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Sunday 19 November 2006

It Takes All Kinds: Earth Liberation Front

It Takes All Kinds
Earth Liberation Front - Believe in Life

The Earth needs friends. The only places ever saved from the march of industrial ‘progress' are those protected by aware and active custodians. 

            The termite hive cities are the best place to store most hominids in the early third millennium. Confined to their nests they can do less damage to the ecosystem. In ‘developed' countries most humans are so alienated from nature and their own roots they damage any natural system they attempt to live within - or, more often, on top of. By the time city dwellers have stopped destroying, polluting and exploiting their small urban environments they're ready to take the first steps to immersing themselves in nature - or if they've learned nothing, the first steps to destroying the rest of the planet as well.

            It takes all kinds to make a world and the world needs to be shielded from those who'd destroy it with ‘progress' for their own health-eroding comfort. Living in tune with nature and wildlife is the only way to progress; evolution is stopped by society and the so-called order it provides. A minority of modern humans are psychologically or physically equipped to be stewards and custodians of Creation - our co-creation. Are you one of them? Will you be?

            If a bread-and-circuses existence in the ‘modern' feudal/imperial states fails to fascinate you, you're probably ready to immerse yourself in your own nature and climb out of infantile pupal programs most people are locked into until their dying day - for the benefit of the hive society.

            If you can walk, you're on your way. Immerse yourself in the real world. Very few younger civilized (literally, city-dwelling) people are at a stage where living outside the hive's distractions is distracting or appealing enough - unless a group of young people can cast off together into the great unknown. The younger you leave the brainwashing mind-field the easier it is to find truth, beauty, freedom and love - but it's never too late. Simplifying your life frees up your time and achieving freedom is not ‘downsizing' but expanding. All you have to do to be free is liberate yourself from habits, attachments and excess baggage. Your time is your own - in fact it's all you really have. Time is not money - it's priceless!

            If you need air conditioning or heating you're actually not living in the optimum place or the best structure or system for people to have a great time. In the best homes and home sites the environment is pleasant for humans. Obviously, not everyone can live in paradise - but then, in practice, hardly anyone does. Do you want to? If you live in a place with clean water, air and soil, where snow doesn't fall, you can survive and thrive without the self-negating drone of industrial civilization. Survival's not hard - but to thrive we have to create our own localised societies through cooperative living. As the old saw sings, if we don't hang together we'll surely hang separately.

            You can live in a garden paradise now, today. There are many such places, some already inhabited by people who could use your help. Connected to the world wide web and generating your own electricity (and real power), the tyrannies of isolation and distance involved in living remotely become a doddle.

If you have resources, liberate some land and save and regenerate it and yourself. But there's no point moving into an intact pristine paradise if the first thing you're going to do is ‘clear' a few acres of it around yourself. If you've never lived in a forest it's best to live on the forest fringe; buy a cow or sheep ranch that still has water and soil and replace the cattle with plants and Permaculture. Such land - which has already been ‘cleared' or decimated - can survive the few inevitable mistakes everyone's likely to make. It can only be improved. 

Replant trees along the damaged waterways. Resurrect local indigenous (adapted) plants and animals and learn how to live with them - they've been here much longer than humans. Plant food forests and look after them. Do you know how long trees can live if we keep axes and saws away from them? Develop an identification with immortality by watching a tree grow for a few decades or centuries.

            If you don't liberate the land, the cattle will ultimately destroy it - given time. That's how humans habitually make deserts out of gardens. They grow meat - the fruit of the tree of knowledge, if you will - and the meat kills the world.

            If you don't have resources you can start now, today. There are plenty of communities who'll accept you and tolerate your idiosyncrasies - if you accept theirs!

- R. Ayana

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