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Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Save the Rivers, Save the World

Save the Rivers, Save the World

Saving large parts of our decaying ecosystem is relatively easy - stone age techniques will suffice. Now that science has finally proven that trees - particularly Old Growth trees - make rain, it's obvious we have to stop cutting them down (see http://www.planetark.com/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/29900/story.htm for instance)

Do you know how long it takes for an Old Growth tree to grow? If you're thinking decades, think again. You need to plant a tree today - and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

The best place to start planting them is along rivers. If you see a river from a distance, it's not a river - it's a drain. Lining waterways with canopy (not just individual trees) can double the available water supply, by stopping water loss through evaporation. A forested riverside is also a cool place to be, and great habitat for humans and animals. Without this replanting we won't have rivers, but plenty of beautiful deserts that will replace today's grass and range lands - and forests.

Such planting will not stop 'climate change' or the ice age this change will lead to - but remineralisaing the world's soils, coastal shelves and oceans can save the climate for the forests we plant. The current glaciers will soon be gone, and with them the water supplies of most of humanity. Aquifers and groundwater are disappearing everywhere they're tapped. But simply crushing rocks to a very fine sand and distributing them around the globe will stop the coming disaster, if we do everything else that's necessary as well - including massive RAINforest replanting, cleaning up the spoils of industrial 'civilization', ending war and creating peace in our selves.

Don't put it off. Start yesterday.

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