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Thursday 7 September 2006

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file icon Vaccine Dangers and Vested Interests
By Jon Rappoport. A retired vaccine researcher goes public on what the pharmaceutical industry and the health authorities don't want us to know: that vaccines are unsafe, untested and one of the greatest frauds of our time.
file icon The Truths and Lies of WikiWorld
By Phillip Coppens.  The free online encyclopaedia Wikipedia is a democratically decided database that has been open to abuse, but the advent of WikiScanner has uncovered a web of deceit and disinformation.
file icon The Quest For The Metal Library
By Philip Coppens. A system of tunnels and caves beneath Ecuador and Peru is reputed to hold an ancient treasure-house of artefacts including two libraries, one containing inscribed metal books and the other storing tablets of crystal.
file icon The Prophecies of Mitar Tarabich
Editing and Commentary by Neo. Nineteenth-century Serbian peasant Mitar Tarabich made some uncannily accurate predictions for the 19th and 20th centuries, so only time will judge how his prophecies play out for the 21st century.
file icon The Port Arthur Massacre: Was Martin Bryant Framed?, Part 2 of 3
By Carl Wernerhoff. Australians were told that Martin Bryant had been responsible for the massacre at Port Arthur two days after it happened. Bryant himself didn't find out for another nine weeks.
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