"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Friday 22 September 2006

Instinct In Tuition

Instinct In Tuition

Living in early Third Millennium civilization requires ongoing repression of human intuition and ‘gut feeling'. Seen through the eyes of children the adult(erated) world is transparently absurd and hypocritical. Almost all of us know truth from lie and right from wrong as children.

We know the injustices underlying our social order. Ethics are self-evident to any innocent that has known love - and can only be unlearned by repetitive repression and rigid, hidebound ‘moral' instructions. These differ in each individual, idiosyncratic culture into which babies are born.

            The young - fountainheads of the intrusion of spirit (for want of a better term) into the world - see and hear all, yet are carefully, religiously ignored by their self-blinded elders. Their questions fall on the deaf ears of those who no longer consider themselves young. A dolt first has to reacquaint themselves with their instincts before they can learn to trust them - adults need to listen to and question their thoughts and motives before they can be sure they are theirs.

            Each individual, no matter what their age, has the child's divine perspective imprisoned in their mortal coil. We're all plugged into the beautiful unfolding of life and the flowing flowering of natural systems. Growth and evolution call to and through us all and intuition dwells within each of us; the inner teacher that calls into question our accreted structures of thought and presupposition.

            If we first question - and then learn to trust - our instincts, our lives transform themselves, slowly and subtly approaching the innocent grace that infuses us all. We're all poised on the threshold of the new Humanity.

            How would you improve yourself? Learn to trust your inner tuition. After all, you are god...

- R. Ayana

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