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Tuesday 25 April 2006

Pies In the Skies

Pies In the Skies  


Why are humans so compliant to the demands of their unseen leaders, whose vested, tied and suited interests suit only their own pockets? This is, after all, nothing new. Humans have been governed by corrupt groups who sell out their own people since time immemorial. Democracy may be the worst system except for all the others, but it has – so far – offered only a partial solution to the problem of government by the rich, of the rich and for the rich.
         There is a stumbling block in the way of real human independence and interdependence; it is blind adherence to a faith in being rescued from the sufferings and vagaries of life by an external force – be it a parent, tribe, government, hero or deity. This has been trained into human nature itself through millennia of slavery, ignorance, illiteracy and other forms of thrall and bondage the majority of persecuted underlings have experienced at the hands of the self-selected few. 

         Most religions have been designed to exploit the great fear of unseeing humanity – the fear of death. Without the (lol) ‘resurrection’, Christinanity would be a nice book of peaceable parables, not a world-conquering force of war. The same can be said of Islime without the ascension of Mohammed. Without the false promise of salvation (immortality), no religion would inspire its adherents to a blind faith in obvious lies spun from myths whose truths have been obscured. 

         We must wake from the lies our poor afflicted ancestors have believed if we are to evolve beyond their cruelties and ignorance. We must do this to survive this brave new millennium in which we find ourselves. 

         Most religions have much in common with that other more modern Millennialist belief – that travelers from the cosmos have arrived and are leaking technologies to us that will help us survive our own mad excesses. The belief in salvation by these new pies in the skies is no different to the crazy belief that the elect will be saved and the rest will be damned, destroyed and tortured for their ‘sins’. 

         What it all boils down to is the insidious program inserted into the innocent minds of children – that this planet doesn’t matter, that animals and plants don’t matter, that your quality of life doesn’t matter, that inequity and injustice and wage slavery don’t matter – there’ll be pie in the sky when you die. What a pernicious lie, when we all know that we reap what we sow – and the enlightened few realize that this IS the next life! 

         The worst effect of these ancient and modern belief systems is that the idea that we’ll be saved from the consequences of our own ill will has consequences of it own. The idea that a creator – whether god or alien or other form of sky fairy – produced humanity and is responsible for all our best traits and spiritual leaders throughout history leads to some nasty corollaries. Such a belief relegates us to a position lower than that of slaves – to mere devices designed for the ends of others. It portrays humanity as worthless, weak, spineless, brainless and gormless. It ascribes all goodness and creativity to sources outside ourselves.

 In reality, whatever you conceive that to be, we are all self-created, self-aware beings capable of anything we set our wills to. We are self-sharpening (or self-blunting) beings capable of everything, who require no outside salvation nor intervention – nice as it would be to have real help. The worst aspects of humanity can more correctly be viewed as a result of interference in our natural progression and humanity by powerful memes – thought-forms – which have been used to program us for fear, hate, suspicion, envy and a multitude of addictive emotions too painful to endure for more than a few decades. The worship of external images of gods and goddesses is our method of taking power out of our own hands and minds. 

         We don’t need new beliefs. We don’t need mythic exploits or exploiters. What we need now is knowledge and awareness, acceptance and love – and the courage to face the universe without a need for externalised gods and goddesses. This is what it takes to mature without being adulterated – and we have what it takes to grow beyond our parents’ delusions. This is what it takes to abandon the implanted drive to be a slave. 

         Today few note that their rulers, democratically elected or otherwise, have come from the same families for centuries. While such talk is no longer regarded as godless anti-monarchic Communism, it is still relegated to the realm of ‘conspiracy theory’ by most. Nevertheless, at the core of each nation state, race and culture is a single group of families who have managed to hold onto power by all manner of means – mainly foul - for centuries. Even a cursory scan of history makes this obvious. 

         Now the post-modern propaganda is designed to lead us to believe that the Royal Houses of Europe – and their industrious relatives - are the direct descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, thanks to Dan Brown and his predecessors, the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail and many others dating back well before the last Crusade. Remember the Divine Right of Kings? In fact, their bloodlines really lead back to far more turgid and evil sources than gentle Joshua and Mistress Miriam, to the sources of fear and hatred which have beset peace-loving humanity for a hundred thousand years – to the great Tyrant who lurks within all of us who reject the wisdom of their hearts and the child-like compassion within ourselves. 

The time of kings, queens and tyrants is over. Now we’ve something more to say. 

         Having noted all these points, it’s necessary to state the following; the nature of reality now evident to us at the dawn of this Third Millennium is that we inhabit a holographic fractal multiverse. This has many ramifications. In a truly infinite multiverse, literally everything is not only possible but mandatory, like an infinite improbability drive - beings with god-like powers, trans-dimensional beings, faerie realms, demonic influencers, travelers in planar geoids (flying saucers) and precisely anything we can imagine must be an actuality, somewhere. The likelihood of travel between disparate universes must be recognised. This explains the embarrassment of riches often noted by UFO researchers and skeptics alike – the vast range of types of craft and their inhabitants and their high frequency of appearance, which could scarcely be explained by travelers originating from a single area within the Milky Way galaxy. 

         If, as is obviously the case, tuned, rotating electromagnetic fields can act as gateways between universes (see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/ufos  http://www.oocities.org/psyberplasmic/ccX-2.html and http://geocities.ws/psyberplasm/ andhttp://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/timespace ), then such multifarious manifestations are to be expected. As are the occasional appearances of god-like, angel, faerie or demonic exploiters of humanity’s gullibility and innocence. 

         These are some of the consequences of the geometry of the free-form multiverse in which we find ourselves incarnate – for a simple outline of this new and ancient paradigm, see the last link above.

         But what’s the point? The point is that almost everything we have been taught is a lie or partial truth promulgated to keep us working for industries that are run by conscienceless men and women who view the rest of us as vermin in our burrows. The point is that the universe is mind-stuff and we literally create it from moment to moment – and have a choice in all we do and all that appears to exalt or befall us. 

         Wake from the lie that surrounds us. Turn on. Tune in. Opt out of using your time for anything you don’t REALLY BELIEVE IN. If you believe in yourself and open yourself to opportunities you will find something real and rewarding. You can do anything – as you would be done by. Others are waking up all the time. We can create anything – so be careful what you wish for. And have a pie today!
         If you could create paradise, what would it be like? 

A true skeptic knows only that they can know nothing is true.

-        R. Ayana

P.S. - the word 'rich' literally means 'king'

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