers of the idle ‘born to rule’ rich with your life’s essence. Or you can start enjoying life today – right now – and find others to share the fun with. It’s still a beautiful world, out there just beyond the dark Satanic mills. Just look - you can’t miss it! Do it now, while you have the chance.

        When a few million people know what’s easily possible – and why - the chaotic genie of abundance can never easily be trapped in its bottle again. There’s more than enough to go around. Learning what you really want and need – and don’t - is the easiest way to have a great new millennium. Did you ever wonder why you have to pay money to someone just to be allowed to live somewhere? Doesn’t that seem like evil extortion - to a fair, free and honest mind?  

Do you own your own life?   

       Freedom means stepping out of the chains you have made for yourself, and all possessions are chains. Do you want to be a link in an anchor chain that binds the world to a paradigm of megadeath and doom - or part of a fantastic ongoing party of liberation? Free Cyberspace!  Free your mind! Turn on, tune in and opt out. Hang the jerk who invented work and learn to enjoy life. You’ll be glad you did.
- R. Ayana


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[2]  Timothy Leary’s anagram for Space Migration, Intelligence Increase and Life Extension – the easy path to unbounded, open-ended free futures for all Humankind. See http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/smi2le

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