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Sunday, 5 November 2006

There Is a Sanity Clause

There Is a Sanity Clause

Why are you alive?

There is no Santa Claus. There is no tooth fairy. There is no old, whit-bearded man sitting on a throne on the clouds. There is no real, actual Easter bunny - not in this particular universe.

Jesus lived, died and was buried. Moses and Mohammed lived, died and were buried in the earth. No whirlwind, Pegasus or resurrection raised them up into the sky. There is no devil. Priests and lawyers are pathological liars. No books were ever written by god. This is heaven or hell, depending on us.

History is one story written by one-eyed men. Education is brainwashing and schools mostly teach conformity. Babies aren't delivered by stork.

Money doesn't actually exist. There is no such thing as scarcity - only inequity. All leaders, presidents and dictators are power hungry, mediocre madmen. All rulers are tyrants. Democracy (the worst system aside from all the rest) is the tyranny of the majority. All followers get what they deserve. There are no just wars.

Adults are adulterated children. Parents are children with children.

Now the Good News

You are free. Humans are capable of anything. Humans are telepathic, clairvoyant and can learn to levitate, become invisible and move matter with mind. Humans control their own fertility. Humans are incarnate immortals whose aeternal memories await recovery. Mind and matter are one and anything is possible.

The past is a dream, the future isn't what it used to be and there's no time but the present. Life is what you make it and love is why we're here. You create your own reality.
Thou art god and the lotus rises through mud, sludge and liquid to bloom in the air and light.

There's only one rule - the Golden Rule. But it comes in two forms - be careful which one you choose;

1: Those who have the gold, rule.

2: Do to others as you'd be done by.

Can you guess which belief system will save you and the planet? Which vision leads to a great society, do you think? Which leads to busy-ness as usual?
If you can't decide, ask a child or a hippie - they always know (and tell) the truth.

- R. Ayana
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