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Wednesday 13 September 2006

Widow's Sons: Warriors Create Wars

Widow's Sons
 Warriors Create Wars


The warrior caste creates a self-perpetuating subset of sacrificial soldiers. These are usually expendable young males in a patriarchy; young of both sexes in a matriarchy. This stems from primate and reptilian mentality. It's necessary for older males to remove competition for the younger females. The same is true for older and younger females, although the competition is less overt. It's important that young people realise why they are really sent off by their elders to be killed or incapacitated.

Of course everyone knows this, but using the mechanism of filtering out the obvious and familiar that makes massed human society (and blind hypnotised adherence) possible, it is rarely discussed. So many tenets and acts of human society are unquestioned because their origins lie in the totemic roots of the Earth Mother and can be easily rationalised as being consciously decided.

     War invariably means generations of young men and women being brought up with absent fathers and widow's sons, with psychic damage and emotional dependency often the result. This is the real root of what is known as Oedipal complex that insecurity which makes the modern cocooning comforts of your modern poisonous apartments (and plethora of boxy housing built on sand) possible.

An insecure male will do anything, satisfy any whim, in order to pass on his genes by being comforted by a mother figure one who definitely needs a helping hand (which is what `man' literally means hand). Thus, the mothers who survive the wars determine the direction of society and civilisation which, after all, means those cancerous agglomerations of the co-dependent which most of you inhabit cities. Historically, cities create an endless pool of insecure, competitive young men who will willingly fight, kill and  die to secure the inequities of their elders.

     Oedipus was cast out by his warrior/ruler father at birth nailed by the feet to a mountainside, hence his name, which means `swollen-footed' and brought up by step-parents. He grew to unwittingly slay his real father and to marry his mother `by coincidence'. In the Theban play he tore out his eyes when he realised what he's done.`If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out' is an instruction it's not  wise to follow  yet this is what most domesticated primates (humans)  end up doing to survive the onslaught of their own suppressed  passions and those of others. By ignoring the obvious a lack of  love and consciousness can be endured for a time.

The obscurement and cocooning of simple truths - and the awareness and passion which could unravel the binds which armour human love is what current co-dependent feudal hominid civilisation perpetuates. Humans must be kept in an insecure, neotenous, sub-adult state if they are to be kept isolated in large numbers to remain a blind gene pool groping toward the light of unfoldment evolution. This way all things of fundamental importance remain the same while the trappings  of human existence continually change.

     The historical Oedipus, by the way, was the Pharaoh Akhenaten, Tantric monotheist and son of the Old Worm. His forebears were grand practitioners of the art of set stability. Change was anathema to them. They were the creators of the rigidly hierarchical pyramid  structure and `class' systems prevalent in human society that have  endured until the current age.

- Uncle Martin

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We know the injustices underlying our social order. Ethics are self-evident to any innocent that has known love - and can only be unlearned by repetitive repression and rigid, hidebound ‘moral' instructions. These differ in each individual, idiosyncratic culture into which babies are born.

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