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Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Secede and Succeed

Secede and Succeed


If you want to help save our planetary home from the destruction and despoliation wrought by the barbaric so-called civilizations of the early Third Millennium, save and nurture nature where you live. Encourage the plants and animals that have evolved to best suit the place you inhabit and help expand a healthy diversity of life-forms sharing your environment.

      We need to take a slow step backward to successfully secede from the madness of human myopia, to develop a broader perspective on the dumb programs that we are trained to see as normality.  Self-sufficient confidence grows from the realisation that all human society is based on insecurity, fear of death and fear of the self-governing world of nature – including our own nature. All walls and fences keep the demons in, as well as out.

           In the great urban drift of the last century the custodians of the Earth have been removed from their roots and most of the great forests, rivers and magical places protected by them for millennia have been trashed by greed and ignorance. Now compassionate and conscious people are needed all over the world, outside the toxic stewing cities, where they can make a real difference protecting and rehabilitating our common heritage – the real capital of humanity.

           How long does it take to grow a thousand year old tree? The answer isn’t as simple as it may seem; such a tree would usually need an even more ancient forest to support it – an intact ecosystem at least five or ten thousand years old. How long does it take to cut down a thousand year tree with a chainsaw? How long does it take to grow an old-growth forest? For how long does it need to be protected?

           The best way to save intact ecosystems on a planet full of rampant humans is to have ecologically aware humans inhabiting them. The only forests, rivers and ecosystems that can be saved from ‘progress’ and ‘development’ will be those that have active, compassionate and aware custodians living with them to gain a true understanding of their nature. Ever it was thus, before the coming of Guns, Oil and Drugs to the lands of native peoples. Without indigenous custodians and with no ecologically aware new settlers, the sacred earth – soil, plants, animals, water and air – are replaced by the privatized deserted desert that has already replaced so much of our only home. Rivers become dry chemical drains and land is treated as industrial waste, to be disposed of and replaced by those whose wreathes will be made of gold leaf and whose shrouds will be stitched from plastic money when their cancerous souls implode their mortal coils.

           Unfortunately, with the vitality of the world being sucked into the tumours that are cities, these seats of civilization have become the root cause of planetary turmoil and chaos that is now beginning to be felt in the lives of all the dwellers within the walls. Cities are the problem and no amount of tinkering with their inputs and outputs will save them in time – before the feedback loops of ecocide turn the tables on those who think plastic walls, windows and screens protect them from reality. No amount of change from within will save those who benefit from their toxic luxuries and dubious divertissements. 

           This is no mere prophecy. Take a look around. Do you have any idea of what’s already been destroyed, the irreplaceable virtues of nature’s realm that have been ignored to extinction? How can you know the riches that have been lost – that have truly been lost beyond redemption or human memory or awareness? Ignorance is bliss if you know not what you miss, but blindness is worse than a long memory’s curse.

           You can help the planet and open your own horizons by stepping out of the confines of the corporate cells hemming in the lives, dreams and aspirations of all behind the walls. You can ally yourself to nature instead of feeding its destruction by your very existence while feeding yourself and your family on the system’s systemic poisons.

The New You


Merely inhabiting intact, natural surrounds is no help – it’s the kiss of death. A deep examination of your own true, essential needs and nature is required before any real awareness of the reality, needs and directives of Nature can develop. 

Without changing ourselves we simply propagate the problems we claim to seek to solve. The lies, false beliefs and inherently destructive programs built into us by the warlike, clannish cultures in which we’re embedded have adulterated our links to nature and to our own true natures. Beyond the illusory veil of the grasping, imagined supremacy of humankind over the world,  transcendence and transformation may be found along with a healthy sustainable life. Or you can hug cold gold metal and see how fast it sucks the warmth and life out of you.

           When left to your own resources - no longer continually distracted by petty social dramas or mediocre mediated media diversions, pecking orders and egocentric displays, privatized, preservatised bread and circuses – you can find yourself. It’s never too early or late to abandon the false security of monoliths and edifices, offices and temples.

           But replicating the suburban nightmare by simply transferring a ‘nuclear family’ to a larger performance stage will only destroy the planet more quickly. We must hang together or we’ll surely hang separately. We’re designed- have evolved – to live most happily in tribal groups of between twelve and sixty individuals. This is also a good range for the economies of scale that make the ongoing tasks of life (chopping wood and carrying water) tolerably or enjoyably easy and human culture and dialog possible.

           The structures we build and inhabit define or restrict our relationships with each other and the land. An isolated nuclear family home is a multitude of disasters waiting to happen. A large shared dwelling or series of dwellings located around shared facilities and utilities can replicate the tribal comfort zone. It’s a great way to share the planet and its resources and to care for and about each other. Balancing the needs of privacy and sharing are what sustainable human society is all about.

Intentional Communities – Intense or In Tents?


You don’t have to live like a refugee to share your life with others. Whether inside or outside cities, learning to share can make us healthier, wealthier, wiser and enable us to be worthwhile parents and family for the children of the new millennium. It’s time for nuclear families to fuse and combine, time for individuals to find people they can successfully live with. Above all else, one thing makes a community possible (or not) – the chemistry between individual people. With the best will in the world, some people rub each other up the wrong way and are simply incompatible - but most can learn to get along and enjoy each other’s company.

           It’s not enough to just clump together in the hope that something better will emerge from the scrum by default. A group needs to share, develop, understand and declare a common ethos and similar dreams and aspirations if it’s to rise above the suburban wage-slave backgrounds of its members and create something new and sustainable. Shared beliefs have made communal living possible for religious and spiritual groups throughout history; today’s great challenge is for ‘sea changers’ and ‘tree changers’ to thrive together without a leader, guru, mythical deity or fixed hierarchy waving a proverbial or literal stick or enticing obedience with a tasty carrot. This is what’s required if we’re to be freely cooperating self-aware beings.

           What other type of people would you consider living with?
-          R. Ayana

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