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Friday, 21 April 2006

Avian Flu or Mycoplasma Pandemic?

Avian Flu or Mycoplasma Pandemic?

Germ Theory – What Is Mycoplasma?



Mycoplasma fermentans 

 “…What we fear is another opportunity the world is being given to exchange an ancient disease (a viral influenza) for something new: a ‘flu-like illness’ caused by a Mycoplasma species. In fact, if our worst fears are realised, a large part of the human family has already been contaminated with this deadly new pathogen. It has been engineered from its earlier and natural antecedent by the US government’s biowarfare weapons research, development, testing and deployment agencies and their university and commercial partners…

“Mycoplasma is now acknowledged by a patent, held by the US Government, to be a factor in ‘…AIDS or ARC, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sarcoidosis, respiratory distress syndrome, Kibuchi’s disease, autoimmune diseases such as Collagen Vascular Disease and Lupus and chronic debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease.’ This dramatic list of Mycoplasma-related diseases is taken from the 1991 US Patent #5,242,820, with its ‘inventor’ cited as Shyh-Ching Lo, who assigned the patent rights to the American Registry of Pathology, Washington, DC. In other words, the US Government holds a patent upon a death and disease weapon of mass destruction in the form of a patent on ‘Pathogenic Mycloplasma’. And this Mycoplasma causes a ‘flu-like illness’ which can be fatal.


         “…suppose something were to kill [a} bacterium – something such as a variant of penicillin which opens a rupture in the bacterial wall. The draining of the cytoplasm will kill the life-form, but there is still a will to live in parts of the DNA and RNA. Thus, particles of the DNA and RNA cluster together and quickly assemble a protein protective coat around themselves. Here you have the essential virus; a particle of genetic information with a protein coat.

         “Take a further look at the bacterium and note the ribosomes… the cytoplasm is full of them – the nucleic acids called ribonucleic acid (RNA) are assembled when it is necessary for the bacterium to manufacture proteins and enzymes for the bacterium to function. As with particles of the DNA, certain bacterial RNAs have the capacity to seek to survive when their original life-form is threatened, by clustering together and self-assembling a protein protective coat.

         “Somehow or other, the life-force which motivates the bacterium has an inherent sense of which nucleic particles it need to save when the original life-form is threatened. Thus, the various species of virus are select particles of genetic code which have sheltered themselves with a protein coat until they can access another living cell and get on with the business of life.

         “Unfortunately, in seeking to save their life-particles, the viruses often have to destroy other life-forms such as human cells. When the latter happens, the destroyed cells present as disease-ravaged remnants of earlier life-forms… 

         “Even though the WHO and other ‘health’ agencies  would have you believe that you should fear the avian flu virus, species H5N1, it is the mycoplasma that humanity has to fear… the world of official medicine apparently doesn’t want the average citizen even to know that such an organism exists. 

         “Allow us to give you a thumbnail sketch of the mycoplasma. Start by taking a look at the bacterium. Note that the bacterium has ribosomes which, as we have seen, are involved in the manufacture of RNA, and note further that sometimes particles of the RNA get loose due to bacterial death and are preserved by being gathered together into groups of eight RNA fragments which are then enclosed in a protective matrix and a cell membrane, and voila: there you have the influenza virus! 

         “…If the bacterium is killed…particles of DNA will also seek to continue as living organisms by creating themselves a membrane and setting off within their environment to find another host cell which will let them inside and give them a refuge. Again, voila: this cell-wall-less DNA particle becomes a self-replicating but somewhat incomplete life-form known as a species of Mycoplasma!…

         “So, you start off with some species of ‘walled bacteria’and it all falls apart (degenerative evolution) for one of a variety of reasons, such as the operation of penicillin. Then, select particles of the bacterial DNA quickly start a search for some other cell within which it can take up residence. It is almost a virus, without the protective protein coat that we noted above… 

         “When the mycoplasma finds a cell which will allow it to cross the cellular membrane, the mycoplasma will generally lie peacefully, doing no harm to its new host until it is subjected to some kind of trauma. 

         “The body of which the cell is a part may be subjected to a rear-end automobile accident, or it may be traumatized by a fall on the ice. Even the news that a dear and valued friend has died can produce a trauma sufficient to rouse the dormant mycoplasma into life. 

         “When so roused into activity, certain species of the DNA mycoplasmal particle will begin to up-take pre-formed sterols from its new host, ultimately killing the host. The totality can be called a ‘mycoplasmal infection’ and can present as, for example, pneumonia, wherein the cells in the lungs begin to degenerate and release fluid which floods the alveoli, or air-containing cells of the lungs. 

         “…there may well be a worldwide pandemic and it may well kill thousands of people a day over a period of time. But the chances of it being the consequence of a sole, mutating H5N1 species of avian flu virus are miniscule or totally unlikely, and the chances of it being a mycoplasmal infection are very high… 

         “we returned to Dr Shyh-Ching Lo’s Uniformed services University of the Health Sciences course on Mycloplasma and read it for the tenth time… and suddenlywe realized what one paragraph of that unit was really saying. Here is the paragraph: 

         “’The most serious presentation of M[ycoplasma] fermentans infection is that of a fulminant systemic disease that begins as a flu-like illness. Patients rapidly deteriorate, developing severe complications including adult respiratory distress syndrome, disseminated intravascular coagulation, and/or multiple organ failure.’ (The Journal of Degenerative Diseases, vol. 5, no. 2, p. 28) 

         “Now, please note: this is not influenza, but is a ‘flu-like illness’ which anyone could honestly mistake for the influenza – but it is not the flu, and it is not caused by the H5N1 strain of the avian flu virus. It is caused by a pathogen patented by the United States government! 

-         From Avian Flu or Mycoplasma Pandemic
NEXUS New Times Magazine, vol. 13 no. 3, pp27-83
By Donald W. Scott, MA, MSc and William L.C. Scott
The Common Cause Medical Research Foundation
Copyright 2006

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